Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

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I am a cover addict.

I never try to judge a book by its cover. It doesn’t stop me from loving some awesome covers, and I have a whole file on my computer for beautiful covers.

There are some covers that desperately are in need of Extreme Makeover: Book Edition. Never judge a book by its cover, but judge a cover by its cover.

 photo 27198__safe_rarity_applejack_animated_look-before-you-sleep_curlers_makeover_zps603778b2.gif

There is your zen for the day, and here our top ten picks for covers in desperate need of a fairy godmother.

Kara’s Picks
 photo tttcoverskara_zps9312a349.jpg
Book/Series: Crewel/Altered
Author: Gennifer Albin
Kara’s Notes: I hate what they’ve done with the redesign. I much prefer the psychedelic colors of the old one. This looks like every other dystopian cover out there.
Book/Series: The Diviners/sequel (redesign)
Author: Libba Bray
Kara’s Notes: I HATE what the publishers have done. This is not the series in my mind at all. The cover with the eye was MUCH better.
Book/Series: Tin Star
Author: Cecil Castelluci
Kara’s Notes: Really underwhelming online and even more underwhelming in person–I have an ARC of this.
Book/Series: After Eden
Author: Helen Douglas
Kara’s Notes: Those neon clashing colors are just FUGLY.
Book/Series: The Holders
Author: Julianna Scott
Kara’s Notes: I’m not sure what the contents of the book are, but I would bet they are not as dull as that cover!
Lyn’s Picks
 photo tttcoverslyn_zps247e058f.jpg
Book/Series: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins
Lyn’s Notes: I love the series, but the cover always looked so dull and dry.
Book/Series: If You Find Me 
Author: Emily Murdock
Lyn’s Notes: Once again, loved the book, but I just cannot get into that cover.
Book/Series: The Lost Sun
Author: Terry Gratton
Lyn’s Notes: The cover just looks silly, and even though I am dying to read this one, I just cannot stand that horrible cover.
Book/Series: Angelfall
Author: Susan Ee
Lyn’s Notes: The cover looks so cheap. Love the book, but despise the styled cover.
Book/Series: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Lyn’s Notes: Boring and weak. Seriously, what the heck??
What covers did you list? Leave us a link below!

17 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

  1. I’m not a fan of that Throne of Glass cover, but I actually like the cover for Tin Star! Though I haven’t seen it on a physical copy. I agree about The Diviners though. When I first saw it, I thought it was a fan-made attempt. O_O I don’t understand how anyone thought that change would be a good one!

  2. That cover of If You Find Me nearly put me completely off reading it – there’s something about faces on covers that just freak me out – I have to put them face down when I put my book down because otherwise they stare at me! I have the UK cover which is MUCH nicer 😀

    I think it’s the font on Tin Star – it’s just not BOLD enough.

  3. I’m terrible at judging a book by its cover >.< Meaning that I do it way too much. Oh wells. I’m a visual person! But yeah I agree with the Crewel cover. I find this one pretty but I loved the other one so much and it was a lot more original. I hate the new Diviners cover. It’s so not the right vibe for the book compared to the other one. The others are meh and I wouldn’t look at them twice in a store. As for Lynn’s picks, I actually really like the Angelfall cover. I think I might just be used to it now though dunno. The Lost Sun cover is so not my favorite that guy is everywhere! THG covers are very plain and I actually like that they’re so different and… serious? compared to other covers. I wonder if they’ll ever redesign it though and curious what they would come up with! It’s one of the only series that never really got a redesign – just minor changes for the other versions of releases.

  4. Crewel: In addition to it’s genericness, it drives me to distraction because WHERE ARE HER LEGS?!

    The Diviners: *gags*

    Tin Star: This one doesn’t bother me so much. I agree that it’s underwhelming, but I find it kind of soothing when all the other books are shouting at me.

    After Eden: Weird

    The Holders: Agree, boring.

    The Hunger Games: These have always reminded me a bit of The Giver (don’t totally know why as they are completely different except for the overall dark tone) so I’ve always accepted their design as classically dystopian. Plus I like that they don’t have the standard fierce looking female model on the cover.

    If You Find Me: *eyeballs standard fierce looking female model*

    The Lost Son & Angelfall: While I agree they could be better, neither of these bug me too much.

    Throne of Glass: The paperback redesign is SO. MUCH. BETTER.

    Great list! I love this topic!

  5. Hahaha, I agree with Crewel, The Diviners and After Eden so hard, Kara. The other two are meh, but I wouldn’t waste my magical redesign power on them.

    Lyn, I’m SO glad the US switched to the UK design. Worlds better than that. I also don’t like If You Find Me or The Lost Sun. I actually really love the THG covers, except Mockingjay, which I thought should have continued the Black, white, gold, red color scheme. Also kinda like the Angelfall cover. *shrugs*

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