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Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklersAnother year has passed. 2014 is over and it’s time to take a look back on my reading statistics. This year I didn’t read as much – only 85 books compared to my 100 of 2013. In 2015, I’m hoping to almost double that with 150. We’ll see. For now, let’s see what this year looked like.


books by publisherI’m actually surprised by this chart. I figured HarperCollins would make up a larger percentage since I frequently download their titles from EW, but this year I’ve been very harsh with the DNF stamp and that extends to those ARCs as well. I’m actually pleased to see the balance shown on here. If you’re wondering what Other means, it includes publishers I read less than three titles from: Walker, Quirk, Spencer Hill, things like that.

books by ratingSo I had an awesome amount of positive ratings this year! About half of the books I read got a rating of 4 stars or higher, which means I’m either getting soft OR I’m getting better at knowing what I’m going to like. I’m also getting better at kicking to the curb books I don’t like. (This year I did include one or two DNFs in my stats, just based on how much time I invested in the title itself.)

ratings by publisherI consistently enjoy HMH titles, it seems, as last year HMH was the top rated publisher and this year it’s just shy of that number one spot again. I forgot to add self-published titles in here, but they averaged at 3.75 which was really surprising to me. With the exception of Simon and Schuster, there aren’t any terribly low ratings here, probably because I had such a good reading year in general.

books by sourceAlmost half of the books I read this year are books that I owned! About a third of the books I read were for review. I’m surprised at the low percentage on there for BEA, but I sucked this year when it came to reading my BEA titles. I read the biggies, but the others? No so much. The library category is pathetic, especially since last year I wanted to include MORE than the 12% I had done in 2013. I’m cracking up at the inclusion of Random Buzzers (anyone remember them?) but I finally picked up a book I got from them a while ago.

books by formatThe only real reason I keep track of this is to show my husband that buying a new ereader was a good investment, since I used it for about 39% of the books I read last year. The rest of this isn’t really a surprise at all, when you look at the sources from the previous chart.

This year, I read 39 ARCs or e-ARCs. Of those 39, I bought finished copies of 7. That’s only 18%, which is just a little less than last year. There are two ARCs I have read that aren’t yet released – but I do plan on buying finished copies of those (The Ghosts of Heaven and The Walls Around Us.)

I read books from 67 different authors this year. Of those, 16% were 2014 debuts, 48% were new-to-me authors, and 36% were authors I had read previously.


Once again, this post was hard work, but I enjoyed it. I like getting a big picture look at my reading progress each year. I plan to do the same thing for 2015, but I also want to track diversity – gender/sexuality diversity and racial diversity – in the titles I’m reading. I also want to track the genders and races of the authors I’m reading, as well as the gender of the main characters in the books I’m reading.

Do you keep track of these statistics? What new variables do you think I should keep track of this year?


10 responses to “Bekka’s 2014 Reading Stats

  1. I love looking at reading stats! Mine will be going up tomorrow and Friday.

    I think tracking diversity will be interesting. I’m going to try to make an effort to read more diversely this year, so maybe I should add that to my spreadsheet, too.

    • It was a new year’s resolution for me in 2014 to keep track and it was actually pretty easy and it’s really informative! (Just don’t look at the end-of-the-year total for money spent on books. Best to leave that one alone.)
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  2. I always want to track these sorts of stats, but then get overwhelmed by the amount of work and give up, so I’m seriously impressed :D. The thing I am always most interested in is the average rating by publisher! I never used to pay attention to publishers but find it so interesting to realize that I have preferences between them based on how much their books tend to appeal to me. I guess I always thought that the publisher didn’t effect the book quality that much, but it totally does!
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