Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Movies and TV

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top ten tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This week’s topic: Favorite Movies or TV Shows

I looooooooove movies.  I spent two and a half years working at Hollywood Video (where I met my husband!) and not because the pay was great, let me tell you.  I spent all that time there because I am PASSIONATE about movies!  And if you follow me on twitter, you know I can power-watch an entire season of TV in three days.  So of course I was SO excited about this week’s TTT prompt! I decided to go with movies just because so much of my TV watching is hate-watching and because of that, picking movies was easier.

Bekka’s Picks


1.  The Princess Bride.  Loooooove this movie.  And confession time: I haven’t read the book in full yet.  D:

2.  Love Comes to the Executioner.  No one I ever talk to has heard of this.  It’s about this kid who graduates college and returns home to help his drug-addled mom.  With a degree in Latin, it’s hard to find work so he gets a job as the executioner at the local prison, and falls in love with the only woman on death row.  It sounds like a drama, but it’s a comedy, it’s hilarious, and it’s WEIRD.  Watch it!

3.  No Country for Old Men.  Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Javier Bardem. Okay? Okay.

4.  The Boondock Saints.  Baby Norman Reedus!  I basically love everything about this movie.  I’m sure everyone has seen it by now. It started out as a cult hit type of thing but now it’s HUGE and the sequel is just as awesome!

5.  American Psycho.  If you haven’t seen American Psycho yet I don’t even know what to say to you.  Feed me a stray cat!


Lyn’s Picks

My movie list looks like a 16 year old wrote it, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

1. Lord of the Rings trilogy – I do count all the movies as one movie, since Tolkien wrote the books as one book. Also, I can cheat a little, as well.  These movies were the first movies I truly fangirled over. I met a lot of new friends and it established my baseline for awesome movie standards. It didn’t hurt that I also gained a lifelong obsessions over a majority of the cast, such as my #1 Hollywood heartthrob, Orlando Bloom. I also have a love for the music.

2. How to Train Your Dragon – this one was a little more sneaky.  It didn’t occur to me that this would end up as one of my favorites until years down the line. No shock, when the movies were about Vikings, cat-like dragons, and toted one of the best movie scores.

3. Labyrinth – Judge all you want, this movie defined my teen years. My cousins and I all had a weekend viewing during the summer. We couldn’t get enough of this flick, and it also introduced me to a life-long addiction to fantasy. Also – MUSIC!

4. The Last Unicorn – when I was young, I loved it because the unicorn was so pretty and I loved the soundtrack. As an adult, I love it for the bitterness of the plot – lost first love, losing who you are in order to save others, and finding that the hardest journeys usually change you on a spiritual level.

5. Moulin Rouge – I adore this movie! I love the colors, and the soundtrack (I never saw the pattern, until now, of my top movies and the music), I love the story, I love everything about this movie.

Honorable mentions: Empire Records, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ever After and Mean Girls.


24 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Movies and TV

  1. The Last Unicorn was my fav as well Lyn! Although My fav as a little girl was My Little pony (there was one movie that dad would always have to constantly check out for me. Originally untitled, this special was known as ‘Firefly’s Adventure’ on its US VHS release, ‘Dreamland’ on its UK VHS release,[2] and ‘Rescue from Midnight Castle’ on syndication and DVD. That’s the best I can give)
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  2. The Princess Bride might be my favourite movie ever. If I ever had to make a decision, it would at least be a very serious contender. (Confession: I didn’t like the book nearly as much) And god I could go on for HOURS about all the reasons why I love How To Train Your Dragon, and why it’s great from a social standpoint and aghhhhh Toothless is so freaking adorable! And it doesn’t hurt that it’s got a good soundtrack (I too am seriously influenced by soundtracks)
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