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2013 is over (and has been for a few weeks now, but I’m lazy) and lots of bloggers are posting their years in review.  Christina’s post in particular has inspired me to do the same. Let me just say one thing:  this post took a LOT more work than I was expecting, so I’m very glad that I decided early on in the year to keep track of 2014 reads.
I wasn’t all that surprised to see that HarperCollins took up over 16% of the books I read.  However, I was very surprised to see how large the “Other” category was, “Other” in this case meaning smaller presses, like Flux or Sourcebooks.

This was another surprising graph for me. I didn’t realize that I liked most books I was reading, or how much. I know that I actually DNF’ed a lot more than I marked down, so I guess that’s why it felt like I was reading so many shitty books. But when I look at it like this, all neatly laid out for me, it looks like 2013 was a pretty good year on the reading front.

This is what I was most interested in seeing: which publishers I was rating the highest. I guess I thought that knowing these stats would make it easier to pick which books I would be most interested in reading.  I think maybe I’ll be staying away from Bloomsbury and obviously self-published titles.  I’m really surprised by how high I’ve rated Houghton Mifflin titles.

I’m very pleased with the amount of books I read that I actually owned. Roughly 36% of books I read in 2013 were for review.  I honestly thought it would be over half, but I’m happy that it wasn’t.  In 2014 I’m hoping to get more library books into the mix, but also, I have a feeling that since I’m going to BEA this year, that particular source will shoot through the roof.  “Other” in this case accounts for trades, borrowing, receiving from the author, and Arcycling.

Not surprising in the least, considering the previous graph.  There isn’t much I want to change here at all, honestly.  When it comes to advanced copies, I much prefer e-galleys to physical copies.  With as many as I receive, I think I’d run out of space in my home if it were any other way.  If I love an ARC, then I’ll buy a physical copy, but until then, I’d like to keep some space on my shelves.

I also wanted to check two other things: how many finished copies I was purchasing after reading the ARC, and how many new-to-me authors I was reading.  As for finished copies of ARCs:  I have purchased finished copies of 20% of the ARCs I read, and 8% have not been released yet for me to buy.  And 67% of the authors I read from in 2013 were new to me.

Though this was a ton of work, I really enjoyed poring over this information and seeing what it could mean and how it could change in 2014.  This year, I’m getting ahead, and have already started all kinds of spread sheets to keep track of the books I’m reading (and the money I’m spending on them.)

Do you keep track of these things?  Do you think the publisher or imprint matters at all when making bookish decisions?

5 responses to “[Imaginative Discussion] – Bekka’s 2013 Reading Stats

  1. I love this! A lot of my blogging friends have been doing a stats recap for the end of 2013, so I vowed to myself to keep better track of things this year so I can do the same at the end of the year. I’ve already started a spreadsheet!

    That’s awesome that you read a ton of purchased books … my unread shelf is INSANE. I buy way faster than I can read, so I’m hoping to remedy that this year by buying a whole lot less. Hopefully it can be done — it IS only January.

    I also love that you buy books after loving the ARC. Sometimes I do that, but with my budget I don’t do it nearly as much as I should.

  2. Hooray for more stats! I absolutely love these posts!

    I did a publisher break down at the beginning of 2013 (I forgot to update for this year) but I remember being surprised by HMH, too! They were my second highest rated publisher (I think)!

    I’ve got my spreadsheet all prepared for 2014, so I’m hopefully going to stay on track with it. I do think I need to add my book sources to it thought. That’ll be interesting. 🙂

    Angie @ Pinkindle

  3. Oh wow, this post must have taken you forever! It’s interesting to see your stats, especially the ratings. I feel like it would be so easy to have a skewed perspective on how many “great” books you’ve read so it’s great to see it spelled out like that.

    I personally prefer paper copies to e-copies but it definitely creates a storage problem! My husband and I may be moving to a smaller place soon and honestly my biggest concern is where I’m going to put my 5 (huge, and overflowing) bookshelves. Never mind that realistically I need about ten more haha.

  4. How interesting! This has inspired me to do one at the end of 2014. I have been trying to keep track of which publishers I tend to rate more highly, it’s a really efficient idea for finding new books. It’s great to see so many books having 3-5 stars as well!

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