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I am almost positive that 99.99% of living creatures love music.  Open Tumblr in another tab, and I’m willing to bet (not a lot) that there is some mentioning of the link between life and music. So when I say that I love my music, I am confirming that I have a pulse.
I have certain music that fits in with parts of my life, such as driving, (poorly) singing, emoting, and reading. I even use my reading playlist for blogging and writing reviews. This week, I wanted to share a snippet of my bookish playlist.
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Kingdom Hearts
Passion/Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru is my favorite song, ever. The music is one portion of my love for the series. For my bookish playlist, any and all things Kingdom Hearts land on the list. 
Favorites: Passion/Sanctuary (including remixes), Dearly Beloved, Birth by Sleep, a majority of KHII songs

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Selena Gomez

I don’t get this at all.  I find most pop music revolting. However, I have a soft spot in my heart for her and her bubble-gum flavored music. There are just a handful of her hits I can tolerate, but I what I do like always winds up on my playlist.
Favorites: Naturally, Slow Down, A Year Without Rain, Whiplash
Celtic Thunder
One of my favorite bands, ever. This is a PBS Celtic group that basically sings cover songs, and they do it so well.  Also, I am going to marry/kidnap Keith Harkin.
Favorites: Ireland’s Call, Heartland, Desperado, The Voyage, Raggle Taggle Gypsy, Brothers in Arms, Caledonia, Turning Away, Witchita Lineman, Storyteller

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Melodic Death Metal
Leaves Eyes, Epica, Unsun, and Nightwish are the top queens of this genre. I love female fronted metal bands, and they make for great reading companions.
Favorites: Over the Hills and Far Away, Sweet Thou Art, Never Enough, Amaranth, Love Ghost Score, the entire Vinland Saga album, My Destiny
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How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack

The entire soundtrack is a hidden gem. The music is lovely and sets the perfect mood for relaxing and typing out a long-winded review.
Favorites: All of it

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Lord of the Rings soundtracks
Say what you want, but the score for all of the films are nothing less than magic.
Favorites: Entire Return of the King, May it Be, I See Fire

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim soundtrack
I have yet to defeat this game (it is HARD, and the dragons keep eating me), but the music will forever win in my heart. I thank my lucky stars that I bought it online when I was able to do so. I see that happy little Amazon sellers are asking for $149.99 for the CD (ouch).
Favorites: Dragonborn, Dawn, Unbroken Stone, Awake
This is by far not the entire list. I usually add and take away songs on a whim, and I have a lot of classics thrown in, but the music listed above is the meat of my bookish playlist. Do you have background music while you read and/or blog? I would love to hear what our readers listen to as they work!

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  1. I always have music on, especially when I’m learning. It’s always helps me to concentrate. It depends on my mood, but I love listening to the soundtracks from movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Disney movies 😀

    • Soundtracks are slowly becoming popular with me once again. I loved them in high school, then fell out of love, then picked it back up again later.
      Disney makes for some great music!

  2. AH Lyn 🙂 we share the same type of music love, Selena Gomez is amazing! I love all the songs you listed! I especially love her recent album although sad that that is her last album for awhile since she want to focus on acting now. My friend is a huge Celtic thunder fan, in 2012 we went to an pre-contcert party or whatever you call it, and I like Ireland’s call.
    I’m a geek listening to soundtracks, only when its good that I want it on repeat. I can’t give you which is on my top list right now because there hasn’t been a lot of Movies I went to beside City of Bones and only a few tracks I really like.
    My dad had once told someone about when I listen to music, he said “She can be listening to Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” one minute then starts listening to Britteny Spears the next” that was a few years ago when he said that so I am for one a random music playlist.
    I’ll listen to music to anything, I listen to it while watching tv, reading a book, doing things online, in the car . . .

  3. Excellent playlist, Lyn! It’s very eclectic, and some I haven’t heard of, so I need to check them out.

    I can’t listen (actually, I don’t HEAR anything) to music when I’m reading. I either get so engrossed in the book that nothing else can happen, or I just need to change books. When I listen to music, I love to also get the lyrics – some are totally like poems, beautiful and deep.

    Have fun with your playlist and your books 🙂 Happy reading!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    • It is all over the place. I love it.

      I use to have that problem. I would become distracted by the music. I’m not sure what changed, but the older I get, the more I need some sort of background noise.

      Thank you, Lexxie!

  4. When I read I listen to a lot of light classical usually. I love the Downton soundtrack because I’m weird like that and the Game of Thrones. I LOVE the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack thank you so much for that rec! Leaves Eyes is pretty badass sounding will have to listen to more of that. Great post!

    • The newer Leaves Eyes stuff pales in comparison to their earlier work, so look for the older songs.

      How to Train Your Dragon has a soundtrack that should be more loved, and I am always happy to tell people to get it.

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