Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

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Top Ten Tuesday is a heme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic: Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier.

I won’t even lie: book blogging is hard, and it is a labor of love. I was honestly shocked when I first started to blog back in January. I felt very overwhelmed right off the bat, and it seemed that there was very little downtime for bloggers.  You also have to think far ahead in the future. Giveaways and blog tours help promote books and your own space. Reviews need writing and editing. On top of all of this, you still HAVE TO READ. I joined up with Great Imaginations officially on January 1st.
January 2nd:
 photo tumblr_me4mbxFp5C1ryu3g1o1_500_zpsff95aabd.gif
Eight months in, I finally have a handle on the situation (somewhat), and I have a toolbox now to help me. This week, Kara and I share our top blogging resources for this week.
Lyn’s List

 photo tttres_zpsa7f099c8.jpg

Goodreads – A no-brainer. Not only do I rip the descriptions for all of my books every week, this is my number one resource for anything book related.

Twitter – I was never a fan until I had a reason to use it.  Now I can’t image my life without it.  Twitter is a great promotional tool, a central location to discuss and talk to bloggers and authors, and a hot location for curse-peppered discussions.

NetGalley and Edelweiss – I lumped them together because I use them both equally.  NetGalley is my main source for ARCs, and Edelweiss is my main book catalog site. 

PicMonkey – I HATE uploading pictures on Blogger. Seriously, Kara could write a book about all of the times I contacted her, having a complete fit over the damned picture placement on my posts. One day, I thought “TO HELL WITH THIS!!” and researched an online collage maker that would allow me to upload one picture.  I love this site, and I have finally found how to make whatever I want with the collage maker.

Kara – She has yanked my butt out of the fire time and time again.  During the Great 2013 Meltdown, she has been a true friend, a wonderful support, and a great motivational speaker. I cannot have been this successful without her, and I hope that I can bring the same joy to her life that she has brought to mine.


Kara’s List

Amazon – As an Amazon affiliate, I use LOTS of Amazon links and I earn a commission for any purchase someone makes through my links. So if you buy from a link here, those few cents I earn go to future giveaways on this blog.
Goodreads – Le duh. I get book covers from Goodreads, blurbs, and I have so many friends there. Goodreads got me into reviewing and I would not have a blog without Goodreads. It’s also where I met Lyn, so I wouldn’t have my co-blogger without Goodreads either!
Twitter – Kind of a no-brainer here. I can not imagine a list this week without Twitter on it. It’s where book bloggers come together to discuss everything books, authors, and publishing. It’s where we find links to giveaways and blogs we want to follow. It’s where we gain blog followers. It’s where all the drama happens. Twitter can be kind of tiring sometimes and sometimes I need to take breaks, but I could not blog without it.
Bloglovin – This used to be Google Reader until it went away. But honestly? I like Bloglovin A LOT more. It’s way easier to subscribe/unsubscribe from blogs, and it’s so easy to read posts right there. It makes my life SO MUCH easier. And it’s the only way I read the blogs I like to follow.
Lyn – I took on a co-blogger because I couldn’t handle the stress of keeping up with blog stats and posting every day anymore. Before Lyn, blogging felt like work. After Lyn, I enjoy it again. I don’t feel pressured to post if I don’t feel like it. We are both on the same page, and when I have a migraine she is there to cover my ass. We have a lot in common and I think we both understand our various meltdowns. 
Honorable mentions go to Facebook, Gmail, Edelweiss, NetGalley, and Photobucket. I couldn’t live without them either. 🙂
What did you list this week? Leave a link below!

30 responses to “Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

  1. This is an amazing list! Blogger’s picture uploading skills do leave something to be desired, and a lot of people love PicMonkey! I usually just go to Photobucket when I’m frustrated by Blogger (which is probably a lot now that I think about it) I agree, too, Twitter is such a great networking site and so addicting too! 🙂

    Fantastic list! <33

  2. Hmm… I’m going to have to check out picmonkey! Blogger’s photo placement drives me nutty too. And I agree, Bloglovin’ gets a billion times more usage from me than Google Reader ever did.

  3. “it seemed that there was very little downtime for bloggers. You also have to think far ahead in the future. Giveaways and blog tours help promote books and your own space. Reviews need writing and editing. On top of all of this, you still HAVE TO READ” <– YES. To all of that. I’m glad you feel like you have a handle on it, I still don’t feel like I do, and it’s been two and a half years o.O.

    You two are so sweet to mention each other :).

    I need to look into picmonkey. I make collages of cover reveals, but blogger definitely does weird things with photos… and it sounds like that site would help me organize them better.

    I’m not much a fan of bloglovin’ so much as Feedly just because it’s so much organized. I can’t see myself ever going back or using anything else.

    Ooh, you’ve got me curious about the Amazon affiliate part. I use Amazon a lot, and if there’s a way to help sponsor giveaways…

    • I spoke too soon – next week I am reviewless because this week has been training, training, training. Then we move as well this weekend.

      We fight a lot, but we love one another.

      Yes, PicMonkey is a Godssent. I love it. It has helped me reduce my blogging rage a tad bit.

    • Well, we love each other. Most of the time. 😉

      I think you are right about Feedly. I demoed it and I think I like the interface better and might switch.

      You should try to be an Amazon affiliate. It’s nice to get a ten dollar gift card every so often!

  4. PicMonkey is DA BOMB. I use them to make all of my collages as well as all of my graphics for the blog. I got a Royale subscription to access more neat features and I couldn’t be happier. I honestly couldn’t live without this site.

    I HATED uploading pictures on Blogger too, so that’s what made me look for a collage maker. I was getting so sick of having random pictures pop off into their own orbit when everyone else had beautiful gorgeous layouts, especially with book hauls.

    It’s a bit easier with WP, but I still use PicMonkey to do it because it’s so simple.

  5. Lyn, you just saved my sanity today. I was trying to put together a post on Blogger and couldn’t get my pictures to fit, and then I remembered you mentioning PicMonkey and it worked like a dream. THANK YOU! 🙂

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