Top Ten Tuesday: Books We’re Unsure About

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This week’s theme: Books We’re Unsure About

I don’t know about you, but my virtual TBR – my Goodreads to-read shelf – is enormous.  And every day on Twitter and in the blogosphere, I hear about tons of new books.  If you’re immersed enough in this community, it’s easy enough to be overwhelmed by ALL the books.  Of course, for me, this means I buy buy buy.  Hype and recommendations and reviews and twitter friends capslocking at me means I impulse buy quite a lot.  And sometimes, there’s a little buyer’s remorse, too.

Bekka’s Picks

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1.  Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.  I bought this at the hype of the YA dystopia kick.  Dystopia’s never been my favorite, so I’m sure this was all due to hype and trying to read the “prerequisites.”  I tried to start it, but the first sentence actually references cat vomit, so.

2.  The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.  There was one week recently where a bunch of my friends were reading this one.  A friend of mine specifically told me I’d like it and THEN CHANGED THEIR MIND after I bought it! I kind of want to read it, but based on mixed reviews, I’m not really sure anymore.

3.  Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey.  This is one I bought for twenty five cents at a library sale and I couldn’t resist the price tag.  A lot of people like this one but I’m not sure if it’s my thing.  I think it’s a paranormal romance, and I am not really a paranormal romance kind of girl.

4.  Defiance by CJ Redwine.  I actually had an ARC of this that I DNF’d, but then I went ahead and bought this one at a reallllllly cheap price because the last book in the series was making its way around the blogosphere.  Not really sure if I’ll ever come back to it now that I think about it but I don’t know.

5.  34 Pieces of You by Carmen Rodriquez.  I was really excited for this one when it came out and was so happy I was able to trade for it.  But no reviews were being written and no one was talking about it, so I kind of forgot about it.  Have you read this one?


1. The Host by Stephanie Meyer – Yes, back in the day, I was a Twihard. I knee-jerked and bought this one when it released. I went to the book tour and everything. The book is even SIGNED. Now that I have years behind me, and more books under my belt, I steer away from writing such as this, and now, it seems that I will end up selling it instead of reading it.

2. Paper Towns by John Green – When I read The Fault in Our Stars, I was in love.  I was a huge John Green fangirl….until I started to see the writer start lashing out at readers.  When I started to read other contemporary novels, and my respect for JG novels started to plummet. This writer went from the to to the avoid list, once I began to read better books.

3. The Lost Sun by Tessa Gratton – I was SO excited when spotted this one hit the shelves. Then I read reviews. And a blurb, and the writing. Now, I am not excited any longer. This one is sitting on my Kindle, neglected. Until Ragnarok comes.

4. Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes – Pixie was so kind to send this one to me. I was excited to read Pixie’s review. I was not excited to read that this one had animal cruelty. Now it sits on my shelf, collecting dust.

5. So Close To You by Rachel Cater – Cover lust sold this one. The reviews chased me away.


33 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books We’re Unsure About

  1. Lyn I read The Host and I have two copies, the paperback of the original cover and the paperback of the movie poster edition. While I like the book, there were parts that were MEH but I did go see the Movie and like that but then to hear that she would be writing a second book especially how they did the ending of the movie. I am unsure if she will gain the audience again because she’s waiting too long to get book two to go out in the world and the movie will be long forgotten. I wish she had spend some time finishing Midnight Sun rather than completely stop in mid-draft because part of it got out on the web. I was curious to read Edward POV but since she said she would never actually publish the book because of the whole leak thing. She is probably one of those author that has the Fame/Fan-based for a couple years and then poof no one will read anything by her because she’s not writing but more spending her time directing small films.
    OOOH I just thought of a great discussion for my BLOG!!!!
    SassyCat’s Reviews recently posted…So I Married a Werewolf Blog Tour: Character InterviewMy Profile

  2. I actually really, really like The Host, Lyn. And I don’t like Twilight at all. I can’t promise you that you’ll like it or tolerate it, but I think it’s fairly different from Vampires and Bella and Company. It’s actually one of my favorite books, strange as that sounds.

    And Bekka, Cold Frost isn’t exactly a paranormal romance in the way you’re thinking of it. It’s about what happens when romance goes bad and obsessive, and how to break away from that. Which was a pretty cool take on things, I thought. Still wasn’t my most favoritest book ever, but if you’re scared of a cliché PNR set-up, that’s not really what’s going down.
    Renae @ Respiring Thoughts recently posted…Top 10 Tuesday: Sequels I’m Not Sure I Want To ReadMy Profile

  3. Jillyn

    I really enjoyed the Uglies series, but I’m completely with you on The Host and books by John Green. So many people love his books, and I don’t want to be disappointed. As for the Host, I have a signed copy too but I still just don’t read it for some reason.

  4. I was so excited to get Cold Kiss but I’m not completely sold on it either. On the shelf it sits. Gathering dust. I’m not a paranormal romance fan either. But it sounds like Warm Bodies which I enjoyed? I’m not sure.
    I actually really enjoyed The Host but I know it’s not for everyone. I can’t freaking wait to get a hold of Broken Monsters, but I hadn’t heard of the animal cruelty so that’s upsetting. Although there were some aspects of that in her previous book, The Shining Girls, but it was brief so hopefully that will be too.
    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words recently posted…Early Review – Dangerous Boys by Abigail HaasMy Profile

  5. I have a few of these myself and I haven’t read them either! I’m not sure what puts me off from reading them. Like you I loved TFiOS and even though I have Green’s other books, I haven’t read them because I’m afraid of disappointment. I really loved the Twilight series, but I’ve never been interested in The Host (I didn’t eve seen the movie)

    Thanks for stopping by!
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