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We just passed the halfway point of NaNoWriMo and I thought I’d write about how the whole ordeal is going for me. I love NaNoWriMo. I have terrible time management skills and I’m just really bad at setting a deadline for myself and following through. So NaNo is the kind of environment I thrive in and every year is a lot of fun.

Word Count

Well, I’m exactly on track, which is good! But not quite good enough. I “won” Nano last year on the 15th. Last year the words just poured out of me and I was a freaking beast. This year? Not so much. However, this year is also a rewrite of last year’s novel. I actually finished the whole thing last year (about 80k) and did a round of revisions. But I never did the rewrite. So this year, that’s what I did. The words are bit more a struggle this time around because of that.

Also, there’s been a LOT going on as far as my family and personal life go, and I had to take three days off from writing because I was just so tired. Prior to that, I had been three days ahead. I’m glad I got that 5k ahead in the beginning otherwise I would be screwed right now.


This story is SPEAKING to me. It is DEMANDING to be written. I’ve worked out so much of the worldbuilding and the kinks in the plot and the plot holes and the character arcs and just everything is absolutely coming together. I haven’t gotten bored or stuck or anything. It’s freaking magical. I could attribute this success to the fact that it’s a rewrite, but 1) the story is VERY different after those revisions, and 2) it obviously was the same way last year.

I’ve learned so much about myself through this story and these characters keep surprising me. I keep surprising myself. I know the quality of writing isn’t exactly at the level I’d like it to be at, but there’s Nanowrimo for you.



No, honestly, it’s not that bad this year. Previous years, particularly 2011, I was a mess. But this year I think I’m doing okay. I have a lot of outside stresses to deal with and writing has actually become my way to destress. Every night at about 10pm I sit down in front of my computer and knock out 2-4k. It’s relaxing and I love slipping into my little fantasy world.



Any other Nano-ers out there? How’s November going for you?


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  1. This post just makes me so happy. So is it too early to extend felicitations? I gave up on after a week of having written almost a shitton because although the story and plot were there, it felt fake soon as I realized that at this point, I know fuckall about life.
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