Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Things that Aren’t Books

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top ten tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s theme:  Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That We’d Like to Own

The literacy world is developing a whole new culture.  We don’t simply read books, we live them. We breathe them. We throw open the door to our very essence and invite books right in. Books are our souls. Our masters. And we worship them.
So how to we show our allegiance to books? We make them a part of our every day lives! This week, Bekka and Lyn share their top ten non-book bookish things they want to own.
Bekka’s Picks
Umm, this is kind of a list of Harry Potter things I’d like to own, but oh well, just go with it!
 Wizard’s Monopoly
 Super Fancy Harry Potter Booksmarks
 Ravenclaw Sweatpants
 Marvel Comics Scarf
 Bookish Laptop Case
Lyn’s Picks
 photo tttbookjewl_zps7483331e.jpg
Bookish Jewelry – Because two of my favorite things combine together! 
 photo bookcases-made-of-books_zps63295454.jpg
Book Bookcase – I a going to make one some day. I swear it.
 photo booktats_zps10359314.jpg
Bookish Tattoo – When I get the guts, I get the tattoo. I have some quotes that I want.
 photo BOOK-on-BOOK_zps3aa495dd.jpg
Book paperweight – I need this. Seriously.
 photo pgraphic1-1840_zps94459bad.jpg
ALA Posters – Orlando Bloom and the Read DC trio (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) are my top picks.
What is on your list this week! Until next Tuesday!

14 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Things that Aren’t Books

  1. I love the book paper weight!! I’ve never seen that before today, but I can see how I need one now!! I also love the bookcase made of books… so creative!! And the Ravenclaw sweatpants (except I need Slytherin thanks!).

    My TTT

  2. I think I need to create board just for blogger MUST NEED . . . There a lot on here that I like but I know there’s so much more!!

  3. Amy

    Those are all really awesome!! I love the book bookcase!! I have a bookish tattoo already so I can cross that off of the list. Of course, I love all the HP things!! And OMG I just found The Princess Bride game on Amazon that I must have. There are actually two of them, but I want the one that is not the one that’s like Apples to Apples. I also am in love with the book laptop case!! That’s fabulous!!

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