Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

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top ten tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s theme: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read.

Books are like religion. With many, many deities. Some deities we love and sacrifice many dollars to, which we gain with blood and sweat. Other deities we pledge our souls to and promise undying fidelity. 

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Until death takes me, authors. Until death.
Yet, even with a multitude of followers and highly enthusiastic fan base, some of these so-called gods slip under the radar.  This week, we discuss our top 10 well-known authors that have yet to snare us.
Lyn’s Picks
Not going to post a collage this week.
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1. J.K. Rowling – I know, I know, I know. I have attempted to read Harry Potter, like, three times now, and have yet to make it to chapter two.  Herpes is less embarrassing than admitting to this.
2. Dan Brown – That’s right – I haven’t read all of the fussed-about books by the author. It isn’t personal, but the subject matter just doesn’t appeal to me.
3. Anne Rice – Never touched one of her books. More than likely never will.
4. Richelle Mead – This wasn’t on purpose, chances are very high that I will eventually read her books, but for now, I keep putting them off.
5. Cassandra Clare – Nope.


Bekka’s Picks
1.  Veronica Rossi – I swear, EVERYONE loves Under the Never Sky but I haven’t gotten to it yet.  But this series IS on my 2014 bucket list, so I hope to get to it soonish.
2.  Lauren Destefano – I mean, this isn’t entirely true; I’ve read about 5 pages of Wither but I’m not counting that.  I do have a copy of Perfect Ruin I hope to get to soon.

3.  Kelly Armstrong – This is one insanely popular author whose works I haven’t touched, and probably never will.  She never did anything publicly that would make me want to stay away from her work, but she was at my local BN for a signing once and was incredibly rude to my husband (outside of the signing atmosphere.) 

4.  Marie Lu – I really have no excuse for this one.  I want to read the Legend series, I just haven’t yet.

5.  James Frey – Even if his books sounded interesting (and not like Hunger Games rip-offs) I still wouldn’t touch his work with a ten foot pole. Here is an excellent post that explains how evil he is.

What authors made your list this week? Until next week!

10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. Lyn, I’ve read J.K, but I think once the bandwagon for Harry Potter left, it was difficult to get into them, because people just scream at you to read them, but if you can’t, you can’t. I’ve also read Cassandra Clare, but I cna feel myself pulling away from her in place of other authors, hmm.
    Bekka, I have not read anyone on your list, but I hear great things about Under the Never Sky and the Wither series and Perfect Ruin, so I may have to make them a bigger priority.
    This is a great list though girls, even without the collages 😉

    • That is a huge chunk of my problem – the HP expectations. I basically know all of the story (thanks to the online gifs and such) so I don’t feel the need to read any longer. Avoiding CC is just flat out personal.

  2. I’ll be honest Lyn…my jaw did drop when I saw JK on there XD I’m with you on Dan Brown and Anne Rice though! Neither appeal.

    I wish I hadn’t read CC…

    And I haven’t read ANY of yours Bekka!

    • I know. Most people think I am a leper for not reading HP, but I just seem to have not drank the kool-aid on that one. Anne Rice and CC are for personal reasons.

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