YA Characters and Their Fave Reality TV Shows

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I think reality TV is a pretty universal pastime, at least in the US. There is a reality show for everyone: game shows, talent competitions, cooking shows, makeover shows. The choices are endless. The other night while I was watching The Voice and going over my bookshelves to decide what to read next, the idea hit me: our favorite YA characters need something to do in their down time right? And everyone’s got a favorite guilty pleasure reality show!


americaAmerica Singer – The Voice

I mean, as much as ‘Murica said she wasn’t a fan of reality TV before she was on the Selection, you have to believe she loves it now. And what better show for her to watch than The Voice, the ultimate singing competition. And if she had to be on it? She’d for sure pick Blake Shelton as her coach.

celaenaCelaena Sardothien – America’s Next Top Model

ANTM would be the perfect way for Celaena to wind down after a long day of kicking ass and taking names. Celaena may be a tough-as-nails assassin, but she is also a lover of all things girly. Celaena would never say no to a pretty dress or luxurious shoes and I think she’d love watching models battle it out for the pretties picture.

trisTris Prior – Fear Factor

This is kind of an obvious choice. Tris spends her days in Dauntless going through completely ridiculous tasks like flinging herself from trains and jumping off multiple-storied buildings. Dauntless is all about conquering fear and so is Fear Factor. Maybe this show will help get some perspective or maybe it will help her laugh at people who are afraid of something as silly as walking a tightrope while wearing a harness designed to save them from a fall.

katsaLady Katsa of the Middluns – Survivor

I think Katsa would be much more likely to actually compete on survivor based on her particular skill set. But while she’s stuck at home, she’d definitely be watching… and laughing at the silly people not equipped with the ability to sleep on command or survive off small rations of rice.

cressCress Mira – The Amazing Race

At first I was thinking something like The Bachelor, since Cress is a hopeless romantic at heart. But then I realized that was too simple. Cress would much rather watch The Amazing Race. Cooped up in a satellite for her entire life, she’s been forced to live vicariously through media. This show would help Cress ‘see’ the world, exposing her to all the beautiful places she dreams about.


What do you think of my picks? What shows do you think your favorite characters watch?


6 responses to “YA Characters and Their Fave Reality TV Shows

  1. I don’t think Celaena would only like to watch it, she’d probably want to enter and she would kick-ass. I think she will frighten her competition so much they drop out of the game, haha. Katsa will probably shout at the TV when people make stupid mistakes and I think Cress would LOVE to see the world that way.
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  2. As a reality TV hater, I kneeeeeeeew I had to see this post. 😀

    I can also see Celaena being a fan of Ultimate Ninja Warrior or whatever it’s called. Maybe she’d try to combine that and America’s Next Top Model so she could make more Celaena-like ladies and take back her country with their help?

    Your picks are pretty spot-on, especially with Tris and Fear Factor. If she needed some quick money, you know she’d go on that show too and throw all the competition right out.

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