Book Review of Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet by George Takei

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Book Review of Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet by George TakeiOh Myyy! by George Takei
Published by Oh Myyy! Limited Liability Company on January 1st, 2012
Genres: adult, nonfiction
Pages: 244
Format: eBook
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How did a 75-year old actor from Star Trek become a social media juggernaut? Why does everything he posts spread like wildfire across the ether, with tens or even hundreds of thousands of likes and shares? And what can other sites, celebrities and companies do to attain his stratospheric engagement levels, which hover or top 100 percent while theirs languish in the single digits? Read about George Takei's meteoric rise and dominance of the Internet in Oh Myyy (There Goes the Internet). In this groundbreaking, hilarious and informative book, Takei recounts his experiences on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, where fans and pundits alike have crowned him King. He muses about everything from the nature of viral sharing, to the taming of Internet trolls, to why Yoda, bacon and cats are such popular memes. Takei isn't afraid to tell it likes he sees it, and to engage the reader just as he does his legions of fans. Both provokingly thoughtful and wickedly funny, Oh Myyy! captures and comments upon the quirky nature of our plugged-in culture. With Takei's conversational yet authoritative style, peppered with some of his favorite images from the web, readers should be prepared to LOL, even as they can't help but hear his words in their heads in that unmistakable, deep bass.

The current George Takei is somewhat a new beast to me. I understand that actors are not the people they portray on TV. I have a healthy respect for the original series Star Trek. I love that the old cast is now a relevant part of our pop culture. It is refreshing to see a secondary Star Trek character as a top celebrity in this new age.

However, I just wasn’t in the mood to have a man I adore dictate how I should feel about the internet, and how people feel about celebrity pages. I love that Mr. Takei shares some pretty funny memes on his page, and that he built up his fan base off a checkered background. In his book, he claims that people do not care about the lives of celebrities and would rather have a page dedicated to their interests. However, I am someone that LOVES to see silly updates about what people do. I’ll note here that I’m not a celeb stalker, and by no means do I mean to see every meal Tom Hiddleston eats, or when Selena Gomez gets Starbucks or Neil deGrasse Tyson visits McDonalds’ drive-thru. I get that. But I like to know what the heck they are all doing, or if they have something cute to share. Takei is a very interesting man, and I loved To The Stars. However, using your name to soapbox your own views on the Internet and Facebook makes me feel a bit gypped.

Oh Myyy! is just that – a prominent and highly likeable sci-fi celebrity uses his novel as others would use a blog posting. I was a touch angry after reading the novel, hoping that we would be able to glimpse inside the role of an aging actor rising back into popularity. I wanted to read more about the backstory of one of the best events to ever hit YouTube: It is OK to be Takei. This portion of pro-gay rights does pop up in the book, but it is just fleeting.

I still love Takei, and I find strength in the humorous approach to the Star Wars/Star Trek alliance against Twilight, but this book does not come close to the greatness of the other events by said author. There are some moments that make the book a great read, but overall, it did not meet my high expectations. I do not care to read 154 pages of how I should regulate my emotions on picture memes. I get enough of that from general web pages. This book, to me, wasn’t up to the high calibre of the Takei standard.


2 responses to “Book Review of Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet by George Takei

  1. Sometimes I hate it when I really look forward to a celebrity book only for it to really fall short of expectations. The Ron Burgundy book was kind of the same for me. I love George Takei on Facebook, but I’ll probably steer clear of this one.

  2. I do follow him on facebook… I like his funny posts but he does push A LOT onto people. I suppose a lot of people do that though. Even the Oatmeal which I love will post things that have to do with their point of view on subjects. I don’t know…. I’d pass on this book since I get enough from his facebook page.

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