Top Ten Tuesday: Ten (Or Fifteen) Reasons We Love Being Bloggers

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top ten tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s theme: Ten (Or Fifteen) Reasons We Love Being Bloggers.
…or, AKA, the One with All the Feels.
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In the following post, expect an emotion rush and bleeding hearts.  I’m not saying to go get the tissues but…you know how we get on this site when we shed our black soul personas and get all sugary and such.  We’re going to put it all out there and share with the world why we LOVE coming on here each and every day to entertain the masses!!

Kara’s Picks:

1. The Number of Friends I’ve Made- Like, seriously. Before I started blogging I could count one one hand the number of friends I had. I don’t make friends easily. I never have. I’m not sure why that is, but I do know that I can be standoffish in certain social situations. But making friends on the internet? Fairly easy for me. Especially where we have things in common, like books, blogging, and everything related to that. So many of the people I have met through social media have become IRL friends (StephChristina, GiselleAshleighLauraKarinaJamieAprilChelsea, ETC.) and I am looking forward to BEA this year where I make even MORE of them real life friends. 
Speaking of Which…
2. BEA (and other conferences I’ve not been to yet)- I would never have had the chance to meet all the people and authors that I have without blogging. Being a blogger gives me admission to the largest book industry gathering in the world. I went for the first time last year and it was one of the biggest and most exciting experiences of my life. All those books and authors in one place!! And then there was Book Bash, which I went to a month after BEA and I had so much fun there too volunteering and meeting authors and other book fans! I hope I get to do that again this June too. (I think I am.)
3. Review Copy Access- Maybe I am shallow for mentioning this, and it’s certainly not the REASON I started blogging, but it is a huge perk. I have access to so many awesome galleys and ARCs months before their release date. It’s certainly not easy making publishing contacts and getting them to notice you, but when you DO get the recognition you have worked hard for, it makes you feel really good. I think the more bloggers there are, the harder it is to get that recognition. I have been blogging for almost three years and there are still some publishers that don’t know I am alive. And that’s okay because I have more than enough to do already and I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. (Though I am sure there are a few who wish I would. ;))
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4. Having a voice- My opinion matters. People care what I think. Authors, bloggers, and industry people want to hear what I think about books. Other bloggers trust my reviews. I have an outlet to get how I feel out there, whether it’s in a book review, a discussion post, or a Top Ten Tuesday like today. And that is AWESOME.
5. My co-bloggers- Duh. A list like this would be incomplete without mentioning how much I appreciate the sisterhood and bond that I share with these two ladies. I can confide in them about anything. They stand by me, commiserate with me, laugh with me, and truly get who I am as a person. That’s like the best thing a woman can have in her life. (Lyn’s note: Awww….she wants something from us. *shifty eyes*)
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Bekka’s Picks
1.  Other bloggers!  I know it might sound corny but blogging wouldn’t be the same without the community.  I’ve never really had anyone to talk books with – the people in my life who are readers are interested in wildly different books from me.  So it’s exciting that I am now able to pop onto Twitter or visit another blog and absolutely gush over my last read.  This also includes my co-bloggers, who have made blogging fun and enjoyable again.  
2.  ARCs.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t love getting advanced copies.  Every once in a while I am totally blown away that I am lucky enough to get ARCs.  Publishers – PUBLISHERS – actually think I am important enough to give early copies to!  It is so crazy and I am so thankful for it.
3.  Knowing when books come out.  This is directly related to the last point.  I used to know next to nothing about the book industry and that includes release dates.  I didn’t know what new books were coming or when the next book in a series was on its way.  My knowledge of releases was limited to what I saw on the shelves at BN or Borders.
4.  Seeing other points of view.  I have learned so much about myself and the rest of the world since I started blogging.  I used to think I was pretty smart, but getting to know all the amazing people in this field, from publicists to other readers has shown me how little I know.  I look forward to learning even more.
5.  Sharing my passion.  I now have a voice, and it matters!  People have purchased and read books because of what I’ve said about them.  It’s invigorating and exciting and jaw-dropping.  Being able to share how much I love words and reading and even writing has helped me grow as a person.  In my real world, like I said earlier, no one really reads what I read, so to be able to pass along my love of YA to other readers is so rewarding.

Lyn’s Picks
1. Having a purpose. An odd choice, but an honest one. Before my book days, I really never had a certain place where I fit in.  I don’t get along with other people, and I worry about losing people to the point where I lose contact and….people drift away, mistaking my lack of communication as lack of interest.  However, I now have a “purpose” on the internet.
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2. Connecting with others. I am the only reader out of my very tiny friend group, and my family. No matter what your passion encompasses, it becomes very lonely to be the single member in your hobby group.  In fact, I was reading 10 books a year prior to online book groups (non-crappy Goodreads) and blogging. Now I can clear a little over 50 books a year. On top of that, I get to geek out with other book lovers, and it helps motivate me and keep me going. 
3. Something positive. Honest fact: I’m not at a good point in my life.  Blogging provides something I look forward to, and something to brighten my day. It is like a beam of sunlight in a troubling time. 
4. Life lessons. Blogging has taught me a lot about myself, and that I have a right to my opinions and thoughts. Even though we face a troubling time on the internet where honest opinions are threatening to become silent in the face of corporate thinking, we all have the right to our own thoughts. We rise up in the face of injustice and protect one another. I also know the level of responsibility for voicing my thoughts. I once would tear apart people who tried to belittle me, but now I know to dismiss the people who want to take away my own words, and the words of others.
5. Of course, the love. Where would I be without my posse? There are so many people who I hold valuable and precious, and I would list them, but I fear I would forget someone and I, in no way, would want to cause hurt feelings. Kara and Bekka have been such a great team, and a nice safety net. Kara is like a sister. We poke fun at one another, we fight, we get angry and we stand beside each other. Jessie and Pixie are my rocks in troubling time. Thank you, all of you!!
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19 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten (Or Fifteen) Reasons We Love Being Bloggers

  1. I’m really loving these posts.

    I’m new to active blogging, but I’ve been lurking around the community for a long old while and it really is fantastic.

    I hope blogging continues to bring all this goodness into your lives 🙂

  2. YES, preach! To every single thing in this post. I love so many things about blogging, but most of all I love the relationships I’ve made. With you all (and every other blogger I’m friends with), authors, publicists…it’s such an amazing thing, for us to all have been brought together because of books. <3

  3. *showers hugs upon all three of you* I love you guys too and look forward to giving all of you actual hugs at BEA! I just hope my boobs do not crush any of you. That tends to happen a lot with my friends, but that might be because an alarming number of my friends are very skinny people.

    I’ve thought about going to Book Bash, but it’s so close to my dad’s birthday and it’s a decently long drive for me in addition to me wanting to see bloggers a lot more than any of the authors. I think there’s only one author there whose books I even like. Should I? Eh, I’ll decide another time.

    But in general, YES to all these things! I like having a little pit in the Internet I can scream my opinion into and people scream back or scream with me <3 ARCs sometimes make my life miserable the way one is right now, but getting them is amazing. I’ll never forget getting my first ARC from a publisher–and not because immediately after I got that email, my brother’s drumming resulted in a large glass bowl breaking. I wish I could have made the time to write a post for this week’s theme and join in the lovefest, but alas, school is eating up my time and energy to the point where I can barely even comment on the blogs I love. 🙁

    PS I love your Thor gifs, Lyn. Always good! Cartoon Thor is especially adorable.

    • LOL well I am not skinny, that’s for damn sure. 😀

      Well Karina and Jennifer Armentrout will be at Book Bash. SO if you like them, you should go! But Jamie McGuire will be there too, and 🙁 WAH WAHHH. But I am working the event so I don’t have to see her except from across a room.

      LOL I agree. School is definitely a priority for you right now, as it should be. It won’t last forever! 😀

  4. All of the above!!! Book/Blogger friends are a huge plus! I don’t have many friends but I have enough that will last me a lifetime, they are so important to me. I know my blogger friends are just as important while I haven’t meet any of their faces yet but hopefully someday I will 🙂 Hugs, Kisses, Hugs, LOVE

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