Stacking the Shelves #54

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stacking the shelves

Welcome to Stacking the Shelves. Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga at Tynga’s Reviews. This is where we showcase books we have received or bought during the week.

Kara has been shoulding the STS meme for the last two weeks, so I thought it would be nice to return the favor and actually do my part in running this joint.  This be MY space for today! 

So, I finally have a new job. 

 photo genie-waving-flags-o_zpsaa5b8a2e.gif

Two days into my new job, I was called for two other jobs that were better.  After a bout of crying on the bathroom floor for a few hours, I decided to make it work.  I’ll have a much better resume for next year, after fulfilling my contract with my new position, and all I can do is move ahead and know that things happen to us all of the time. Maybe not for a reason, but they do happen, and we have to make the best of it. There is really no use in obsessing over every decision and second guess myself.  Also,  I just learned on Friday that I will be able to move into my apartment next weekend.  That has helped perk me up.  I also have a wonderful giveaway happening next month, and Kara and I have something wonderful in store, to boot.  We have some exciting things happening, and I am looking forward to the fall season.

Onward to THE BOOKS!

 photo sts54_zps0bd4fdb2.jpg
The cat just never seems to move.
13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison – I FINALLY found the first book used!
The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle
Un Lun Dun by China Mieville


Kindle Books


 photo sts54kin_zps82ce8cca.jpg
Starling by Lesley Livingston
What Kills Me by Wynne Channing
Submerged by Nicole Sobon
Dollhouse by Anya Allyn
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Links We Love!
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Finally, this is an very interesting infograph about the cities featured in books performed by the Florida Atlantic University.
Until next week!

21 responses to “Stacking the Shelves #54

  1. Loved the Hallowed Ones so much I ended up on The Outside Blog tour! I’ve had What Kills Me on my kindle for months now, probably should read it one of these days. Sterling, as you know, I just borrowed from my library. Time for a readalong!

  2. The Hallowed Ones was so good – I didn’t expect to like it nearly as much as I did, hope you enjoy it too 🙂

    Ahhh the job thing is tricky 😐 – but maybe the one you have is meant to be 😉

    • I sense that I might have to read this book quickly.

      I hope this was the right path for me. It is easier to see the use of it all at the end of it.

  3. Congratulations on the job!

    But couldn’t you have quit to take the better one? I mean, props for not inconveniencing your new employers (because that happened at my workplace – a new hire quit the day after training with a better offer), but it’s your career, isn’t it?

    BTW, the new books look good, although OMG USE *ALL* THE FEMALE COVER STEREOTYPES. All writhing girls in gowns. Blargh.

    • Thank you!

      I couldn’t quit due to my contract, and I don’t have the money to pay it off if I break it. :<

      I agree – white young females. They look the same.

  4. I tried to pick up STARLING three different times and I DNFed each time. I struggled with it :/ I hope you have a better experience.

  5. Glad to see I’m not the only one that has yet to read The Hallowed Ones. I’ve heard it’s freaking fantastic though so I hope to get it soon. Happy Reading!

  6. I love your kitty! Is he/she a maine coon? My cat loves to walk back and forth in front of my shelves when I’m trying to do photos, so I usually have a few shots with his tail in the way! lol

    Great books! I’ve heard some pretty great things about The Hallowed Ones.

    • I think he is – the markings on his forehead indicate it. He might also be some Norwegian Forest Cat. I am leaning towards Maine Coon. I should take a picture of his foot one day.

      Everyone seems to be in love with The Hallowed One – I might have to read it soon.

  7. Amy

    What a pretty kitty!! You got some great books this week too. Sorry about the job stuff, but I’m glad you are making it work. Yay for getting to move into your apartment too!! Hope you enjoy the new books!

    • He is a great cat – I love him (he is currently clawing my leg off).

      I hope so as well – I can’t wait to post pictures of the new apartment.

  8. Sorry to hear about your job though it’s nice you’re looking on the bright side about how it will build your resume for the future. And yay for your apartment!

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