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Excuse me for a second while I rant my ass off.
If there is one thing I really, really hate about Twitter, blogging, and other social media that enables lightning-fast information sharing it is the ability to spoil things for others.  Whether it’s books, movies, or television shows, there will always be that one asshole who ruins it for everyone else.  And that’s the person who posts unmarked spoilers.
In my days of watching Walking Dead, if I was unable to watch the current episode at the exact moment it was airing, I had to avoid Facebook, Twitter, and basically any breathing human being until I could catch up.  Why?  Because people were just so, so inconsiderate.  Even now, though I no longer watch this show, I can still probably tell you what’s going on because The Walking Dead fans are insanely enthusiastic.
Or how about when Allegiant came out? You know, that book that thousands of people had been waiting for for over a year.  The one that somehow got leaked a few days early.  Well some douchecanoes out there decided that they were going to post about, rave about, or rant about the ending – the ending of an entire series – before the book even came out.  I unwittingly stumbled upon one of those unmarked spoilers and the entire series was done for me in that moment.  Why should I bother even reading the book if some jerk out there will read it for me and just blab about it all over social media?
I guess before I can ask people to stop, I guess I should define “spoiler.”  To me, the blurb of a book is not a spoiler (except in the cases of some sequels, particularly when the first book ends with a twist.)  A spoiler is not something that can be read in the first 50 pages.  But what is a spoiler?  A spoiler is a twist ending, the death of a beloved character, the answer to the whodunnit mystery.  Please, do not reveal a character’s identity, or even the outcome of a ship.

I ask this sincerely. If you’re the kind of person who needs to know what happens at the end of a book, then by all means, go ahead and read the last page. If you need to know right freaking now if a TV character survives into the next season, look up spoilers.  But if you’re going to talk about these things, please, please, for the love of your fandom, tag your spoilers.  I have had too many books and television series ruined because someone was inconsiderate.  It’s 2014, we should all know by now to type #spoilers before you talk about Loki’s pregnancy and the fact that Thor actually dyes his hair.

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21 responses to “[Imaginative Discussions] – Let’s Resolve to Stop Posting Spoilers

  1. Agreed! My struggle is when the blurb of the book manages to cover all the things that I considered twists. Does that mean that they are fair game to discuss in my review? Do I want to not post the blurb in my review like I normally do? So conflicted D:

  2. I can complete relate. I go through the pain of having favorite TV shows air in America first and by days it’s difficult to get past one series without having the following one spoiled hugely! I big example of that is Castle; England’s only just finished series 2, and I already know what happens 2 series ahead because of spoilers! Great post Bekka! 🙂

    I’m starting a new feature over at my blog Book Badger; Five Friday Favourites, it’d be great if you could come and take a look and give me your feedback 🙂

  3. Oh my god, YES. YES. YES. I completely agree.
    I freaking hate it when people Tweet spoilers or put spoilers in reviews and stuff and they don’t warn people about them. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! Spoiling about twist endings is the worst, because authors obviously put the twist in there in order to surprise people and how the heck are we supposed to be surprised if we already know what’s going to happen D: At least with character deaths, we don’t necessarily know how the character dies- so while it’s definitely still a bad spoiler, I feel it’s not quite as bad as twist reveals.

  4. I think it’s the worst for TV shows for me — especially on Facebook since they let you “like” a series and then whoever runs that series board posts about the BIG EVENT that happened on the show either the night it airs or the morning after. And we never watch until a few days after!

    I’ve only had one book series ruined for me and I had just started reading the first of four books. I think someone asked a Formspring question and the author answered and the question showed up first when it posted on Twitter. Pissed me right off.

  5. I’ll admit that I go searching for spoilers on occasion, but I never post about it. Also, when writing my reviews, I’m very careful to leave out spoilers or anything that might be considered a spoiler. If I’m writing a sequel review, I’ll warn people if I discuss something from the first book that would be considered a spoiler if they haven’t read it yet. I myself have yet to start the Divergent series, but I know what happens at the end of Allegiant because of spoilers, so that sucks. I still plan on reading the series at some point, but it’s kind of like the magic is gone.

  6. I’m personally a fan of spoilers – I don’t mind coming across them and have actively sought them out in the past.

    When it comes to posting them however…that’s a different story. If it’s a book review I’ll try my best to be vague or I’ll add a spoiler warning up front.

  7. Just the other day, I popped online and the first tweet I saw was a spoiler for a series I’m not caught up on yet! I was so mad, because it was for the next book I had to read. And the worst part was that the way the tweet was phrased showed that they knew it was a spoiler, but were trying to start a conversation.

    The tweet was “Were you surprised that [spoiler] in [book]?” Come on! Seriously! By using the word “surprised” they implied that it was something that probably wasn’t expected to happen! And now I know it happens and I’m less excited to read that book. I’m still going to because I really want to, but now I know something huge.

    Angie @ Pinkindle

  8. OMG I HATE WHEN PEOPLE POST SPOILERS WITHOUT A WARNING!!! The Walking Dead has been spoiled multiple times for me, I don’t even plan on picking up the Divergent series now since I heard of the spoilers in book 3, Dexter was spoiled for me, the Nightshade series ending was spoiled for me, and so many other series. So frustrating -_-

  9. “…before you talk about Loki’s pregnancy and the fact that Thor actually dyes his hair.”

    I just chokelaughed. But yes, accidental spoilers SUCK. I’m actually one of those weirdos who likes spoiling myself… but I like spoiling MYSELF. I’ll look for spoilers WHEN I WANT THEM. I don’t want to accidentally stumble upon them, and I sure as hell don’t want to leave them out for others to find when they don’t want them either. It’s such an unbelievably rude thing to do. I couldn’t believe how blatant some of the Allegiant readers were. So infuriating.

  10. Spoilers annoy the crap out of me. I am reading Allegiant right now and was looking at Pinterest right before I started it. Well there was this funny picture about it on there. I glanced at the comments and BOOM major spoiler. I almost didn’t want to read the book but of course I am going to . Sigh…. I was pissed to say the least. If I put spoiler in a review I always mark them. I have a very strict spoiler policy in my Stephen King Fans group on goodreads. So mad.

  11. I’m with you. I’ve pretty much stopped going on Twitter completely. I heard that there were spoilers about Allegiant going around and avoided it like the plague. I still haven’t read it, so I’ve still been avoiding any Allegiant talk–even though I am aware that many people hated the ending which makes me push it further and further down the pile. TV shows are the worst. I don’t have Showtime or HBO, but a lot of my favorite shows are on those channels (Dexter, Game of Thrones, Newsroom, etc). I just like to binge watch shows on DVD so I’m always a full season behind. People who don’t tag spoilers are douchebuckets. Great post!

  12. I was spoiled for Allegiant on twitter and it pissed me off so bad. I just think it’s obnoxious and rude to do that to other people. It isn’t “funny” in the least. You are depriving someone of having the surprise that you did when you were reading. Ugh.

    This was a great post/rant. Love the gifs! <33

  13. I will seek out spoilers WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. My biggest issue right now is people live-tweeting or tweeting reactions to things that haven’t even aired on the west coast yet!

    I suppose the other side of it is: how long do you have to wait before something isn’t considered a spoiler anymore? It’s always going to be a spoiler for someone – I almost get more upset being spoiled for something old, just because I went so long without being spoiled.

  14. Oh man, I feel ya. I got spoiled for Allegiant as I was reading some reviews on Goodreads. One of my friends posted a review and the first line was her complaining about the friggin ending. I was so angry, I was seeing red. I had to leave the computer and walk around for a little bit. Came back the next day and left a comment on her review, telling her about how she ruined it for me. I even did it nicely. It took all my self control not to transfer all my rage onto my comment. I deleted her on GR after that.

  15. YES!! I marked every review for Allegiant as read, I stayed away from Twitter when it was released and I ignored every bit of information. It went great and then one day I just saw a very random tweet with the ending of the book in it. Excitement completely spoilt 🙁 Think about what you post and warn people about it..

  16. Oh, goodness, yes! Why, oh why do some people think it’s OK to post about what happened in the latest Castle episode (I mention Castle because that’s the last show that was chatted about in my FB feed) or as you say, how the Divergent trilogy ended? Even a non-blogging friend of mine was spoiled for that one, only because she wanted to add it to her shelf on Goodreads, and the friend that shows up first in her ‘friends review’ space had spoiled it in the first line 🙁

    It is very inconsiderate, and I usually stay as far away from spoilers as I can. And I try to rather not say enough than to say too much when I write a review.

    Great post, Bekka 🙂

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  17. Spoilers make me stabby. Not little ones like, “oh yeah there’s a love triangle in this book,” or “so-and-so is joining the cast of this show.” I have one or two people on my Twitter that I have NO qualms about live-tweeting eps of TWD and a few other shows (that I don’t watch) and just spoiling everything. I’ve thought about asking them to stop, but I know they won’t. And I’ve thought about unfollowing, but meh. Luckily I don’t watch the shows they tend to spoil, but I know a lot of others DO.

    I personally try never to post big spoilers when it comes to books unless I spoiler tag them so that anyone who WANTS to know/discuss the spoiler has to click to read it.

  18. Ugh amen to this. I was going to write a discussion about this as well. It’s happened too often to me in the past. I love though having Tweetdeck and its mute function. I muted ‘Allegiant’ so I can’t see any tweets about it and I am sure that is 99% of the reason why I haven’t been spoiled yet.

    My worst experience, however, was with Vampire Academy. I read the first, then was casually scrolling through the Goodreads pages of the second and third book, to see if the ratings did increase, and then I got spoiled about the twist in the third book. Someone put in their review just two sentences in ALL CAPS about OMG ___________ HAPPENED AND I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. -.- I immediately unfriended that person. I mean, I didn’t know them anyway, so that helped, but NO. Just no. You don’t do shit like that. It killed the motivation to keep reading that series, because everyone said that exactly how SHOCKING that moment was was the best part of the series, pretty much. *sigh*

  19. Yup, I find this annoying too. A bit less so on Twitter, at least in conversations I’m willing to be lenient. However, I just got spoiled on the Ignite Me ending in a popular reviewer’s review. I’m annoyed. Did I know that was where the romance was probably going? Yes. Am I thrilled that she decided for everyone that they should know before reading? No.

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