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Lately I have been doing a lot of DNFing. You may have noticed that I haven’t had as many reviews on the blog as I normally do. That’s because I am SO behind on my ARCs that I’m just DNFing if a book isn’t clicking with me. If I come across a book that I’m hating but I still want to finish for the LOLs, I will, but that hasn’t happened in a while.

So this post is a discussion of some recent DNFs with short explanations as to why I haven’t finished them.

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The Rule of Three by Eric Waters

 Why I DNFed: The writing was just awful. It was so stilted, and the excess amount of exclamation points was brutally  annoying. I eyerolled on nearly every page, and I think I only read about 20 pages. I couldn’t force myself to read further. The  plot may have been exciting but I never got the chance to find out. Bad writing is the #1 book killer for me.


Going Bovine by Libba BrayBC2

Why I DNFed: What even was this book? It was like one long acid trip with no plot! I know it won the Prinz Award, but once again, I don’t get it. Books that end up being all a dream are like one big fuck you to my brain. They piss me off and make me feel like I wasted my time. At over 450 pages, I cannot be assed to invest that kind of time in a dream. I LOVED The Diviners but I am not going to force myself through a book that annoys me.

 BC3Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Why I DNFed: I didn’t find the plot or characters compelling enough. The writing was solid, the imagery was solid, but I was bored to tears as there wasn’t a plot. And I am definitely starting to understand why the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl trope is so annoying to others. When I met the author at BEA and heard him speak about the book, I really thought it was one I would love. But ultimately I found it pretentious. I read through section one of the book and a small part of section two, and I was more frustrated than anything. Over it.

This is the Water by Wally LamBC4b

Why I DNFed: This is seriously the worst book I attempted to read this year. Jarring, gimmicky writing style, 2nd person POV, and nearly every sentence starts with “This is.” It’s pretentious, and if you don’t connect with the style, you are going to HATE this book. I found it atrocious. I pushed myself through 50 pages because this was for a blog tour, but ultimately I emailed the host and told her how awful I found it. Nothing happened, and it doesn’t get better. Trust me.

Stitching Snow  by R.C. Lewis

Why I DNFed: I DNFed this one on page 51. I was enjoying it at first, but then I realized that the characters were cardboard. There was no chemistry between the protagonist and the love interest, and I couldn’t even tell you the characters’ names if I tried. The idea is very similar to Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles series, and since I am reading that one and enjoying it very much, this book just pales in comparison, sadly.

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If you guys find some value in me doing DNF posts like this, let me know, and I will try to do them more often. Basically, with this one, I am just trying to fill a book review space. This was supposed to be a review of Stitching Snow but I had no inclination to finish it, so I thought I would let you know why and include some other books while I was at it.

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7 responses to “Imaginative Discussions: Kara’s Recent DNFs

  1. I love DNF posts and always find it helpful to hear about why books might not be worth my time in addition to good ones ;-). I think I have three of these on the pile somewhere after all so any excuse to cull a bit is helpful and lets me read better books instead 😀
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  2. It seems like every other book I read is a DNF. So much so that I won’t buy a book without reading the free sample offered by Amazon. If I’m intrigued I will go buy it, otherwise, no thank you. I just started reading Trial By Fire and am having a hard time staying interested. I’ve read many positive reviews but I’m finding it a little slow. It may be a “no thank you” from me.

    I like to read DNF posts. Plus it helps stir up conversation. As a reader I love to talk to people about the books we love and books we don’t like. It also may put a book in front of me that I have never seen before. I’ve done a few “Book Break Up” posts myself and after seeing this I think it’s time for another one.
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  3. Ah I’m so sad you weren’t loving Let’s Get Lost. I really loved it but I will say that first perspective was bugging me like CRAZY with the manic pixie dream girl thing. I was NOT digging it but then the rest of the perspectives made up for that one for me personally. But man was that first one rough.

    SIGH I want to get better at DNFing. It’s so hard. I’m always that WHAT IF IT GETS BETTER sort of person. Some of the reads I’ve loved have had rocky starts!

    Thanks for sharing. I love DNF roundups!
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