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I love getting books for the holidays.  I love getting them for my birthday. I love giving books for special occasions and birth anniversaries. However, every once in a while, book lovers need some variety. We love our books and we love our overflowing bookcases.  If you are a shopper or a giftee looking for gift giving beyond the giftcards and paperbacks, then here are some wonderful alternatives for the book lover on your list this holiday season.
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Book Tote: I love my own book tote (and I love this one as well). Most book totes are equipped to carry books, ereaders, iPads, pens, notes, paper, and anything else that us book lovers need for our favorite pastime. Other websites offer totes and canvas bags as well. Couple this with some wish-list books and bookmarks and earn your title of gifting guru.
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Book in One Page Prints: If you have a personal library or a small little reading nook in your home, this print makes an excellent and visually appeasing addition to a book haven area.

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Personal Library Kit: Always dreamed of becoming a librarian? Do you want your friends to be the best they can be? Look no further and give the gift of a personal library kit!

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Penguin Quotable Postcards: Cute and simple, this is an ideal shocking stuffer or a nice little gift for an exchange.

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ALA Posters: Your imagination is the limit! Use in the office, a classroom, a bedroom, or in your own book area! The sales help the ALA website provide support for American librarians.

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Book Quote Jewelry: Always an excellent suggestion. Etsy and other websites provide affordable alternatives to big companies, and also provide a larger range of quotes and genres. This ring pictures is available from The Pyramid Collection.

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Book Perfume: Buy enough to bathe in it for your book lover!

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Banned Book Mug: This mug looks great, and indulges any and all anti-censory book nerds. Add in some tea bags or some hot cocoa mix and a 24 reading coupon for a “Reading Day in a Bag” gift!

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Book Scarves: Have a person on your list that loves fashion as well? Want to look your best when traveling to your book store or library? This gift idea is for you!

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Book Charms: Cute and simple. Buy two to make earrings, or buy one and string it on a sweet chain for a cute accessory.  These charms can also become a cute little bookmark with some DIY magic at home!

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Book Purse: LADIES! I’ll let the picture speak for itself. Recycled books become a fashion trend with this lovely little accessory!

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Bookshelf Necklace: I am running out of words to describe this awesome and very whimsical gift.

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Potion Books: You have to order this from the designer on her website, but OH! this was my favorite gift I stumbled upon! Imagine the face of your book addict when he or she opens this little beauty. I suggest to pair this gift with some ear plugs.

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Book Charities: If your book lover feels cluttered this season, Google a charity and a whole plethora of websites pop up. The image above comes from the Reach Out and Read organization.

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Paid Subscriptions: PicMonkey, Rafflecopter, Amazon Prime, Book Clubs, Web Hosting, New Blog Design – all of these suggestions would please any book fanatic. This allows you to tailor the gift to the person’s own needs and wishes. 

Are there any gifts you want to add in the comments? This post is for the shopper looking for gift giving sanitary this holiday season! Add anything in the comments below!

20 responses to “[Imaginative Discussions] Book Lover Holiday Shopping Guide

  1. I’m in love with the ‘A book on one page.’ That is such a cool idea and I like how it turns out 😀 I really want more tote bags, but that’s impossible to buy in the store here (and shipping costs are sometimes ridiculous). So I’m not asking those from my family. I really like this post. My Christmas list is most of the times always: books and dvd’s, so I’m always looking for other things I might like.

    • I know! It looks so beautiful! I love that the maker added in some artwork to really bring in some artistic value!

      That tote bag…I wish I had never found it. I want it so so badly.

      I hope this helped give you some new ideas!

  2. Wow. I was just going to give my family a gigantic list of books I wanted, but it seems like I need to alter some things now. I just adore the book charms! I want at least one of them on my key chain. I’m even tempted to find a way to get more keys so that I can hang these book charms on them. The Banned Book mug is going on my list as well. I didn’t even know I needed these things, but now I just want them in my grubby hands asap. I love everything about this post. EVERYTHING.

    • Yah! That was the purpose of my post! I love getting books, and I have a 300+ wish list, but sometimes, you just want to change it up a bit. I think this is a way to add some variety in a book lover’s list.

      The charms are just so cute. I would love some for myself!

      I added that mug. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it.

      Thank you! <3

  3. OMG NOW I HAVE SO MANY PRESENTS TO BUY MYSELF/FORCE OTHERS TO BUY FOR MEEEE! Because, let’s face it, no one I know would love these as much as I would. UNF!!!

    • Isn’t that potion book just awesome!!? I hope she gets some new orders! That is like one of the best things I have ever seen on the internet.

      I am trying to make me a purse, but I might just end up ordering one. They look just so cute!

  4. I would like for all of those to be mine right now please.

    I gifted a book scarf to my mom last year and am pleased to report they are of top quality to anyone considering getting one.

    • Agreed!

      I am happy to hear about the scarf! I know some people have expressed interest, and this will help them decide on getting one or not! Thank you!

  5. Not to toot my own horn but being a Christmas Baby (well 3 days after Christmas), one of my favorite of all time gifts were Ornaments. I have a collection of Barbie Hallmark Keepstakes except that I’m missing a few years especially 2009 when I graduated from HS huge milestone but that particular Barbie ornament was put out on shelves way early and it went out FAST now we haven’t been able to find a good deal to actually buy it somewhere online. Then we also have a White Bear of the year Tradition, its the white bear that Kmart sells every year with a year stamp on it’s foot and my dad and I buy that for my mom and oddly enough we’re missing a few years there too. LOL
    I love Christmas as well my birthday just because they’re so close so I always I have to wait a few day more to open my bday gifts when they are stuck under the tree. I’m usually in charge of the ornament placement and which ornaments goes on however due to my large collections of Ornaments they are the only thing that goes on plus the lights and Bubble lights!!!!
    I’ll be doing a post for the Christmas holidays to share my traditions with all of you . . . Hey Lyn & Kara that just gave me an idea! Getting all bloggers together and do a week or two of Christmas Traditions from each bloggers!

    • That is a good idea! I am sad to see what has happened to Christmas, but I do have some beautiful memories! Thank you for sharing, Kat! I have some ornaments that I love, and I just adore going to the Hallmark store and buying new ones every year!

  6. Wow, this is an amazing list. The Bloomsbury Bookbag is now at the top of my list.. as a matter of fact I just called my boyfriend in the room, to show him and urge him to commit to memory what it is 😛 I also love the one sheet posters, the harry potter one is amazing. I want. And Etsy, holy smokes… don’t even get me started on all the awesome that’s on there 😛 Scarvess… I have a feeling I will be revisiting this list soon! Thanks for compiling this, it’s great 😀

    • That tote is just so tempting. I want it, yes I do. It is beautiful, and I hope he gets it for you! We should all e-mail him the link!

      Etsy is dangerous, and my bank account wants me to avoid it at all cost.

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