Happy Holidays from Kara and Lyn

Posted December 25, 2013 by Kara in Kara, Lyn / 4 Comments

While we take today off to be with our friends and family,
 photo GIF_zps58e60cfb.gif
we just want to wish our loyal readers
a lovely holiday season,
 photo gif2_zpsbcad127e.gif
regardless of which holiday you celebrate. 
You are loved,
 photo gif1_zps54231acc.gif
you are appreciated,
and we hope you get all the goodies you asked for.
 photo gif3_zps9a490435.gif
See you tomorrow.

Eat well. Be Merry. Drink to deal with those annoying relatives.

P.S. from Lyn – a great holiday metal moment:

 photo JEwaN_zps54d260a5.jpg

Kara and Lyn

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