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This week’s theme:
Cover Trends We Like and Dislike


BEKKA and LYN go head-to-head over the hotly-debated topic of BOOK COVERS! In her corner, Bekka doesn’t hesitate to pull her punches as she slams her top book cover peeves! Her challenger, Lyn, basks in the glory of book cover designs that she loves! Who will gain victory and glory? Which side will triumph! Stay tuned foe MOST XTREME BOOK COVER CHALLEGE.

(I am really running low on ideas for TTT intros — Lyn)



Because bugs are disgusting with their twitchy wings and teeny tiny legs and stingers and EW.

fake fireFake Fire

While any of these images would look just fine if it were real, the fake fire adds an element of cheesiness I can’t ignore.  I just can’t take a cover seriously if it has fake flames on it.

photoshopped eyesPhotoshopped Eyes

I can understand changing the model’s eye color, but there’s a fine line between different and outrageous. I can’t stand over-photoshopped eyes like these.  They just look silly.

ridiculous tattoosHilaribad Fake Tattoos

I have absolutely nothing against real tattoos.  But these poorly placed fake tattoo graphics are hilarious and I will never not laugh when I see these covers (and others like them.) You want a tattooless model to have some ink?  Give him some proper temporary tattoos and THEN photograph him.  It will come out better every time, I promise.

same modelsUsing the Same Models/Stock Photos

I picked this particular couple because I have seen them everywhere (literally, I saw them in an ad for male enhancement. So.)  But the girl from the Fallen series will work here too.  I feel like, as an author, publicist, anyone responsible for a book’s success should feel that book deserves better than the same image another author is using for her cover.  Have some originality and treat the books in your care with respect.  It’s annoying, sure, but it’s also quite confusing for us consumers, too.



Colorful Covers

Bright, beautiful covers remind me of festive wrappers on candy. Good stuff on the inside and on the outside.  When a book cover is splashed with beautiful hues and tones, it makes me very excited to pick it up.

More is Less

On the other end of the spectrum, there is nothing wrong with a simple, eye-catching cover as well. These designs are like the Apples of the book world. Sleek, modern and just the right touch of flair.

Tree of Life

Trees are awesome. When I see a forest or some other wooden variety on a cover, it just screams at me to read it.

Water Water Everywhere

Ha! Poor Bekka is tired of fire, while I drool over water prints.  Aqua is my favorite element, and underwater shots on a cover gives me a case of grabby hands.

Dress for Success

I KNOW. I complained in 2011 that every book had to contain some sort of female in formal clothing, but now that the trend has died down a little, I miss secretly coveting prom wear.


Which side did you pick this week – love it or leave it? What do you love and loathe on a book cover? Leave us a link below!

17 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Trends

  1. Haha! I couldn’t pick a side duh! XD I hate what Bekka hates but I also loved Lyn’s covers. Except Zombieland, So Silver Bright and 1984- close-ups of eyes freak me out. It makes me think of pressing your face to a page-scanner and scanning the eye. Eurgh. I don’t like anything, not even a pen, too close to my eyes/forehead except my glasses. Nnonoononon. I get headaches, I make myself get them. But I also like The Killing Jar cover despite the presence of bugs on it(about which I heartily agree) because glorified! photoshopped and stuff-ed! the color tone and contrast make it look cool.
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  2. I have to say Lyn, I’m pretty tempted by dress covers a little at the moment myself. Especially if their elegant and simple, none of that pink marshmallow look, that’s a baaaaaaad look. Water is getting used more too lately and I don’t think it’s too bad. Woodland features, definitely – ivy, vines, trees, wispy woods, it’s all brilliant. Bekka, I do have to agree with the half naked, tattooed men thing, it’s just not good for me, at all. I think, Lyn won 😉
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  3. Trillion

    You know all the hate that JJ Abrams got for lens flair in Star Trek 2009?

    I feel that same look is taking over book covers. Overly-textured, dust-in-the-camera-flash business irritates me (Looking at you Pivot Point and Dead Dreams)

  4. Those fake tattoo’s and eye colors are sometimes hilarious. They really don’t make me want to pick up the book. The fake fire looks weird too, although I don’t hate the cover from Divergent. It looks okay there.

    Dresses! A lot of those covers are so appealing to me and I also love water 🙂
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