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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Twitter, us bookish people love storytelling and that does not stop at novels.  Most of us (at least most of the people I talk to) are total pop culture junkies.  We consume every kind of story-telling media, from web-series to kdrama.  Today I want to share with you what I’ve been watching.
Parks and Rec
Whyyyyyy did I wait so long to watch this? For some reason I just totally ignored this show’s existence, and then one day Mike stopped on it during a channel-flipping marathon.  So we watched a single episode and fell in love with it.  Immediately after, we binge-watched the first five seasons on Netflix.  Now I’m working on Season 6.
Seriously, I love everything about this show.  I haven’t found a sitcom that can make me laugh so consistently, while simultaneously making me actually care about the characters, since That 70s show.
Best Ink
To be honest I never would have started watching this show if I didn’t know one of the contestants (team Joe!) but I’m so happy I did.  The artists are so freaking talented and I love that this show combines not just the tattoo, but other mediums for this talent, too.  Plus, it gives me the much-needed dose of reality TV while I wait for Big Brother and Survivor to come back.
Black Sails
Now, I’m not going to lie and say this show is the greatest thing ever.  There is so much room for improvement, it’s just shy of being heartbreaking.  I don’t like the pseudo-feminist crap they try to pass with a certain idiot character, and I think the show’s strength is in the comedy and action instead of the politics and drama.  However!  I love the blend of fictional characters and real historical figures.  The atmosphere and art of the show are spot on.  Everyone is dirty and gross and piratey and I fucking love it!  I have high hopes for this show, and I can’t wait to see it grow.
Oh. My. God.  You guys.  Frozen came out in 2010, and it is one of the most underrated movies ever.  This is a horror about a trio of friends who get stuck on a ski lift with no hope of rescue.  I was so surprised by how much I came to care about the characters; usually horror movies are all about the shock and less about the people going through the stories.  There was no real villain, hardly any gore, and yet it was so intense and scary because it’s something that could realistically happen.  To anyone.  Except me because I am never going anywhere near a ski lift, thank you very much.  (Shout out to Blythe for recommending this one!)

Thor: The Dark World
I’m writing this post on Sunday, and Thor 2 comes out on Tuesday, so inevitably I’ll have watched this about 18 times by the time this post goes live.  I can watch Best Hemsw- er… Chris Hemsworth do just about anything, so you KNOW I have to have this in my collection.  I’m not exactly pleased with everything in this movie (especially Sif’s treatment, but that’s hardly the filmmakers’ fault) but I’m still a huge fan of the franchise.

I’m obsessed with TV, and even MORE obsessed with movies. I’ve even thought about starting a side blog dedicated to this obsession (but do I really need even more on my plate?) I’m wondering: what have YOU been watching lately? I am always on the look out for more recommendations! 


10 responses to “[Imaginative Discussions] – What I’m Watching

  1. I’m very interested to try Black sails, pirates! 😀 Thor is very good, I’m more a Loki-fan though!

    I’m a huge lover of TV shows and movie and I watch a lot. Some of my favorite shows are: OUAT, Game of thrones, The office, New girl and The Tudors. Movies range from animations (Disney <3 DreamWorks) to fantasy.

  2. I guess us people just love stories and characters, right? Regardless of how they are delivered. If something can transport me to a different place, or time – I’m all good!

    I have never heard of Frozen but it sounds amazing. And I loooove Parks and Rec! Have you watched Community? It’s not for everyone but it is a comedy that I adore.

  3. Man! I totally feel like watching Parks and Recreation now! I think the only sitcom that has made me consistently laugh out loud like a lunatic was Big Bang Theory. finally open to other shows! 😉

    And you just made me want to watch Frozen. Not the musical 😉

    Faye @ The Social Potato

  4. I love Parks and Recreation! Leslie teaching sex-ed to the elderly has to be one of their top episodes. Yes, saw Frozen, I shouldn’t have 🙁 I live in Utah, I go on ski lifts, I should have never watched that movie.

  5. So I have not watched anything you’ve listed! I don’t really watch much comedy (it doesn’t really engage me well) but Frozen does sound like a great movie. I’m totally going to try and check it out.

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  6. Awesome post Bekka. I’m watching Best Ink, Middle/Modern Family, and The Bachelor (It’s junk food for the brain) right now. Usually, I’m watching shows like The Vampire Diaries, Under the Dome, Revolution, etc. I also really enjoy science shows and am reallllllly excited to see Cosmos!

  7. It’s so true that us readers are usually just pop culture junkies in general. I loved Parks & Rec. I think I started getting into it during the third season, and totally binged on the two seasons before it. So funny. I love Amy Poehler. I’m excited to see the second Thor. It’s on it’s way to me as I type this thru Netflix. Great post!

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