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top ten tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s theme:  Top Ten Things on my Reading Wish List

I like to think this topic was inspired by #RWBL – the Twitter explosion hosted by Gillian of Writer of Wrongs, Shae of Shae Has Left the Room, Molli of Books and Whimsy, and Jess of Read my Breath Away wherein bloggers share their reading wish lists.  SO MANY bloggers and readers came together sharing ideas for books they want to read or see more of.  So I’m very excited about this week’s topic because I have LOTS OF OPINIONS, OKAY.

Bekka’s Picks
1.  More diversity in YA.  Diversity of all kinds – I want more LGBT characters, I want racially diverse characters, I want books not set in the US, fantasy not set in some generic Medieval Europe (*hides* I’m actually working on a fantasy MS set in a generic-ish medieval Europe). 2.  Turn the love-triangle trope on its head.  I’m really not that anti-love triangle, but I do find them sort of boring.  I’d like to see a gender swap: two girls, one guy or maybe even three girls!  Or maybe, the girl who has to chose ends up getting dumped by both guys.  How about a book written from one of the guys’ POV as he watches the girl he likes flirt with another guy?  I just want some variety.3.  Abortion as an actual option.  There have been plenty of teen pregnancy books, but I can only think of one where the MC has an abortion.  Adoption and keeping the baby are two options, but I have to say it makes me sad that the third option is completely ignored.

4.  A realistic view of a relationship developed during wartime/dystopian environment.  I get that trauma can and will bind people together.  But I’d like authors to examine what happens after the adrenaline fades and the action is gone.  How do these couples relate to each other during peace and recovery?

5.  Platonic friendships between girls and boys.  Great chemistry doesn’t always mean romance, and some of my best friends have been male.  I would love if YA explored this kind of relationship because boys and girls CAN just be friends.

Lyn’s Picks
 photo aalynworld_zpsfd3e5d3d.jpg

Less romance – Look, I am all for awesome book boyfriends and sweet, developing romances, but it gets old after a while.
Steampunk – The field is expanding, but there is still much to be desired from the steampunk genre.
Mental Illness – This social subject should come out of the dark and explain realistically what happens with someone with a mental illness.
Current Day Texas – There is such a lack of contemporary city-centered Texas fics.
New paranormal – No more vampires or zombies. Bring in old fashion fae, gargoyles, ghosts, mothman, Jersey Devil, Elves, trolls, giants, or creatures from other cultures. I want to see the field of paranormal become a bit more diverse.

24 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Wish Lists

  1. Nice choices, ladies! I agree with Bekka on the diversity issue – I’m waiting keenly for a F/F/M bisexual love story. At the same time, i also want a book that turns the love triangle trope around! And like Lyn says, books with no romance are fine as well!

  2. Less romance, yes! Different paranormal, yes! I’d love to read about trolls and gargoyles, evil fairies and creatures from all sorts of folklore/legend! I have a friend who’s writing a YA novel about schizophrenia, what I’ve read so far is amazing but yes to that too, would love to see mental illness explored more. Great list, lots of which I would have included if I had to make a more comprehensive list 🙂

    • I am highly interested in the schizophrenia book. Most people write off this condition as “crazy murderer disease” and there is so little about people with this illness out in the field.

      There are so many paranormal creatures/legendary tales from around the world! We need to really jump on the trend and add something new.

  3. I definitely want to see more diversity in YA, different cultures, races and settings! I’m all up for less romance and more platonic relationships. Steampunk is my favorite genre so I always like to see it done in a bit different way 🙂 I would totally read books with gargoyles, trolls, giants, griffins..there’s really not enough of these around! Great list! 🙂

    • Due to my love for the animated show, my heart is aching for more gargoyles fiction at the moment. I like the idea bout Griffins as well. Need more of those!

  4. This is a great list! I would LOVE to see some of the love triangle change ups that you describe. Especially one where when the girl finally makes her choice, the guy says no thanks. Why are all of these guys so okay with being strung along forever? Aren’t they the slightest bit bothered that the girl had such a hard time making a choice? Dislike!

    I would also really like to see more variety in paranormal. Keep the vampires coming but let’s add in some less utilized creatures too. Like water horses. 🙂

  5. There have been WAY too many vampires and zombie books. And werewolves. I mean, there are definitely other paranormal/supernatural things out there. I would love to see more ghost stories that are ACTUALLY scary. I mean, I want to be under my bed with the lights on.

    And I love the love triangle idea! I hate love triangles and they always seem too easy in the end … it’s not that easy! And really, am I the *only* person who has never been in a love triangle? It seems like every YA hero or heroine is and it drives me nuts.

    Great picks, ladies!

  6. cheers to diversity! and when i talk diversity, i don’t just want a token city kid that is in a gang. it is ridiculous. i want real life diversity.
    the idea of a flipped love triangle sounds like a fun idea!!

  7. A realistic view of a relationship in dystopian’s is much needed. Love the idea of more diversity in the paranormal genre too. Authors stick to trends but they quickly die out and get old and stale.

  8. Oooh, you guys got creative with this. This is such an interesting topic and between the both of you, almost anything I could add is already on the list!

    Diversity/Abortion — these two are big for me. Both things that are important facets of normal life and their omission glaring. I find it odd that abortion is pretty much a nonentity in YA books, even ones where the main characters have sex. Diversity, or the lack of it, has been discussed before. I only wonder when pubs will catch on that THIS IS WHAT WE WANT TO READ. I don’t care about blonde named Susy more than a girl named Melibea from Puerto Rico.

    Platonic friends — PLEASE. If Aria and Roar have taught us anything, it’s that platonic friendships can pack the feels just as much as romantic ones. Even more, maybe, because everyone can relate to friend woes while not everyone has had a significant other.

    LYN! I had no idea you liked steampunk! I love steampunk. We should totally do a buddy read together sometime. There are so many fun steampunk books out there. It’s neat little subgenre.

    Texas fic — yeeeesss. For a big state, there is little mention of it. I would just like to see more options than LA/NYC etc. If you’re going to tell a story in the US, there are so MANY other options for location.

    • At first, Jessie, I was not a huge fan of the genre because all of the books were so self-bloated and trite. However, a rash of decent books has caused me to give steampunk another chance.

      I want to see more books from Dallas, Texas. It is such a nice possibility. Hell, maybe I should write one.

  9. You guys have such great ideas. You’re making me reevaluate my list. I’d absolutely adore seeing a love triangle where both guys dump the girl on her ass. And the dystopia point was great Bekka.. it got me thinking… a utopia would be interesting too.

    I definitely have to agree with Lynn about the less romance. How come almost all YAs have some sort of romance. Sometimes there just isn’t a need for a romance, forcing one in will not make us like the book better. Seriously. New Paranormal would be a dream come true. The pnr genre is starting to bore me. It’s the same ole, being recycled again and again and it becomes boring.

    Great List, ladies! 🙂

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

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