Imaginative Discussions: Literary Quotes and a Signed Copy of Cress for Giveaway!

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One of my favorite parts of reading is the horde of quotes that one can collect.  I have a whole Word document of some of my favorite quotes on my computer.  I use many of them to help in my life, such as emotional outreach, encouragement, and even sarcasm (which plays such an important role in my life).  
I also enjoy art. I am in constant fear of eating up my hard drive on my computer with pictures and gifs that I find online.  I also occasionally make crappy art in my dwindling spare time. So I present the fusion of two of my favorite things: Literary Art.
I picked Tolkien as my inspiration for this post, since I have a great fondness for his quotes.
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 photo quote3_zps81178f76.jpg photo quote2_zps32d0c489.jpg photo quote5_zpsc4aa2397.jpg

 photo quote4_zps6412c537.jpg

I was hit with inspiration late at night, so I feel that this isn’t my best work, but DAMN, it was fun!
Now it is YOUR turn!
I have a new, signed copy of Cress up for grabs. What can you do to win it? Make your very own literary art! Now here comes the part where people say “But I’m not artistic” etc etc etc. As you can see above, some quotes were constructed with paper, love, and markers, while others were made from computers and adoration. If you have paper and a pencil, you can do this.
This giveaway was USA only, but we decided to open it up to international readers as I am splitting the cost of shipping with Lyn!
Winner has 48 hours to respond to the email. One entry per household. Please, no cheating. I will be checking. Use the Rafflecopter form below.

4 responses to “Imaginative Discussions: Literary Quotes and a Signed Copy of Cress for Giveaway!

  1. That was a lot of fun! It also gave me a reason to share the one I’d made a while back for one of my favorite quotes.
    Loved seeing all the Tolkien quotes you selected and the images you used.

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