Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems

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This week’s topic: Book Related Problems

Book blogging and being a reader in general is awesome. Connecting with stories and characters, opening up our worlds through the pages – nothing can replicate that feeling. I wouldn’t trade this hobby for the world. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and sometimes this activity can leads us to a few problems. Today, Lyn and I are here to discuss our top ten book-related problems.


Bekka’s List

6I frequently find myself overwhelmed when trying to pick my next read. Sometimes I feel like I just have too many choices, and because of that, I agonize over what to read. What if I’m not in the mood and that ends up coloring my perception of a book I would have liked at another time? Also – why can’t we read by osmosis yet? I want to read ALL the books and I want to read them NOW.

7Oh my god. At any given time I have library fines at at least one library if not two or three. I frequent three local libraries here and often forget which books are due where, and when. Even worse? I oftentimes don’t even get to read these books I check out!

8I have a wall entirely made of shelves, and a five shelf unit in my office and I am STILL running out of space for my books. This is a problem I’m happy to have, though.

9I am typically very strict in my Must Read Before I Watch rule, and so I miss out on a lot of movies (and TV) when they’re first released. So all my friends are going nuts about a certain movie or show, and I’m just sitting at home trying to catch up on alllllll the titles.

99I talk about this a lot, but one of the best AND worst things about being a blogger is being in the know about releases months (if not years) before they arrive. It’s awesome because it’s exciting, right? But it’s also horrible because then you’re waiting sometimes two years for new books you’re SO EXCITED about.


Lyn’s List


Pretty self explanatory. It is never enough. Even when you run out of space, of shelves, and of money, you never can fill that book-shaped space in your heart.


Working a full time job, working out 3 times a day and blogging eats away quite a bit of my time. I do all that I can to find time during my day to read, but I can say that it is chore to find some quite place to read.

3I believe I have tried everything under the sun as a book shelf. Right now, I have book shelves, DVD shelves, and milk crates as book storage, and I still have books on the floor. In the past, I have used wooden boards and cinder blocks as shelving, which worked well. My poor tiny apartment looks like a used book shop.


“Isn’t reading boring?”

“Why don’t you watch more TV instead?”

“Have you read this yet? You haven’t? I thought your read a lot of books.”

“Why don’t you try to get out more. You can meet more people instead of staying at home and reading all the time.”

“Why do you read at lunch? Are you just lonely?”

“So you like 50 Shades of Grey, right? That’s what all the women are reading now.”



I HATE this question. When I show or tell others what I am reading, they just looked confused, because they assumed I am just reading the latest and newest book, like they are. I hate trying to explain why I read young adult books.


13 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems

  1. I always feel so overwhelmed by what to read next, as well. I think sometimes the ARCs make it a little easier.

    I find that it’s very stressful when I don’t have time to read. It’s something I so dearly love and yet sometimes I just can’t find the time. I sympathize so much.

    Brigid recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related ProblemsMy Profile

  2. Too many choices is definitely a problem for me! As a self diagnosed over-thinker I always spend way too much time thinking about what to read because there are so many choices:P
    I actually just paid a library fine yesterday because I realized I hadn’t finished reading my library books so I kept them a day or two more…;)
    Waiting for the next book in a series is so hard:(
    I buy way too many books! I’m not sure why I don’t stop since I’m aware that I do it but one great thing about the world is that it has a huge amount of lovely books to read:)
    Ugh book muggle’s riddles…-.- Don’t even get me started!
    Great post!:D
    Maya recently posted…Review: The Bone Season by Samantha ShannonMy Profile

  3. Bekka, I am feeling you so much on the library fines. I used to get them very rarely, because my library was awesome and, assuming the book didn’t have holds on it, you could renew it twice for like three weeks each period the day you renewed it. That gave me enough time that I remembered to get shit back on time. Now, though, they shortened the check out time and made it so it renew from the day you hit renew, not from the due date. I never remember to go back and renew on X date. I get a fine every time I check something out. If I’m going to pay anyway, I should just buy the damn thing. It suuuucks.
    Christina (A Reader of Fictions) recently posted…Top Ten Bookish ProblemsMy Profile

  4. Such a great list! I can relate to all of them, but especially Bekka’s too many choices and Lyn’s obsessively buying books. I own so many books already but I just can’t stop myself from buying more. And because I own so many, I have such a hard time deciding what to read next. Argh
    Cynthia recently posted…BOOK REVIEW: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. WhiteMy Profile

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