Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

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top ten tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the BookishThis week’s theme:  Blogging Confessions

Group hug? Group hug time.  We all have some things that we always wanted to confess, or talk about, or even blurt out in a rash, misspelled Tweet.  Lucky for us all, this week’s Top Ten topic allows us to emotionally vomit out some deep-seeded feelings lurking in the deep.

Bekka’s Confessions

1.  I’ve been in a reading slump.  It’s been about six months long, honestly, ever since I read Cruel Beauty.  I’ve been reading at basically half my normal pace, and my average rating for the year is 3.3.  It’s been really sad and has made me lose confidence as a blogger.  Luckily though, things have been perking up and I’ve been reading a LOT of awesome books.  I hope the trending towards positive continues.

2.  Sometimes I feel like quitting.  It’s not a serious feeling and I never ACTUALLY think I’m going to follow through with it.  But sometimes I feel so down about my shitty reading (see point 1) or with how constricting blogging sometimes feels.  I know I’ll be blogging for a long time, though, but sometimes I just get down on myself.

3.  I buy multiple copies of the same books.  Honestly, it’s a problem.  I buy hardcovers for a lot of arcs I read, which I don’t see being that bad.  But I have multiple different editions of books I love.  I wasn’t always like this at all, but now it’s like a fever!

4.  I really dislike reviewing sequels.  First of all, it’s just hard.  It’s hard to assess characters you already know.  And it’s hard to review each book as its separate entity and not go overboard on comparing it to other books in the series.  But also?  I don’t feel like sequel reviews get read as much because people are afraid of being spoiled.

5.  I’m so bad at following/commenting.  I looooooooove book blogs (obviously.)  There are a ton that I follow in various ways from email to Bloglovin.  But there are also a lot that I just type into my address bar and visit that way without ever actually following – and this is mostly true for bloggers I consider friends, those I talk to all the time on Twitter.  And as much as I visit blogs (seriously, like 25 per day) I hardly EVER comment.  What is wrong with me?  This is my public vow to be better about both these things!


Lyn’s Confessions

1. Writing book reviews is the least favorite thing – I hope this doesn’t sound horrible.  I love talking about books, making lists, getting exciting over book feels online, looking over future releases, compare notes, contemplate the quality of book-inspired movies, and, of course,  reading. When it comes to reviews, I have a very very VERY hard time putting my thoughts into words.  I do my best to write some quality reviews, and some of them are fun, and some of them were easy, but it is the hardest part of the “job”.

2. BEA saved me – I thought I was near my end game prior to BEA. I was feeling burnt out. I didn’t see the enjoyment of blogging. I felt out of place and blogging felt like a chore. I was also going through a lot in my life at that point, and my depression and anxiety was completely out of hand and off the radar at this point. But I had lost my passion for blogging, and I knew I was a horrible person for wanting to walk away.  BEA helped me understand why I do this: because I love the people, and I love the books.  BEA, in all seriousness, was life-changing for me, for the better.

3. I skim other’s reviews – to keep away from the spoilers. I love reading review for books I have read before, but I find that I skim reviews of books I have never read.  If I have the book ready to read, then I tend to look at the rating and keep going.

4. I am ashamed of my book count – I find it amazing when I knock out over 50 books in a year.  However, when I see others reading 100 to 300 books, I internally worry and wonder what I can do to help my reading speed. Then I get upset with myself and buy more books than I need. Because, dammit, if I can’t READ 100 books in year, then I can BUY a 100 books in a 365 day period!! I know that I have a full time job, attend the gym, and have a naturally slow reading speed, but it still irks me at times to see my piddly numbers.

5. Blog ranking – I seriously could not image doing this solo.  I was very lucky to have Kara let me join a blog that was already rooted in the community.  Her blog was wonderful from the start.  Then we added Bekka, someone who had a name for herself in the field.  Then there is me.  I see myself as the awkward freshman at the senior party. I often compare myself to a B-list blogger, and I feel slightly inferior.  Horrible, horrible thoughts, but it crosses my mind sometimes.



13 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

  1. You ladies are just killing it with these blog memes, that I’ve actually want to do some of these. I’ve been in the same boat.
    Bekka; I have been in a reading slump or well just got there really too many books to read! And my motto you can never buy too many books even with the same copies or title. I have 3 sets of the Soul Screamers Series By Rachel Vincent. One are signed books 1-5 and I love the foriegn editions(UK) so I have 3 of those can’t remember which ones and I got my reading pair that the edges are falling apart.
    Lyn; I’m in a reviewing slump and is trying to work on those late reviews. Don’t be ashamed of you book counts! I limit myself to 50 because there are times where I’m not in school that I can read at least five books before the next semester.
    UtopYA Con gave me some perspective on how important it is for indies authors to get love and reviews of their books. But it gave me a much bigger kick in the butt about getting my WIP out there. Hopefully summer 2015 I’ll be much ready to share my WIP.
    SassyCat’s Reviews (@KatN21) recently posted…UtopYA Con: The AwardsMy Profile

  2. I can relate to a lot of your confessions. I stopped blogging for over two years, and even though I know that the small readership I orginally had to start is probably gone, I realized recently that it didn’t matter what the numbers were; I would start blogging again and just to post when I could. I love the blog and hope you continue for as long as you enjoy it. 🙂
    Alexis recently posted…Life Updates, Why I Took a Break, and Coming BackMy Profile

  3. I suck at reviewing sequels, too … how does a person do it without spoiling the other books? I DON’T GET IT! And I’ve totally bought duplicates of a book before. I try to keep my Goodreads updated with the books I own, but sometimes I’ll miss a book and then there you go. I blame the fact that I have a horrible book memory.

    And oh gosh, QUITTING! I had that thought months ago and decided to have a bit of a “restart” on the blog instead. Still posting bookish things, but also branching out with other posts.

    And I can totally buy enough books for every day of the year, but I rarely read that much. Now that I’ve had a baby, I’ve fallen way behind in my reading, but I’m trying to not stress about it. Of course, falling behind in my reading but NOT falling behind in my buying!

    Great confessions, ladies!
    Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) recently posted…This Post is {Kind Of} Brought To You By The Letter … QMy Profile

  4. Reviewing sequels is the worst, it really is. I’m always nervous about spoiling newbies to the series but honestly, if you haven’t read the first one why are you reading a review for book 3? But still, I completely understand.
    I skim reviews too! Most of the time though I don’t read them at all if I have any intention of ever reading the book myself. I’ll check out ratings but not actual reviews.

  5. If I buy a paperback, I usually end up with the kindle edition as well… just because then I know I will always have that one book at hand wherever I am 🙂
    Reading slumps are the devil! Luckily, I’ve been reading lots of great books lately, and that helps.
    Great confessions, Bekka and Lyn. Happy reading and blogging!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Teaser Tuesday #28 – Get HappyMy Profile

  6. Bekka:

    #1 Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in a reading slump right now! I know how it feels, and it doesn’t feel good. I was basically in a blogging and slump for about half a year last year, but after taking a break I found that it helped a lot. Maybe that’d work for you, too!

    #3 Haha, honestly I don’t think that’s a bad habit! If I was richer I’d definitely get all the editions of HP out there because it’s only my favorite series ever. 😉 And I’m actually considering getting the hardbacks of the entire Divergent series, even though I own all three books in PB already…

    #4 Same here. Maaan, reviewing sequels are so hard because you have to decide if you want to include spoilers or not. And yeah, my reviews for sequels don’t get as many views because chances are plenty of my readers haven’t even read the first book yet. It’s kind of like an effort wasted to write them. :/

    #5 I’m horrible at it as well! I see other bloggers commenting on a bajillion blogs at a time, and I take like four hours just to get through three or four. O_O Mostly ’cause I’m pretty busy with school (and sleep, lol), but still. They must be like superhumans or something.


    #1 I know I said I didn’t like writing sequel reviews, but in general, I don’t like writing reviews as well… for the same reasons as you! I mean, I know how I feel about a book, but I find it so hard to translate that into words. ESPECIALLY for three-star books because I’m so on the fence about them! Writing negative reviews are the best, seriously.

    #2 You’re so lucky you got to go to BEA! And even better that it helped you get back into blogging/reading. It’s like one of my top three five dreams to go to BEA. *le sigh* Maybe someday…

    #4 Lollll, I’m the exact same! I generally take about one and a half weeks to finish a single book (unless it’s like 200+ pages or something, then I’d take about a week), so I read about four or five books a month. Only. And then I see others reading like TEN books a month and it’s shameful, haha.

    #5 Aw, Lyn! I know I’m a new reader to your blog, but don’t feel that way. I’ve been blogging for two years now and I still feel awkward and new and I’m definitely not as popular as I would’ve liked to be. But I guess I’ve learned to kind of deal with it. And besides, school takes up so much of my time I’m grateful I’m not super popular. 😛

    It was great getting to know you two better through this list! And Lyn, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. <3
    Megan (Adrift on Vulcan) recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging ConfessionsMy Profile

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