Top Ten Tuesday: Things We Are Thankful For

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Top Ten Tuesday is a heme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic: things we are thankful for.


I don’t really get into Thanksgiving. The only Thanksgiving food I cannot live without is stuffing, and nobody makes it as well as my grandma did. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us, so I only have my memories of her awesome holiday dishes to live with. I live far away from most of my family now, so Dan and I usually don’t do much. This year we are going to his brother’s house, but honestly, eating like a pig is not really my thing. But, being thankful is. I have a lot of reasons and people to thank for where I am today, and only five spots, so I must choose the very best. 

              1. Dan- Like, DUH. Not like he would even read this, but if I didn’t include him, I am pretty sure somehow I would get hit by a bus or something. No, really. Without Dan, I don’t know where I would be. I could write a whole post about this, but he came into my life at a time where I needed to be loved and saved, and he did that. I am not sure I would be here today without him. I might be, but definitely not in the capacity that I am today. He is so much more than just a husband and best friend, but he is that too.
                 2. Shiloh– And again, I have battled some pretty ugly depression and anxiety. Fortunately for me, I am starting to see the end of that tunnel and I can feel myself improving every day, but there was a time in my life where I was not sure whether I would be around to see the next day or not. I look back on that period and see it as this immense darkness, and it lasted from about 2006 until right before I moved to Florida in July of 2012. Shiloh came into my life in late Spring of 2006, and without her, I would not have had an outlet for my emotion and love. She was one of the few pinpoints of bright light in a dark, dark world. 
                 3. My Family– To my other relatives, living or not living, I am thankful for the things they have done for me, and for shaping me into the person that I am today. To my parents, for giving me a stable (for the most part) life, and a happy childhood. For loving me the best way that they knew how. To my grandparents, for supporting me and nurturing my ability, and for believing in me and being a sounding board I could confide in always. 
                 4. Lyn– For rescuing me from the dearth of what this blog had become and making it fun again. I was losing my voice and passion. I was forcing myself to do it because I felt I NEEDED to do it to keep the editing clients coming in. I still feel that way but now I enjoy it again. She’s added a voice and creativity to this blog that did not exist before. I have more time to spend with my family and do other things. I no longer feel stressed, other than the fact that my review pile is out of control, but that is a lost cause so I have given up. I also feel as if I have made a friend for life. Someone that gets me, understands my interests, strengths, weaknesses, and accepts me for my weirdness. That is invaluable.
                 5. Blogging Community- Probably my biggest thank you this year goes to the blogging community. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and before I started blogging, before I started reading and got the chance to meet so many of my closest friends, my life was fairly empty. I didn’t have an emotional outlet, I had friends I really didn’t have much in common with, and I was severely depressed. Blogging, going to bookish events, and meeting all of you has given me a hobby and a job I am passionate about, and for that I am more thankful than I could ever express in words.
1. My Woman Warriors – My sister, my mother and my friend who is practically a sister.  I admit that I am lacking in the guy department in my life, but I have some very wonderful women that help me survive, and I could not be here today without my wonderful ladies. I love them with all of my heart.

2. Kara – Kara is the online friend I have always wanted.  We’re right there for one another, we get each other, we’re honest to the other person, and we make a great team. We’re opposites in some ways, but we share enough wonderful qualities to make a great team. Kara wrote a wonderful section dedicated to me, and I wish I could return the favor, but I hope she realizes how she has changed me for the better.

3. Blogger Friends – I have some wonderful friends in the blogging community that I simply cannot live without.  I don’t want to name any names (I would hate to hurt someone’s feelings!) but there are two special gals that pop into my mind when I think about the wonderful blogging community. The entire blogsphere is a place where I feel truly at home, and I have an abundance of gratitude for many many MANY bloggers!

4. Fur Babies – I am thankful for Clayton coming into my life, and the pawprints he left on my heart.  Mighty Mighty Max is starting to bloom and come into his own in our household, and he is a wonderful addition into the family.  I love them all, and I cherish the wonderful memories and love they have given to me.

5. The Internet – Once upon a time, I was an odd kid in the middle of nowhere with no friends and the general outcast of the entire town.  Over the years, I was able to reach out to others on the internet, and in my own time, I was able to take pride in my own differences and the person I was to become. It hasn’t been an easy path, but I fully appreciate my quirks and my oddities, and I believe that the people I have known over the years helped give me the courage to embrace my own personality.


What are you thankful for in your life? Leave us a link below!

18 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Things We Are Thankful For

  1. The internet is a curse and a blessing sometimes but overall I am SOOOO thankful for it. I would still be a passive reader just reading and not having anyone to talk to but the internet has caused my reading to become a much richer experience and I’ve found amazing people to talk to about not just books but everything. I love this community!!

    • I so agree! (Weird, I was JUST trying to think of this phrase when I was typing up a review).

      I can say that I feel that I am a better reader and person because of the internet. The internet has caused me some issues, but I like to think it is for the better.

  2. Great post, you two! I love all the things you listed. I am a foodie, but I try to not feel TOO full. It’s hard though with my mom’s cooking (YES for stuffing!). Your bloggy relationship sounds great 🙂 and yay for the internet, fur babies, and family!

  3. Stuffing is my fave part of Thanksgiving. And I looove Thanksgiving, are you kidding? It’s the only day I can eat and eat and eat and not feel so guilty. At least until the end of the day. Haha! The other 364 days of the year feel like a never-ending diet for me. :/ So I admit to pigging out on this day.

    I missed doing this post. I’ve been slacking a bit on my blogging the past couple of weeks because of writing and holiday rushing. *sigh* But getting back to work in the next few days. I miss it. 🙂

    Also, I know I’m thankful for the blogging community as well–and for having the both of you as friends. *hugs*


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