Stacking the Shelves #60

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stacking the shelves

Welcome to Stacking the Shelves. Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga at Tynga’s Reviews. This is where we showcase books we have received or bought during the week.

                                 HUGE HAUL ALERT AHEAD!!

 photo GIF_zps5090870c.gif
I went a little bananas with the books this week. I tried to be conservative, but still got a little out of control just the same. You see, a very exciting thing happened to me this week. I got white-listed by Harper on Edelweiss. It’s like a book blogger’s dream come true. I don’t know about you, but I have been hoping and wishing this would happen to me for what feels like at least a year now. So when it finally happened, I did the unthinkable.
I cried.
Yup, I admit it. It’s been a rough week for book bloggers with the announcement of Goodreads changing its policies. Lyn blogged about it this week here: GoodReadsaggedon, or, How Amazon Stole the Spirit of Goodreads. I could talk about it myself, but I’d rather we get back to focusing on the positive if we can. 
But, if you are one of the bloggers/Goodreads users that is leaving Goodreads and you have joined Booklikes, you can follow me here.
Lyn is also there, here. Follow us. We both deleted our Goodreads accounts this week. They get no more valuable content from us.
It’s the only way we know how to fight back.
So the day Harper white-listed me was the best day I had had in a while. Not only that, but I got an amazing email from an author whose book I have been coveting for months. I was invited to be a part of the blog tour. More on that when I receive the signed copy she is sending me.
I apologize if you feel like I am bragging in this post. I don’t intend at all for it to be that way. I just had to get some things off my chest. It’s been a week of horrible news (on the family front too) and fantastic news. A little of both extremes and it has been overwhelming.
But enough of that. On to the books.


For Review: 
The Color of Light by Helen Maryles Shankman (Thank you to the author, Stony Creek Press, and TLC Book Tours!)
NIL by Lynne Matson (Thank you to MacKids Books!)
E-books for review:
 photo bookcover1_zps054b17d8.jpg photo bookcover4_zps336da55d.jpg photo bookcover5_zpsf0cf6dc8.jpg photo bookcover6_zpsbeef8f39.jpg photo bookcover2_zpsd294d352.jpg photo bookcover3_zpsfb5394e8.jpg photo bookcover7_zpse0a7020e.jpg photo bookcover1_zpsc42196b7.jpg photo bookcover7_zps7effc2ec.jpg photo bookcover1_zps5dbcb8bc.jpg photo bookcover2_zps995ab423.jpg
Broken by CJ Lyons (Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire)
Elusion by Claudia Gabel (Thanks to HarperCollins)
Salvage by Alexandra Duncan (Thanks to HarperCollins)
Death Sworn by Leah Cypess (Thanks to HarperCollins)
Dark Eden by Chris Becket (Thanks to Broadway Books)
Pawn (The Blackcoat Rebellion) by Aimee Carter (Thanks to HarperTEEN)
Panic by Lauren Oliver (Thanks to HarperCollins)
Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong (Thanks to HarperCollins)
House of Ivy and Sorrow by Natalie Whipple (Thanks to HarperCollins)
Great by Sara Benincasa (Thanks to HarperCollins)
Uninvited by Sophie Jordan (Once again, Thanks to HarperCollins!)

I told you. That’s a lot of books. But…I think I am through my reading slump. Now just to get through my review writing slump. I think the new format I am trying is going to help with that though. 

On the blog this week:

On Monday, Lyn posted an opinion piece about the latest Goodreads policies.

Tuesday, Lyn posted her top ten favorite sequels ever.  

I came back Wednesday and posted my review of Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

And then on Thursday, I posted a review for The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas where I test out a new review format.

Finally, on Friday Lyn posted her review for Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson.

Links We Love: 

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Kara is Hermione. 😀
Lyn also got Hermione. 
Chelsea Cameron got Juliet. Bahahaha. Yes, that Chelsea Cameron.

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28 responses to “Stacking the Shelves #60

  1. Amy

    Great haul!! So exciting that you got all the Harper titles you were waiting for!! Sorry I haven’t been commenting. I’ve had very long days this week and after getting home from work and doing house things, I haven’t really wanted to jump on the computer. I am getting used to my schedule now though, so I will be back commenting more frequently (and blogging) soon!!

  2. Following on BookLikes! I agree with you about deleting my GR account being the only way to fight back. I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt that strongly about the situation <3

    Eeee congrats! So many fun books 😀 I wish that I had figured out how to use EW effectively, I apparently never say the right thing in the “why you want this book” paragraph *sigh*

    • Lyn and I both deleted our Goodreads accounts. Neither of us felt right about staying.

      Sometimes I don’t put anything in the ‘why you want this book’ box. I didn’t when I got whitelisted!

  3. I love going through all the blogs who were auto-approved this week and seeing which books they picked out because so far, no two are alike!

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I’m so happy for you receiving this good news!


  4. Oh my Goooood, Great. Here’s hoping you like it instead of hating it with the white-hot fire of a thousand suns the way I did. The main character Naomi had an overdose of flaws and the ability to never run out of stupid things to say.

    …That was a review I forgot to properly format on BookLikes. DAMMIT. Gonna have to fix that later once I find out if it’s worth staying on BookLikes.

    I don’t blame you one bit for going nuts on the book-downloading. I haven’t gotten around to downloading all the books I want yet, but I will be doing that very shortly. I only downloaded Ask Again Later of the requests I had pending pre-whitelisting. MUST START IT SOON.

    I hope you enjoy all the stuff, Kara!

  5. Good luck with the Sophie Jordan book. At any rate, the review should be entertaining.

    Also, I am loling at the sentence. “Lyn is also there, here.”

    Go read all of those Harper books so I know which to be utterly envious of you for having? Okay? In the meantime I’ll just not be jealous and try to guess what blog tour you got invited to. *eyes you with big sad puppy eyes of curiosity*

  6. hahahaha I had such a hard time restraining myself after also getting white-listed for Harper. *sigh* I limited myself to two which I think I deserve a damn medal for. Was really considering House of Ivy and Sorrow so I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

  7. Wow, amazing haul and congrats on the whitelisting! Hope next week is better for you all round, enjoy your new books and happy reading 🙂

  8. *hive fives* I kinda went nutso on Harper’s titles as well no matter how much I told myself how bad an idea it was- but they are all getting pub’d in 2014 so it should be fine… hehe

    Happy reading, Kara and Lyn! <33

  9. I LOVE LUCY. The gif is just perfection from a perfect episode.

    I passed on Nil because it didn’t sound like my kind of thing, but I may regret that depending on how much you end up loving that.

    I thought I knew what I was getting in with The Color of Light from your pic, but damn is that sucker huge. Here is hoping we both end up loving it. Or DNFing wisely.

    As you know, I am BEYOND stoked that you are whitelisted too. So happy that so many awesome bloggers, of which obviously you are, were whitelisted!

    Aaaaand we both pretty much downloaded all the same books once we were auto-approved, haha.

    Anyway, epic news deserves an epic haul! I hope they all are as good as you hoped, though. I have heard bad things about Great, but it’s from a blogger that I occasionally disagree with.

    And I admit to being supremely curious what blog tour you’re going to be involved in!~

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