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When I was in my early twenties, manga and anime barreled right into the Cartoon Network line up and snagged my interest.  One particular badly-yet-addictive dubbed anime really stole my heart: Sailor Moon.

I didn’t really catch onto the appeal until 1997, when the series starting to gain momentum, thanks to Tooami. I backtracked and caught up on what I missed, and it didn’t take me long to turn into a rabid Moonie. I picked up the manga from the book store and became immerged into the mythology of the entire Sailor Moon universe.  Hooray for girl power promoting astrology and short shirts! Hell yeah!

Fast forward to a recent time, and Japan has once again provided me another reason to love them, because here came Sailor Moon, the 2013 edition! Sailor Moon Crystal slowly drew me back in to the wonderful pink-sugar encrusted violence of Sailor Moon.

I’m very happy with the new series, but the entire Moonie universe is something different for me. It is amazing how close to 20 years later, Adult Lyn and Young Adult Lyn have some different takes on the still-beloved story.

The Romance

Then: Darien/Mamoru was hot – one of those cartoon crushes that gets you a lot of odd looks. I actually liked Tuxedo Mask, and it was quaint to see a guy filling the usual role of the girl, aka, the hot, slightly useless love interest. I always thought Rei and Mamoru was a cuter couple, and that Usagi wasn’t really worth the trouble of the romance. What young girl doesn’t dream about attracting a hot orphan with a hot car and a love of roses and tuxedo shirts? I was still in high school, so the appeal was just perfect.

Now: I still like Mamoru, but….now that I am an adult, the romance is slightly creepy. A seventeen year old guy infatuated with a girl from middle school? This same man lets this fourteen-year-old girl sleep in his apartment? If I was Usagi’s mother, I would hit the wall if this was happening to my daughter. I’m really not such a big fan of the budding romance, especially at the start of the series. I really want to grab Usagi and shake her by the shoulders. Girl, really, get a hold of yourself! You attempted suicide because you tried to kill you boyfriend? You break down into tears and become useless just with the thought of this dude? YOU SLEPT IN HIS APARTMENT? Just….no.



Then: Bigger fan of the dubbed series artwork. The animated series had some issues, but the artwork vastly improved later in the series, especially the movies. Just, WOW. The artwork made me uncomfortable at the time, and it wasn’t as light hearted as the anime. I shied away from the more feminine and slightly suggestive imagery.

Now: Bigger fan of the manga. The style is one of my favorites, and I loved the overly feminine feel of the drawings and the romance of the posture. Naoko is the master of flowery, super-girlish poses and delicate imagery.


Our Hero, Sailor Moon

Then: Couldn’t stand her.

Now:  I totally get her now! I’m not that smart at times, I can be spacey and, no lie, somewhat chubby. I’m a bit of a cry baby and I can’t seem to focus on the stressful, serious parts of life. I try to cheer up the people I love, and I will freaking moon tiara your butt if you screw with my friends, or my cat. I understand how her power comes from the honestly to herself, how she doesn’t compromise who she is for others, but encourages and supports everyone that comes in contact with her warm heart and big smile.


Sailor Preference

Then: I really liked Ami, since her element was water, and I tended to identify with her meeker, more timid attitude. At times, I became slightly annoyed with Rei, and I tended to dislike Makoto. I flat out could not tolerate Mina. I love the outer senshi

Now: I like Ami quite a bit still, I like Ami so much more now that I am delving into the manga. I am also finding that I straddle the line between Ami and Rei. Every day, I am becoming Sailor Mars. I understand her intolerance of stupid people and even stupider actions. Makoto suffers from poor character development, but I love that she is a cook, and that she feels slightly self conscious of her body. So I can identify with her. However, some things never change – Mina still annoys the living daylights out of me. Still love the outer senshi!


The Appeal

Then: I liked it because of the bubblegum quality, the cheesy music, and the girl power.

Now: I like it because of the message of friendship, group dynamics, growing up, accepting yourself, and, still, the girl power. Okay, I lied. I still love the bubblegum stickiness of all the hearts and love and punishment.



Do you have an old “fandoms” that have changed for you over time?

8 responses to “Imaginative Discussions: Moon Pride

  1. I should be studying for the midterm I take at 2 PM today, but I SAW THAT TITLE AND KNEW I WAS ALL OVER THIS. Sailor Moon had already finished airing when I started watching all the reruns in the early 2000s after school, but it won my heart. Even with that horrendous dub. (It had some beautiful moments, like Mercury telling Malachite/Kunzite “GO BLEACH YOUR ROOTS, CREEP.”)

    Yeah, I was never a fan of Mamoru and Usagi’s romance. Their banter in the first dub was cute and all but still not my thing. Once I read the manga ages after I saw the important bits of the series (to be perfectly honest, I’ve only seen about 3/4 of season 1, maybe 1/4 of seasons 2 and 3, 1/16 of season 4, and most of season 5), their romance lost even more appeal because of the reasons you mention. Just… no. I’m here for the ass-kicking ladies and the Usagi who will fight when she needs to but wants to resolve it through peace if she can. Usagi at the end of Sailor Stars = my favorite because she wins with the goodness of her heart, not her weapons. <3

    I have a hard time choosing between which artwork style I prefer. The willowy, feminine feel of the manga/2014 series is so pretty and unique, but there are times it's strange. Early animation of the original series was definitely… rough. Very rounded and a lot like every other anime out there. Still, THOSE MOVIES. THE LATER SEASONS. Holy wow, such color and smooth animation.

    The dub ruins Usagi for everyone. 'nuff said.

    Makoto and the outer senshi have always been my girls. <3 I agree Makoto didn't get much character development at all, which is really a shame. The way she mixes masculinity and femininity really speaks to me because I'm a lot like her. I like to cook and feel the same way she does (plus dub!Makoto pointing to her boobs and saying she deserves a role in a play because she has the most "talent" launched possibly the best Sailor Moon meme ever), but have a lot of masculine tendencies too. Most of the men around me fear me.

    Everything Sailor Moon is wonderful, basically. <3 <3 <3 I haven't watched the latest Sailor Moon Crystal episodes in a while because I'm planning to binge them when I go home for spring break this weekend. Then I can cuddle Dodo Bird and pretend she's Luna.

  2. She attempted to kill herself in Crystal? I mean, after initially killing herself… Aw. I feel so defense over Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship that I want to defend the age difference. I’ll admit though, they were certainly at different maturity levels (all around).

    Omg, you couldn’t stand Usagi? I loved her, I always loved her, from the very beginning.

    I like all of the inner senshi, I think I liked Minako most though. And I liked Rei at times.

    The outer senshi, well, Uranus and Neptune, really annoyed me, especially when it came to Usagi after finding out she was the princess (that whole fight scene or whatever? That).

    I’d love to know your thoughts on Chibi-usa, from the anime at least, since she hasn’t been in Crystal much.

    Great post, I love this post.
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  3. I loved this series as a kid! It would be interesting to rewatch it and see if I still feel the same. Usagi was always my favourite character, I just loved her and I thought she looked cool with those twin tails in her hair. I also was a fan of Rei and the one with the long blond hari (forgot her name). I also liked that small purple haired girl, even though I don’t think I’ve seen her make an appearance in the anime, but I liked her hair, lol.
    That picture from the manga really shows what ridicolously logn legs they have. I liked the friendship and girl power aspect of this series and the whole changing into a superhero with a cool outfit and saving the day plto appealed to me.
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  4. I love this post! The Sailor Moon fandom was the first thing I ever remember getting really, truly, 100% OBSESSED WITH. I’d spend hours on fan sites looking at stills and fan art. And that was in the days of dial up … probably why it took me hours, because of page load times! It was also my very first exposure to fan fiction.

    I agree with so many of your then/now reactions, but especially the romance one. When I read them now, I try to set aside those things, but every time they have that scene in the apartment, I’m thinking “okay wait you’re 14. He’s 17. I would be calling your mother in real life.” Plus, so much of the time, those 14-year-old girls are more developed than a lot of adult women that I know. I know some 14-year-olds mature fast but the art makes them ALL curvy. I know better now as an adult, but back then? I wanted to be as pretty and feminine as the characters I saw on TV and felt grossly inadequate.

    I’m crazy behind on Sailor Moon Crystal. I get so distracted when I have to read TV and then I miss things. But it’s so pretty and I love the style they’ve gone with. Plus that gif up there is just OMG incredible so now I need to catch up.
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  5. I loved Sailor Moon growing up. I still do. I agree with you, the love story does look creepy now. Back then it was swoon-worthy, but now I’d probably want to grab Usagi and keep her away from the older, creeper guy.

    My favorite Sailor was Rei. I loved that her Sailor sign was Mars. And she always seemed like the more ill-tempered one, the one with no patience whatsoever for Usagi’s antics, and I loved that about her. Plus, I loved her long, black hair.

    Love your review of the series. Man, now I wanna go back and see the series again. I don’t know which one I want to see more though, the old version or the new version…. Maybe both?
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  6. Sailor Sedna

    I still love Sailor Moon after all this time, though the first episode I saw was a Makoto centered episode (I wouldn’t say she had poor character development, but probably had the least amount compared to others), Ami was my favorite and still is, Minako and Usagi both tie for my second favorites. I’d unfortunately say Mamoru is too perfect in the manga and Rei doesn’t have much of a personality there too (I prefer the 90’s anime to the manga). Also, at least in the anime Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship doesn’t feel too creepy nor does Moon kill herself over him.

    I can’t decide which art style for the manga or 90’s anime was better, both were beautiful. Out of Crystal, I say only watch season 3, seasons 1-2 weren’t really that great.

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