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1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their website.
2. Post the award’s logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions you have been asked.
4.Nominate ten other bloggers and ask them ten other questions.


This is my second nomination.  Pixie at The Bookaholic nominated me and sent it to me (thank you), so I suppose it is my time to participate.  It came right at the perfect moment, so hooray!

1. Tell us three interesting facts about you.

Oh, crud. I always crash and burn on this part.

  1. I have held baby tigers, baby liligers, baby wolves and baby brown bears.
  2. I have met Leonard Nimoy. I cried.
  3. My first word as an infant was “kitty”


2. What’s your favorite memory that involves books/reading?

I attended BEA in 2014. That was pretty spectacular, since I was able to meet many of the bloggers and bookish people that I adore on Twitter. I also helped Claire Legrand with her Carnival, which was spectacular. I ended up falling for New York, and hard. I miss BEA every day, and I miss the people so much more.

3. Who are your top five fave authors?

  1. Laini Taylor
  2. Claire Legrand
  3. Marcus Sedgwick
  4. Leigh Bardugo
  5. Louis Sachar

4. What’s the worst book you read this year?

Anna and the French Kiss. I know that this is going to get me some hate, but I despise Anna and St. Clair.

5. What’s the best?

Oh, this one is a tough one. I am going to have to vote for Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor. It made me fall in love with reading again.

6. Who is your favorite character of all time? (If there hasn’t been a film and you could cast them, would you? If so, who would you choose?)

Hooray for ripped out heartstrings! I have to choose one??! Alright, I am going to have to vote for Liraz from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. She is my goddess and my hero.  If I had to pick someone to play her, I am going to have to go with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s drop dead gorgeous, and she has the chops to pull off the ice queen flawlessly.

7. What book would you choose to turn into a movie or tv show right now if you could?

I would enjoy watching Vampire Empire become a TV series. The gritty feel and the cast diversity is already conditioned for a great prime time drama.

8. What covers usually catch your attention? Give examples.

I noticed that I really enjoy illustrations and color. Something that catches the eye:

9. If you had to reread your favorite book only for the next two years anytime you wanted to read, or give it up entirely for the rest of your life and read a new book instead–except the new book could be really bad–would you?

I suppose the reread?


10.What’s the worst thing you could do to a book out of these: fold pages, spill food/drink, read in the bathtub, write inside, or bend the spine back?

Spill on it. When I drop anything on my books, it makes me cry on the inside.




I am…..horrible at tagging.  Would you like to do this? Then I nominate you!

Here are my questions:


1. Book friend: do a 100 word intro about yourself.

2. What is the best bookish thing to happen to you this year?

3. If you were to write your own novel, and you had all the time and money to do it, what would you write about? Fiction or non-fiction? YA or adult? Genre?

4. Your favorite place to read is:

5. Did you discover any awesome writers this year? Did you have any big book shocks for 2014?

6. What bookish goal would you like to accomplish for 2015?

7. Do you live a double life? Would people be shocked to know you run a book blog? Do you keep your identity a secret?

8. Your book soulmate is:

9. What book would make the next big blockbuster (please help out here, The Hunger Games is over next year).

10. A picture of your favorite bookshelf.

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