Top Ten Tuesday: Books About Friendships

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This week’s theme: Books About Friendships

112629Confessions of Georgia Nicolson: The Ace Gang

I grew up reading about Georgia and the Ace Gang, and so I feel like they are my friends, too.  From Jas to Jools, each member of the Ace Gang has her own hilarity to offer.  My favorite member is Rosie because she’s totally out of her mind (she is planning her viking wedding.)

11983940Scarlet:  The Band

These guys (and girl!) are every kind of awesome.  We all know the story of Robin Hood and his band of thieves who steal from the rich and provide for the poor.  But the characters truly come to life in this book, and you can feel the bonds between them, holding them together.  They will do anything for one another.

16074758Dangerous Girls:  Anna and Elise

For those who have read this book, this pick may seem a little twisted.. and it is!  But the friendship in this one is so dynamic and complex.  Anyway, I will refrain from saying much because spoilers, but basically, if you haven’t read this yet, do it now!

16143347We Were Liars:  The Liars

This is another book that might be a slightly twisted pick for those of you guys who have read it to the end.  But the whole book is about the friendships between the Sinclair cousins, the Liars, and their co-dependance and I would be remiss if I were to leave this one out.

17347379Harry Potter:  The Golden Trio

Ahh the Golden Trio.  My childhood best friend.  Reading about these guys has shaped much of who I am.  I still kind of think Ron is a little shit, but I do love all three of them, and I especially love them when they’re working together.  The Harry Potter series obviously gives us about a thousand examples of wonderful friendships, but nothing will ever beat Harry, Hermione, and Ron.


Lyn’s Picks

Chelsea and Asha: Speechless by Hannah Harrington – I love this book.  One of my favorite parts of the novel was the friendship that budded between Chelsea and Asha.  Chelsea never seemed to have a stable, healthy female relationship, and Asha opened her eyes to what a real friends looks like.

Victoria and Lawrence: The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Claire Legrand – Leave it up to the master of platonic relationships to write a book centered around the power of friendship.  I love the theme of loyalty and fellowship found inside this book, and kudos for landing a boy and girl relationship outside of the romantic boundaries.

Addie and Laila: Pivot Point by Kasie West – Every best friend relationship has its ups and downs, and Pivot Point lightly touches on this subject. Some relationships hit a sour patch, and West handles this subject with finesse and tenderness.

Percy and Company: Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan – The PJ series tends to display some strong bonds of companionship, but Sea of Monsters will always stick out in my head as one of the best and brightest in the series.  Percy is confronting different relationships at different levels, and it was an enjoyable read because of this factor.

Bradley and Carla: There is a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom by Louis Sachar – I love Sachar’s work. He is highly talented when he can take a child/adult relationship and honestly make it one of the most touching friendships, ever.


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  1. Fi

    Great list! I think the only one we have in common is Harry Potter but I’m pretty sure just about everybody added the Golden Trio! I was going to add Percy Jackson but my list was already twice as long as it needed to be, nearly added We Were Liars too as I’ve only just read it and so the friendship between the cousins was still really fresh in my mind!
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  2. Ahhhh, I can now comment without having to sign into my personal email which is GREAT seeing as I’m at work!

    The only books I’ve read here are the HP books! But I love friendships so I’ll have to check some of the rest out.

    Still so in love with the new blog design!

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