Imaginative Discussion: If THE Dream Comes True

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For many of us, this is one huge event on our bucket list – to become a writer. To join the ranks of some of our literary heroes and share our stories with the rest of the world. It would be a dream come true.

When I was 10, I wanted to become a writer. I tore through books in my younger years. When I hit high school, I lost my ambition and my dream faded away. Lately, I have revived my thoughts about writing, and at this point, I feel that I would make a much better writer and author. I understand how to use social media, what options are open to me, I I have seen behind the scenes of what goes into making your bookish fantasy a reality.

The same thing that helped move me closer to this dream is also the other side of my double-edged sword. What is going to happen if I ever do publish a book? Do I keep blogging? Do I retire and allow someone else to take my place? Do I fear “playback” from other authors? Do I lose my friends? Do I allow my blogging friends review my books?

There are a lot of questions that pop up, and I do have some ideas about the future, if it ever comes to fruit.

First, I have stopped reading books in my sub-genre that I am writing about.  This might seem a bit harsh, but I do not want to fall victim to claims of plagiarism. I haven’t even watched any new TV shows centered around my material. One acclaimed show is on my dodge list until I am complete with my writing. I still turn to original material sources, but as for contemporary novels, they have to go on the waiting list for a (long) while.

I have seen authors blog and write, but I see that it is not on the same level of hobby blogs.  Everything that is said is weighed and measured before it is published. I think I would stop writing reviews and stick to rating, or keep a record for myself.  Things become sticky when you’re a new player on the field. I would no longer simply call myself a hobby blogger. Personally, for me, I would have a conflict of interest. I don’t fear the retribution. I’ve avoided books based on authors. If I publish, and other authors want to boycott me because of a past review, then they are well within their rights, and I would not change their minds or pressure them to read it. They are entitled to boycott me, and choose what they want to read. I have no qualms with this. What I do not want to happen is an author turn it into a fan war and villainize my rights as a reader. I don’t see this as a big issue, but I have made enemies. It is what it is.

I have considered never connecting my publishing name with my reviewer name. I have decided to go under a pen name due to personal reasons.  It wouldn’t take Sherlock to connect my names, but it isn’t blaring. The downside is that I do not want any of my blogging friends to feel that I have duped them or that I am playing the field. If I do decide to connect my names together, I trust these people to be honest with their reviews and their opinions. These are the same bloggers who helped me become comfortable with my own reading opinions. So skewed reviews is not something I fear will happen.

In the end, this is an issue I’d tackle if and when it ever happens. I’m still unsure about the details, but, in the end, I’d consult many people I trust on the matter when that call comes in.


What are your thoughts? How would your own blog life change if you publish your own book? Would you tell your blogging friends?

9 responses to “Imaginative Discussion: If THE Dream Comes True

  1. Another of my friends that is in the process of writing and polishing a couple of manuscripts did the same thing about reading in the same genre. When she was writing the original manuscripts, she completely avoided those subgenres. Now that she’s done with the manuscript and is just tweaking, she has allowed herself to read a few since she loves the subgenre obviously if she has a story to add to it, haha. I look forward to reading your work whenever it is published and won’t be mad that you chose to use a pen name 😉
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  2. I often debate if I ever did write anything, if I should use a pen name or not. For me, it’s more about becoming a part of the writing world. I notice that most authors don’t say anything negative about another’s book & that books they did not like are always kept a secret. For me, I love blogging way too much to give up being nice about every single book I read. I think if I did choose to publish something, I’d do it under a pen name because I wouldn’t want to lose the privilege of being able to speak my mind freely in an open environment. Which ever path you choose to take, I’ll definitely support you! Great post 🙂
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  3. I’ve started writing before I even started blogging or knew what blogging was about. I’m still actively writing almost ALL the time, I’ve had people tell me never to give up on my dream of writing and I still haven’t. Where I draw the line is how will I balance between the career I’m going for and this writing career as well other small stuff? Blogging is a hobby for me, don’t get me wrong I love blogging but right now I’m trying to spice it up a little for me. But with school coming around I’ll be down winding blogging and possibly reading.

    I say GO FOR IT!!! and I did the same thing about staying away from sub-genre books in the set that I’m writing. But I’m also trying to stay true to my ideas. I’m doing some research but I’m also doing research on my characters because I don’t know them completely and I need to know them completely in order to write their parts.

    All you need all the supporters you can get and get the one that will criticizes and tell you what needs work on. I’ve had two people read partial of my book and in different stages they both like it while one (whose a teacher ENGLISH) had pointed out many error in grammar and that was before I went into editing mode and the blogger friend made suggestions to the first chapter that I’ve definitely took notes on and I’m making my own notes questioning this or that as I edit this WIP. It’s only round one and I’ve add and cut things.
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  4. This is a really interesting discussion. Like you, I’ve always wanted to become a writer since young (though that dream has pretty much died down by now seeing as I haven’t even completed a single book and school is taking up most of my time), but I have to admit that I never really thought about names, and how it would affect my position in the book blogging community, if I DID become a writer. I understand where you’re coming from, though. If one of my bloggy friends became an author and I was asked to review their book, I’d feel super awkward and horrible if I ended up not enjoying it.

    The thing that worries me most, now that I think about it, is how my friends’ views of me will change. Will they still see me as the same blogger they made friends with? Or will they see me as someone else entirely, like one of those unreachable authors? Because I have to say that authors sometimes intimidate me. They’re so busy, and most of them have huge fanbases, so I find it hard to talk to them because they seem so distant. Even though book blogging has taught me that that’s not always the case, the fear is still there. So if I ever become a published writer, I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want to lose the friendships I’ve managed to make throughout the years I’ve spent blogging.

    I’ve always thought that I would go with my original name if I ever got published, but you raised some thought-provoking points. There are so many things to consider! But I trust that you and the people you turn to will make the right decision. Becoming an author is some serious shit, so maybe all we have to do is man-up and face the problems head-on, even if it means revealing our real names.

    Thanks for sharing, Lyn! (And sorry for my monster comment, lol.)
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    • Lyn

      I had to really chew over this comment, Meg. I was perfect! I really like that you pointed out exactly what I am feeling. Despite some claims by others, I often feel intimidated by authors! They’re my freaking HEROES! They have the best job on Earth, and they gave me so much! I have words to live by! I have friends because of their work!

      I think picking my pen name (even though the name I use for blogging is ALSO a pen name) would suit me best as well.

      Thank you for your reply!
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