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Going to BEA this week? I have you covered! Not going? These are good tips for any future convention, expo, or general gathering.  I created a nice, neat checklist to help curb your enthusiasm, set your social standards, and overall make for a good time!

DON’T come unprepared.  Travel plans and knowledge of the area will help any new visitor or veteran become aware of safety precautions and emergency plans.

DON’T go anywhere with strangers.  Always keep in contact with a book buddy, and carry a charged cell phone at all times.

DON’T become dehydrated or skip meals.  You know your body the best, so take time out of your busy schedule to tend to your own needs.

DON’T cos-play.  Although all of us here want to dress up as Buruu or Liraz, the wing span issue can cause some concerns.  Also, TALKING IN ALL CAPS or carrying an ax might alarm the other guest.

DON’T steal. Please be nice.

DON’T molest others. Except for Kara. Touch all you want.

DON’T wait until the last minute to update your blog.  You can do that on the plane.

DON’T wait until midnight before departure to pack. Do it at 11:59.

DON’T offer sexual favors for books, merchandise, signed memorabilia, or any other physical items. Or do. Hell, I’m not your mothers.

DON’T argue with the staff.  Remember when mom said that honey attracts more flies? Bribery is much more efficient.

DON’T run on the expo floor. Frolic.

DON’T stay up until midnight while in New York. Stay up until 2 am. Only squares fall asleep prior to 1am.

DON’T cut in line.  If someone does indeed cut, DO shank them like a bitch.

DON’T glomp others. This might result in a sound beating from the victim.

DON’T stalk others. Wait, I plan on doing this.

DON’T look for Iron Man in New York. Iron Man comes to you. If Iron Man does show up, DO join The Avengers.

And most important….

DON’T forget to have fun!!



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