Top Ten Tuesday: Characters We Can’t Stand

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This week’s theme:  Characters We Can’t Stand.

I was in the mood to rant and snark a bit this week. I haven’t written a really negative review in a while because I have been heavily DNFing in an attempt to get caught up with my review books before BEA. It’s not exactly working. But I did want to be a little bit negative today (I’ll admit it), and so I thought I would channel that negativity into this week’s topic: characters I can’t stand.

Now, admittedly, there are a lot of those. Characters either make or break a novel for me. Usually. Once in a blue moon I can look past it because the plot is fuckawesome. But that’s like a rare occurrence. Most of the characters I chose were from books I read recently, because I didn’t want to pick the same characters everyone always picks. So anyway, here is the list:

Kara’s Picks:

1. Sing da Navelli from Strange Sweet Song by Adi Rule. Pretty much my most hated protagonist ever. She is rude and condescending to every other character in the book except for the love interest. See my review here. I hated this book. It is my only one star book of 2014 so far.
2. Reagan O’Neill from Open Road Summer by Emery Lord. I realize this is a very controversial pick. But…I hated her. She slut shamed or was catty to every girl that came within 100 feet of the love interest. I DESPISE girl on girl hate in books. While women may be like this in real life, Reagan never learns from it and she never grows. See my review here for a deeper explanation. For the record, I really loved the rest of this book, but Reagan truly hindered my enjoyment of the novel. 
3. Morpheus from Splintered by A.G. Howard. I’ll admit it. I don’t get it. Why is he a love interest? He’s creepy and unsettling. He gives off a stalker vibe. He’s a controlling wanker and I hated him in the first book. I didn’t continue on with the series because I was grossed out. If it hadn’t been for the romance, I might have. But no. Yuck.
4. Lugh from Rebel Heart by Moira Young. Dude, I fucking LOVE this series. You don’t even know. But Lugh almost ruins the books for me. I hate him possibly more than any character I have read in a book ever. He is awful. Selfish, rude, bratty. He’s ignorant, he bosses his sister around (and she is much smarter than he is), he’s verbally abusive and I HATE him. I really hope the author kills him off so I can laugh. See my review here.
5. Mal from Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. Yeah, this is the other male love interest that I want to beat with a baseball bat. He is incredibly selfish and controlling. I am tired of him guilt-tripping Alina while she is busy trying to save the world that he lives in. If these two end up together in the end, I will throw things and go batshit. I would rather her end up with The Darkling than Mal. See my review here.
Lyn’s Picks
 photo thorfuckme_zps0453edaf.gif

Celaena Sardothien (The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas) – Everything about her rubs me the wrong way. Self-bloated, shit-talking, and a sorry excuse for a female lead role, I cannot understand the fascination with her by every male character in the book.  I wanted to rip out every golden hair from her empty head by the end of the first novel.

Edward Cullen (The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer) – This guy ruined vampires, and caused a whole new subculture of asshole boyfriends to pop up in YA fiction. I usually add Bella to my list of more spited characters, but Edward deserves his own spot as well. He is disgusting, end of story.

Tris Prior (The Divergent series by Veronica Roth) – This one was a toss up between Four and Tris.  In the first book, I adored Tris, but the second book wiped out any and all respect for the character.  Martyrs do not score well in my book, and her sneaky, butt-hurt attitude caused me to loathe her by the end of the second book.  My hopes for book 3 are not high.

Alaska Young (Looking for Alaska by John Green) – Oh, I hate this character.  I hate the archetypal female role of “snotty-ass bitch”. Girls who play with other’s feelings and use the people around her as pawns make me want to froth up blood. I hated her every minute of the book, so the entire novel was lost on me by the end of the book. Good riddance.

Lugh (The Dust Land series by Moira Young) – HAHA KARA! I have a special place for this character on my list. No one, not one single character, has ever matched my utter spiteful raging HATE. The number one spot will always belong to Lugh. I want this character to die the most horrible death ever. I want to see him shredded and burned and then brought back to life to start all over again. Kara’s note: Yes!! Let’s cut him into little pieces, run him down the garbage disposal, reconstruct him and raise him as a zombie, and kick him in the balls right next to a bonfire so he falls in and dies a fiery death, disintegrating to ash.


Until next week!

12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters We Can’t Stand

  1. I almost completely agree with everything on this list, except for Celaena while I don’t think she was best character ever I don’t spite her. But yes yes yes to Tris and Mal, I honestly don’t understand what people think is so great about Tris. And with Mal, I can’t even. Great list! =)

  2. Agreed on every count except Open Road Summer, not read and Celaena, read the second book so. 😛 The top two would Lugh and Sing, however. HATE HATE HATE. DIE. I hated Rebel Heart and one of the major factors was Lugh- I actually tried to convince myself that the author was exploring the darker sides of her characters but then I realized, what utter bullshit. UGH. I don’t like remembering that book because my emotions see-sawed so much. I loved then hated it, then hated it more and more until I despised it. I think the 3rd book’s about to come out; I will stay away. From the internet.

  3. I’m in the middle of Siege and Storm right now and I can see where you’re coming from. He’s kind of whiney and needy, no? Like you said, she’s trying to save the world and he’s all me-me-me. I like the quote from Sturmhond where he asked Mal if he really thought that he and Alina would just walk away from everything and live happily ever after.

    As for Edward – a 100-some year old virgin vampire. I doubt this with all my doubts.

    I went a different route with my Top Ten Tuesday – best friends forever!

  4. Oh Kara and Lyn, I so agree with Lugh! I’ve only read Blood Red Road and already I want him gone, and he was hardly even in that book! Now I’m wary of reading Rebel Heart, damn it, Young better get rid, he’s one annoying cookie. We can all take a piece of him and take time to cute each section into tiny pieces.
    Great list though girls, need to keep a look out and avoid these people at all costs..

  5. I am going to overlook your hate for Celeana and say a big YES to Tris. Her whiny and senseless behavior in Insurgent and Allegiant ruined the series for me. And sadly, I can’t recall Lugh all that well (probably a sign I need a reread before Raging Star) but I do remember him getting on my nerves. I don’t hate Reagan or Mal but I can see where you are coming from!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  6. I actually completely agree with you on Mal, as you probably know. And, I’ll see your Morpheus and raise you everyone in those books. Totally see where you’re coming from with Reagan, and I think you’re probably thought twins with Ashleigh on this one, but I loved her minus the girl hate. I’m hoping she’ll learn. She’s figuring out how to trust, which could theoretically help with that. *crosses fingers*

    Alaska and Tris, yup yup. Celaena’s my girl though.

  7. Great picks, ladies! The only one I disagree with is Celaena and I barely understand why myself. Maybe because I found her ultra-femininity and empty-headedness endearing because it’s so unlike the typical image of an assassin? No clue, but I like her. And Lugh? I’m soooooooooo with both of you on that one. May I help you kill him? God, I wanted to kick him so hard throughout Rebel Heart. I’m hoping he gets his just desserts for being such an enormous ass, but I don’t get to read Raging Star until after finals. Much excite for how that series is going to end.

    I have to admit, I’m baffled by why so many people like Morpheus–or even the other love interest in Splintered. They’re both awful and Alyssa completely missed Morpheus’s obvious I’M EVIL AND HAVE ULTERIOR MOTIVES THAT AREN’T GOOD FOR YOU vibes. The characters were what killed Splintered for me more than anything else, so if I’d done this topic, the three main characters would have been three of my picks unless I combined them into one.

  8. Oh no! I just bought Siege and Storm today!! It was 3.97 at Books A Million! I haven’t read the rest of yours either Kara but I will beware!! I think I agree about Alaska but I also kind of think she was mentally ill. I don’t mean that in a bad way or a joking way. I just really think that she was literally mentally ill.

  9. Amy

    Kara I am in total agreement with you on Morpheus. I don’t understand the swooning over him. I couldn’t stand him and never thought of him as love interest material. Also, Lugh. I wanted to kick him. He’s such a jerk. I just got Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm, so I will have to get reading and see who Mal is.

    Lyn, Yes to Edward Cullen!! He’s so broody and stalkery. I get why people like him, but I just never really swooned over him. If I had to choose a side it would have been Team Jacob, but really, I was team nobody. I didn’t think she deserved either of them. And yes, Tris annoyed me a lot at times. I did like her, but she got under my skin sometimes. Especially in the last book. Ugh!

    Great list girls. This was fun to read.

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