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It is that time of the year again! Halloween will arrive on our doorsteps tomorrow! Rejoice, fellow bookies, for the best time of the year has arrived! Samhain, like other wonderful things in life, comes with a whole slew of blessings and curses.  I have certain aspects that I love about Halloween, and some things I could do without.  Today, I will discuss what I love, and what I loathe, about our most Gothic holiday.
 photo Pumpkin-icon_zps789bf77f.png What I Love  photo Pumpkin-icon_zps789bf77f.png
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Candy: It is no secret – I am a sugar hound. I have a Dr Pepper addiction, and I can never pass up a sweet treat. In my later years, I learned how to moderate my intake, but I have a sugar tooth that just cannot be tamed. I also have a taste for the finer things – store bought cupcakes and cheap chocolate are sacrilegious. If you are going to waste the calories, make it good! Halloween is an addiction’s dream: baked goods, the bags of candy, caramel and candy apples (a huge weakness), fudge, and pumpkin-flavored treats.

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Costumes: There is just something magical about stepping into a brand new identity for Halloween.  We also find it acceptable to display our passion, our obsession, and our sense of humor during this ritual. Famous pop culture stories inspire funny costumes. A play on words transforms into a beautiful and clever disguise. We get to become someone else on this day, and for an evening, we share something inside with the rest of humanity.

 photo aragonsent_zps057453a5.jpg

Scent: I’ll let the picture do the talking.

 photo Indoor-Halloween-Decoration-with-Tarantula-and-its-spiderweb_zps67600397.jpg

Decorations (bonus points for black cats): I love the craft stores, and I downright adore going during the pumpkin season. Even big chain companies can produce some wonderful decorations. I am guilty for using some of the accents I find to decorate year around. I have a mother that decorates every day like it is Halloween (her birthday sits right on the edge of the 31st). I really love the black cat decorations.  I’m a cat fanatic (duh) and I really adore black cats.  Good tempers and very sweet, I have never met a black cat that I did not love.

 photo DSC_0023_zps69923049.jpg

Memories: I was once a part of a wonderful yearly Halloween party. My mother would make all of her own decorations, and loved making our costumes when we were younger.  I won 2nd place in my 5th grade costume contest when I dressed as Morticia Adams.  My mom (as I mentioned) has a birthday just a day off from Halloween, and she has an obsession with medical imagery, so this holiday is one of her favorites (it ties with Thanksgiving, because she loves to cook).  My sister and I always buy up the Halloween sections and give it to her for her birthday and for Christmas.  I have a fond attachment to the holiday.  I love the memories I have associated with the national event, and I always will have a soft spot in my heart for the 31st of October.

 photo Pumpkin-icon_zps789bf77f.png,What I Loathe  photo Pumpkin-icon_zps789bf77f.png

 photo 07_zps76d514b0.jpg

Gender Costumes: I just really dislike the trend women’s costumes – sex sex sex. Sexy Muppet Babies? Sexy Ninja Turtles? Sexy hot sauce? No, thank you.

 photo children-trick-or-treating-san-antonio-safety_zps0ea29615.jpg

Trick or Treating in Decline: I never get any kids at the door.  In my old apartment, we had two kids in the course of 3 years. Other people have noted that T&Ting is on the decline due to safety and convenience of working parents. I can understand the reasons, but I feel sad that children today miss out on the roving gangs of little sugared peers terrorizing the streets.

 photo mxexOAHOjcr8u_uXbnyuzUA_zpsa67ed227.jpg

Plastic crap: I have the same pet peeve with Christmas. I like some of the little things I see in stores, but the cheap little plastic “We made this to fill up a sale bin” items are going to be in the trash in 5 days.  Consumerism is also killing the fun.  I do not need a cheap little plastic skeleton that serves no purpose. Put some thought into it, for crying out loud. We do not need any more junk.

 photo r-HOLIDAY-STRESS-large-300x199_zpse3dde12c.jpg 

Start of the Holiday Stress: I wish we could remove the stress of the end of the year. Competition and family obligations tend to set off a certain wave of dread in America. I love this time of the year, but I even have some secret anxiety about the October to December run.

 photo toomuchcandy_zps794a9b70.jpg

Candy: It is acceptable to buy a ten pound bag of candy during this time of the year.  I need social rejection to keep me in line! Do you know what happens when I am allowed to purchase 120 count bag of peanut butter cups? Hint: Fat pants, here I come.

Halloween is a special time of year for many. It’s a lot more fun when you are a kid, but there are things you can do as an adult to keep it entertaining! Since I don’t have kids (and don’t plan on EVER having them), I carve pumpkins. This was my first year actually attempting a complicated design, and I went with the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cast. Originally I wanted to carve all six of the main characters, but uhhh that didn’t exactly go as planned. 

Pumpkin carving is HELL on your back and other body parts. I don’t have a great back and my knees are even worse. Sitting in one place with your legs crossed for a very long time is brutal. So I got two of the six carved and then I had to quit. Also disappointing was the fact that my first pumpkin went soft before Halloween. If you live in the south, you really can’t carve more than a couple days before Halloween. The humidity is hell on certain kinds of produce. So with that said, I need to announce that my first pumpkin got ruined. There was a bit of a cave-in. It was husband induced, but the meat drawer in the refrigerator did the rest of the damage. I did manage to get pics of it before it kicked the bucket though. And I also have photos of the other. Maybe next year I will attempt this again, depending on how much time I have. 

Needless to say, this year pumpkin carving is something I love AND loathe about Halloween. See how I tied it into the topic?? 😀


What do you love and loathe about Halloween? Sound off in the comments! (We really do love to read your feedback!!)

16 responses to “Imaginative Discussions: The Halloween Post

  1. I LOVE stupdily sexy Halloween costumes. Not like love them as in I would wear them, but love them as in they are so ridiculous! I saw a sexy corn costume this year. Corn! What is sexy about corn?!

  2. Love your post! I totally agree with your thoughts on junk. I have a 5 year old and you wouldn’t believe the amount of completely useless stuff he has accumulated over the years. It’s actually disgusting. There wasn’t tons of useless junk cluttering store shelves when I was little (at least I don’t remember it). Stores should definitely get better quality stuff and get rid of the junk!!!

    Ps- I love sexy costumes!! But yeah maybe not Sexy Spongebob or corn… That’s weird. Sexy should be for grown up stuff.

    • I can’t image what you collect over 5 short years.

      Sexy is good. I just believe that some costumes go overboard on the sex appeal. And keep it to adult stuff – totally agree!

  3. Great post! I LOVE decorating for Halloween. I can’t get enough of fall/Halloween décor. My mom loves to decorate too so we feed off each other and spend too much money. I love all things Pumpkin Spice–well I take that back…the M&Ms aren’t very good. I hate/love all the candy. I can’t stop myself from indulging. One thing I can add that I hate…scary, random commercials. These never bothered me until I had a kid…now I’m constantly scared something horrifying will pop on the tv and freak out my preschooler. Also, stores will put out some gruesome décor and cause trauma for the wee ones. Great post!!

    My Friends Are Fiction

    • The Pumpkin spice M&Ms are HORRIBLE.

      Oh! I’ll have to research the commercials. We kicked TV to the curb in my household, so I am behind on marketing strategies at the moment!

  4. Ugh. I HATE sexy costumes. Where’s the fun in them? I remember back in the day when my mom would MAKE our costumes and we’d be actual cool things. It was so much nicer than buying a costume at the store! That being said, I CAN’T sew and will probably be buying my children’s costumes from the store, but we will jazz them up, goshdarnit!

    And I looooooove candy. Can’t get enough of it. I think all of those episodes of people putting weird things in candy is why trick or treating is on the decline. Now, kids can go to events at places like the mall or local historical places for safer trick or treating. Also, here it’s been getting a lot colder at Halloween. I remember days when we didn’t even have to wear a coat out for Halloween … it’s not like that anymore! I also remember when we could get homemade treats from people … that’s DEFINITELY out these days.

    Oh, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. Once fall hits, I love lighting ALL the candles. Well into the new year!

    Great post!

    • I know, right? Guys get awesome costumes, and girls get sexy food items. WTF? I want to be Batman, not erotic ketchup.

      I am trying to avoid my candy dish over by the door. I need more kids to come by tonight. The chocolate is so inviting.

      I find it sad that the stories about poisoned candy is false, but the urban legend is well and alive. Our Halloweens here are still warm (It is 68 outside and it was toasty today).

  5. First of all, I absolutely love that color change candy gif at the top of you post! I swear I could just stare at it all day. I totally agree with you about the stress of the end of the year. I feel like from now until January it’s like one big tumble down a hill. I can never seem to catch up, get ahead, or even have fun because there is just so much preasure. But as for Halloween and what I love, I get together with a bunch of friends every year, drink wine, eat chili and our kids go trick or treating. I’m lucky enough to live in a close-knit community where the sidewalks are packed on Halloween night with parents and kids.

    • That is so sweet that your community can still trick or treat like the good old days! You don’t see a lot of places that really participate in it any longer.

      I love that gif – I found it on and I love to just stare like a crazy person.

  6. First of, I love the carved pumpkins, they look awesome <3 We don’t celebrate it as a national holiday here, but I do get dressed up and scare kids, haha. Friends of us and their neighborhood organize a route for children every year and it’s so much fun to participate 🙂 I do hate those sexy outfits.. nothing dressing up about it at all. And the candy. I love candy.

  7. I love the pumpkins! I just don’t understand how it is possible to use a knife and a pumpkin and make art like that!

    I agree with you about the holiday stress starting earlier and earlier each year. I love giving away presents for Christmas, but I don’t love the way I feel as if we’re pushed toward buying stupid toys for kids, and nonsense for adults. The toys in TV ads these days are not the kind of toys I want my kids to have.

    Great post!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

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