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Oh god. I haven’t had much time do blog lately, and I certainly haven’t had time to do discussion posts, which is kind of sad because I miss them. So, to throw me out of the frying pan and into the fire, Shae from Shae Has Left the Room and Kat  From SassyCat’s Book Reviews have BOTH nominated me to do this tag, which means I have to answer twenty bookish related questions. At the end I am supposed to nominate ten people but I think I am the last person to do this, so.

Shae’s questions will be in GREEN
Kat’s questions will be in PINK


1. What is your favorite age category and genre?

You know, I would have normally said young adult for age category, but right now I am REALLY getting into middle grade. I’m rereading Harry Potter, but I also recently finished The Thickety and I have a lot of MG reads coming up that I am very excited about. I am going to make a great effort in 2015 to read more middle grade because I read to escape and there is no better way to do this than with middle grade fantasy. So that is the age category and genre I am choosing currently.

1. What book would you want to be turned into either a movie or a TV series?

Night Film by Marisha Pessl. And I wanted it directed by Martin Scorsese or Ridley Scott.

2. If you could erase your memory and read one book again for the first time, which book would it be?

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. It will ALWAYS be Memoirs of a Geisha.

2. What YA world would you want to be physically in?

But they are all so horrible! Gosh, I don’t know. I would have said Harry Potter, but that is MG. I guess I would have to choose The Enemy series by Charlie Higson. There are zombies which sucks and is terrifying, but there is lots of camaraderie, friendship, action, and excitement. Plus it is sent in post-apocalyptic London. I know, this sounds horrible, but I am being forced to pick!

3. If you could physically force everyone on earth to read one book, what would it be?

Harry Potter, duh. Like that was even a question!

3. Your favorite book boyfriend.

I don’t do book boyfriends. I am 34 and these boys are teenagers. That would be uber creepy. I have to pass on this one. 😉

4. What was your nonfiction reading obsession as a kid?

I LOVEEEE this question. There are several answers to this. I loved to read encylopedias. Also, there was this world almanac that came with my Carmen Sandiego game that I was obsessed with. I tried to memorize all the world flags. Failed, obviously. I had a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine and I loved reading that also. And I loved paging through my dad’s National Geographics. I was totally obsessed with the world and other cultures from a very young age. I should have studied anthropology in college.

4. Do you read other genres besides YA?

Yes. I am a blurb reader. If the blurb interests me, I will read the book. I generally do not read erotica or straight romance as it is not my thing, which is kind of funny, since that is a lot of what I edit. But that is also the market right now. I choose and trust my clients wisely. They write romance books I actually enjoy.

5. If you could live (not visit, LIVE) in any other country besides the one you live in now, which country would it be, and why?

Japan. I am obsessed with everything Japan. The architecture, the literature, the cuisine, the art, the history, and everything else I haven’t mentioned. Runner up: Vietnam for many of the same reasons.

5. If you were only allowed to read one book for a whole year, what would it be?

I’m going to cheat and say Harry Potter. It’s 7 books but one series, so technically it is one linear story and it would take more time to reread over the year. Sneaky, I know.

6. If you could meet one living author, whom would you choose?

J.K. Rowling. Like, DUH. How could I choose anyone else? Honorable mention? Stephen King. I would love to pick his brain.

6. Dual POV, Multiple POV, or One POV?

I don’t really have a preference, and I don’t really care. If the writing is good, that’s all I care about. It is difficult to get the voice right in multiple POVs but authors that do it right are worth their weight in gold.

7. If you could meet one dead author, whom would you choose?

Hmmm. I guess Shakespeare? I want to know if her really wrote all the plays he is accredited with writing.

7. Tell us something about your blog.

Ummmm. I’m not sure what you want to know. It has flamingos on it? There are three of them, and each represents one of the bloggers here. We had a hell of a time coming up with the design. I wanted frogs and that was vetoed by Lyn who is grossed out by them. I’m still pissed. 😉

8. If you could make one book boyfriend real, who would it be?

WAHHHH. Book boyfriends again! I cannot, for the live of me, think of an answer for this.

8. What would be your book rec to others?

Right now I am going to go with Compulsion by Martina Boone.

9. Name one random or weird thing that can be found in your room.

An air mattress? This is about all I can keep up with. I put the air mattress on top of my memory foam mattress because it absolutely DESTROYED my back. It’s still healing but it is getting better every day, thanks to the power of vinyl and air.

9. E-books or Physical books.

I have an e-reader and I love it, but I still love reading an actual book more. That said, I appreciate the convenience and space saving of my Kindle. So they both have their good points.

10. Describe an instance in which you were a reading/blogging black sheep.

Sometimes I think bloggers are too tough on authors. I’m always team blogger first, but there are some bloggers that are so picky about what opinions authors have, and I find it frustrating. Authors are people, and people have feelings. It’s never a good idea to respond to a negative review and I absolutely blacklist authors that do this (or stalk reviewers) but to ban an author just for giving a controversial opinion on Twitter (depends on what it is, of course), I think that can be a problem. Everyone has their own ethics, and it is up to the individual to decide, but I have seen bloggers ban authors for things that I don’t agree with. Still, I respect their opinion, even if I don’t agree. I also think some reviews can be uber harsh and there are some reviewing styles that I don’t prefer to read. I think my opinions on these topics have changed a lot because I have had to walk a fine line since I edit and work with authors often (and they confide in me) AND I review. I understand both sides.

10. What hobby do you like to do besides reading/blogging?

World of Warcraft. I spend way too much time on that game.


Now I am supposed to nominate ten (TENNN!) people but I don’t think I can do that. My co-bloggers have done it already, so I think I am just going to wrap it up here. I don’t feel like tagging anyone, and I know the people I would tag wouldn’t do this anyway. *coughs* Kat at Cuddlebuggery *coughs*

Besides, I don’t follow rules.



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  1. Yay for Harry Potter! Which totally reminds me, I still need to do this year’s re-read of the series, too. Where is time when I need it? T_T Have you read Percy Jackson, Kara? That’s another awesome MG series. Right up there with HP!

    Japan would definitely be a beautiful place to live in. I haven’t been there before, but my parents have, and they can’t wait to go back for another vacation, so it must be really nice. Also, not sure if it’s a stereotype, but Japanese are apparently really polite, too! The only thing that’s a huge barrier is the language, really.

    I love how this is basically a whole post about your love for Harry Potter. 😉 I would so love to meet Jo, but I’m worried that I might be so awe-struck I’d embarrass myself by not saying anything. Haven’t read anything by Stephen King (yet), but I guess he’s so famous for a reason.

    Great post! 🙂
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