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my book life

We were tagged by Giselle from Xpresso Reads to to the My Book Life tag!  The gist of this tag is to go through aspects of your life and assign book characters to the roles they would play.  Should be fun!


Who would be your father?


The father figure from Jellicoe Road, but I can’t say who because spoilers.  Those who have read it:  FEEL THE PAIN.  Those who haven’t: GET ON IT.

Who would be your mother?


You probably think I’m going to say Mrs Weasley but hahahah no foiled again! Instead, I’m choosing Andromeda Tonks, kickass mother of the fucking year, #1 underrated YA mom in the WORLD, all around Bad Witch. I  love her.  She sacrificed so much in the Second Wizarding War, put her own life and family on the line, and went on to raise her grandson. Why doesn’t anyone talk about her? She’s a beast!

Who would be your sister?


Libby Nicolson.  I have a younger sister, she’s ten years younger than me.  So all while reading the Georgia Nicolson books, I felt Georgia’s pain.  Libby is INSANE.  She brings chaos and havoc wherever she goes.  And she’s gross.  But she’s also lovable and adorable.

Who would be your brother?


So, Cas is awesome.  And I love his relationship with his mother, so I’m sure he’d be just a protecting and loving with a sister. Plus, he’d keep me safe, so.

Who would be your pet?


Abraxos!  He is a wyvern and I love him.  I always have a thing for the underdog in situations like his and he’s just so endearing.  Bonus points for awesome transportation and a chance to possibly meet Rowan.

Where would you live?


Terravin.  Terravin is the town that Lia flees to when she abandons her home on her wedding day.  It’s peaceful and beautiful and the people who live there are vibrant and full of life.  It’s everything you want in a fantasy setting without all the oppressive governments, threats of war, or strange plagues.

Where would you go to school?


Arkwell Academy.  It’s a boarding school for all sorts of paranormal creatures from Sirens to Nightmares.  I would LOOOVE to go here.

What would be your job?


I would love to be a Keeper, in charge of making sure all the Histories stay put.  I know it’d be a dangerous and oftentimes creepy-as-hell job, but I think it would be SO COOL.

Who would be your best friend?


As if I could list anyone other than Rose Hathaway.  She’s one of my all time favorite heroines.  She’s sassy, snarky, and totally kick ass.  I think she’d be a TON of fun to be around.  Gahh words cannot describe how much I love Rose!

Who would be your significant other?


I’m pretty sure at this point that it goes without saying: Beast is official Book Boyfriend status.  I love him.  Having just reread Dark Triumph this week, I’m freshly renewed with my love of all things Beast.  He’s kind and courageous and honorable and JUST JUST GAH


So.  We have to tag people to do this survey, too.  I choose:

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