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Dear Readers,

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Meet the Bloggers campaign! 

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It was very touching to see so many people flock here to get personal with us! I didn’t know we would have so many of our readers respond, and we are truly lucky to have every one of you.

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Lyn is the middle finger
Amy from Book Loving Mom asks:
What is your favorite food? Least favorite?
LK: Tex Mex. One positive thing about living in this state is the wonderful range of Texas-style Mexican food.  Pizza ranks really high on the list as well.
Least favorite – Fish.  I almost throw up when I smell it.

KM: Sushi. Particularly salmon sashimi. But I will eat it all. My favorite thing is going to a sushi restaurant and pigging out. Least favorite food that I’ve actually tried it liver. My mom loved it but I cannot stomach the irony, bloody taste.
So you have any special talents? (I know that Kara can sing.)
LK: Not really.  I do some art and such, but I don’t have anything really resembling talent.

KM: Lyn’s art is amazing. She is full of shit. She’s the one that was behind our egg and book cover faces. And now she is posting paintings and the such on Facebook. She’s beyond good. As for me, yeah, singing is about it. Of course I am doing yoga now though I would not say I am talented. Someday I hope to be!
Why did you start blogging?
LK: I started on GR when a friend suggested it.  When I noticed that most GR people also owned blogs, I was very drawn to the idea.  I have always wanted to blog, but I did not know what direction to take.  I whined that I wanted one, and Kara offered to let me do some guest blogging.  At the start of the year, Kara invited me to join the blog as a coblogger, and here I am.

KM: I joined Goodreads in October of 2010. I didn’t even know about book blogging then. But I decided to start blogging to get my voice out there and use it as an emotional outlet. I also did it to help some of my indie author friends like Angeline Kace and Jenn Sommersby. It has morphed into so much more than that, obviously.
What has been your favorite thing about blogging?
LK: I like the community the most.  I know most people jump right to the people when they answer this question, but I really do love the people I have met through book blogging, on Great Imaginations and Goodreads!

KM: Definitely the friends I have made through blogging. Meeting so many of them at BEA and Book Bash, and looking forward to meeting the rest at BEA next year and when they come to visit me. Without these friends, my life would not be as fulfilled as I am now. I finally feel like I am friends with people that GET me.
Jenni at Alluring Reads asks: 
What are you scared of? That’s always the only one I can think of for things like this.
LK: Failure.  I am scared every day that I make decisions that will cause myself to fail financially, emotionally, physically, career-wise, and socially.
And alligators and crocodiles.

KM: Dying, I guess. I love living so much and I am afraid I will never accomplish all the things I want to do in my life (like traveling overseas) before I kick the bucket. 
Oh, what types of music do you like? Fav bands?
LK: I have a huge range when it comes to music. Hard rock, metal, j-pop, pop, alternative – I love anything, except for contemporary country music and dub-step.

For favorite bands (I’ll include some singers as well): Dethklok, Celtic Thunder, Birthday Massacre, Selena Gomez (guilty pleasure!), Nightwish, Leaves Eyes, Evanescence, UnSun, Utada Hikaru, and Emilie Autumn.

KM: Same as Lyn but I even like country. The only thing I can’t stand is death metal and most heavy metal but I m a huge fan of other types of rock. Favorite bands? The White Stripes, Jet, Muse, The Heavy, AWOLNATION, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Katy Perry (SHUT IT).
GillyB from Writer of Wrongs asks:
What’s your favorite thing to do to de-stress?
LK: I have a nice little list here!
  • Reading (that is a given).
  • Art – I did some art when I first went to college, and I miss the feeling of creating.  I’m not the best, but I have done some things that I like.  I have pastels and watercolors, but I really struggle with watercolor.  The chalk pastels are my favorite at the moment.
  • Walking – I’m not skinny, so this might come as a shock.  I love popping in my headphones and walking around, but due to the weather at the moment and a crazy schedule, I’ve been slacking in this department.
  • Baking – I love to bake.  Prior to my kitchen going to pot at my old apartment, I would always be baking and trying out new things.  My favorite was making pineapple upsidedown cupcakes and Alton Brownies (Alton Brown’s brownies are the BEST!!) I have a TON of sweet baking books, and I love finding new things to bake.


KM: Take baths. Practice yoga. Read. Sleep. Watch Big Brother live feeds during the summer. Repeat. 
Do you have any secret talents?
LK: None.  I tend to lack in the talent department.

KM: She lies again. Lyn’s secret talent is art and creativity. Mine is music. I can sing and I used to play piano and clarinet. So I can read music though I have not done anything with it in a long time. Also something weird I found out about myself recently, I can hold my breath for over a minute. Weird, huh?
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
LK: I would be a zookeeper.  I wish I had done a lot more volunteer work when I was in high school, or kept going for my veterinarian technician degree. My second choice would be a weatherwoman (I’m a huge weather geek), and third would be an English teacher in Sweden, Finland, or Norway. And, as always, an author!

KM: I like Lyn’s answer but I would modify mine a little further and say a Herpetologist. I always wanted to work with reptiles and amphibians. My favorite! Also, a race car driver. Weird, I know. But that must be so exhilarating to have so much control like that.

Ellis asks:

Did you ever experience any Lost Years (a period in which you didn’t read at all, or at least not regularly)? If so, when? What is the book/series that got you excited about reading again?
LK: Yes, actually, I did.  When I graduated with my first degree and certification in 2003, I fell out of reading, because I had no idea what I wanted to read.  I picked up a few books, but overall, I felt very overwhelmed and a bit lost when it came to my own reading identity. Here is the real kicker: Twilight actually turned me on to reading again, and when I joined Goodreads in 2010, I was adopted into the YA network.

KM: Yes. Pretty much all of my twenties. That would be Memoirs of a Geisha. It also started my Asian fiction obsession that continues until this day. I joined Goodreads right around that time, and started my blog not long after.
Christina from A Reader of Fiction asks: 
What was your most embarrassing moment in high school? (Yes, I do know I’m mean)
LK: Valid question! Actually, I want to tell about my most embarrassing moment from middle school (this was cross-posted to another site, if it looks familiar).

I was very shy and very unpopular in middle school (who wasn’t?), so it didn’t take much to embarrass me. My aunt gave me a hand-me-down matching set of clothing from my cousin. My 12 year old self thought it was beautiful. It was a black button up shirt with a pair of shorts with large Hawaiian flowers on the print. It was made from cheap cotton, but I just loved the flowers. I wore it to school the next day, and I noticed a bench of popular girls screaming and waving at some of the high school boys as the buses dropped off the MS kids on the way to the high school. I proudly walked by, thinking that, for once, I looked FABULOUS. The girls stopped and stared at me, all of them in shock. I was so smug and full of myself. When I got to my locker in school, I put my books away, and noticed that I had scraped off the top three buttons on my new shirt, exposing my pink training bra to the entire world. No wonder those girls were staring.
KM: OMG at Lyn’s story. *tries to not laugh because that had to have been awful* Mine was falling down the bleachers at the homecoming game after singing the national anthem in the press box. I came out, walked about halfway down, tripped, and tumbled the rest of the way. I scraped my knees and hands, but luckily only the people close to the aisle saw it happen. LOL.

Blythe Harris from Finding Bliss in Books asks:
What is the first book you distinctly remember loving/the book that made you an avid reader?
LK: The Babysitters Club.  I still have all of the books (my mother will not let me get rid of them) and I would collect all of the books like crazy.  Claudia was my favorite because she was artsy, a horrible speller, and she was Japanese-American (I have always wished I was Asian).  My mother always tried to get me to like Mallory, telling me over and over that I was just like her.

Sometimes, I want to pull out those books and reread them. I also had a brief love for Sweet Valley High, but Jessica got on my nerves a bit.

KM: I read some of TBS and I really liked them. Claudia was my favorite also, and book 2, Claudia and The Phantom Phone Calls was my favorite book. I also didn’t like Mallory, Lyn. Kristy too. 😀 But for me, I have to say Nancy Drew. I had so many of them, all from different series, and read them like crazy. The Secret Garden. Beezus and Ramona. Fear Street. That about covers it.
Christina from Christina Reads YA asks: 

Favorite T.V. shows?
LK: Oh, man, I have so many…
Teen Titans, Justice League/LJU, Teen Titans GO!,  Batman: The Animated Series, Daria, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Offie (USA), House, Friends, Futurama, Metalocalypse, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Earth: Final Conflict (the first two seasons), Gargoyles, Big Bang, and Power Rangers (The first two seasons).

KM: Not very many. I don’t watch a lot of TV. But…I Love Lucy, The Golden Girls, Big Brother, The Big Bang Theory. Veronica Mars. And that is honestly pretty much it. 🙂
The books you wish you could’ve written?
LK: Well, I am writing a book right now (don’t get excited, I will more than likely never publish it), but as for books I wish I had written, I oddly am okay that I wasn’t in charge of the novel.  There are authors that I envy for their writing style, such as Laini Taylor.

KM: Pretty much any book I have given 4 or more stars. But right now I have to say Night Film by Marisha Pessl. The book is just fucking brilliant. 
The place you’d most like to live if you had the chance to live anywhere.
LK: Sweden. I want to live in Sweden so bad, it hurts.

KM: In the US, Seattle. Worldwide, Kyoto, Japan.
A culture you’ve admired from afar.
LK: Korean culture. The people of Korean rebuilt their nation from nothing to a thriving society.

KM: Japanese. I love every little thing about it. Geisha, Samurais, the food, architecture, the language, the way it looks written, the art (Hokusai, Kurosawa, etc.) it just never ends. Pulse is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME.
The time period you would travel to if given a time machine. Uh, so I could go on for ages with questions like there ;)…
LK: The Viking period! RAWR! I would also travel to the late 80s to early 90s. Because I can’t seem to get past that period.

KM: The Edo period in Japan. LOL. The 20s over here.
How about the question you’d wish someone would ask you about?
LK: I wish someone would ask me what mythical creature I would be, if I could choose.  Short answer: mermaid.

KM: I don’t know. I feel like everything has been asked already! My favorite shampoo? That would be Reincarnate by Lush. Also really like Seanik. Favorite color? It changes frequently between purple, green, cobalt blue, and like cherry red.
Your secret pride/joy?
LK: My cat. The vet wanted to put him down, but I refused. They said he wouldn’t live past a year.  In October, he will be 10 years old.

KM: My dog, definitely. She’s adopted from a shelter and the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Christina has told me that everyone knows about my dog so it can’t be a secret. But I can’t really think of anything else because if I have pride in something, y’all are gonna know about it!
Tammy from Books, Bones, and Buffy asks: 
Was there a book you reviewed in the past that looking at it now you were too hard or too easy on and what would be your review today?
LK: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.  I would rate it lower if I had read the series now. Also, I just updated my Twilight reviews. I was way too easy back then on books.

KM: Yeah. Twilight. Hush, Hush. LOL. My tastes have changed so much after reading as much as I have. I don’t think I reviewed them, but I rated them much higher than I should have. I am embarrassed because I thought they were good at one point. Ayayay.
Molli Moran at Once Upon A Prologue asks:

What is your favorite blogging memory so far?

LK: I have some great Twitter updates that I have faved.  Talking about Blythe’s Christmas tree was a good time. Or her mad bow puking skills. Wendy Darling sent me an ARC one time, and I felt like a superstar. Becoming Kara’s co-blogger was great as well. Last, I have some Tweets from authors who pimped the blog. It makes my heart sing when I see an author loving on us.

KM: BEA 2013, most definitely. That was probably the most amazing thing I have ever done. Flying for the first time by myself. Doing NYC with people I had just met. Getting all those books and meeting all the authors. It was exhilarating. I can’t wait to do it again next year. Having Lyn become my co-blogger. Meeting Karina Halle and all the awesome people I met at Book Bash. Doing Disney with Karina, Laura, And Chelsea. Creating my editing business and having my name in so many great books. None of these things would be possible without this blog.

Finally, Kat Kennedy at Cuddlebuggery asks (via Twitter):
Are you in love with me?

LK: I friendzoned you a long time ago.

KM: Oh yes. 😉

We might have to do this again some time – this was great! Bloggers, please feel free to do this as well. I love knowing y’all, and it helps bring all of us together!

Also, the girls at Finding Bliss in Books are hosting their own Q and A session! Hop on over and pay them a visit!

35 responses to “Meet the Bloggers: Your Questions Answered Here!

  1. Tex Mex and Alligators… are we neighbors, Lyn? 🙂 I’m in SE Texas. Good for your mom for not letting you get rid of your Babysitters Club books. I wish I still had all of mine! Kara, Claudia and The Phantom Phone Calls was my favorite, too, followed closely by the one where Dawn finds the secret passage in her house. #9 I think.

    I love that your animals are your pride and joy. <3

    Really great post! I love getting to know you guys.

  2. Lyn, fish is totally nasty smelling. Bleh. I can eat some of it if I have to, but it’s not something I EVER voluntarily choose.

    Jpop! That’s awesome, Lyn! Kara, country is the worst. LOL at Katy Perry.

    On the job question, Blogger did a stupid formatting thing for your answer, Kara.

    THAT explains why you love Memoirs of a Geisha so much!

    OMG, that would have been so mortifying! Also, middle school is totally the worst time in the world. Oh snap! I fell down in the cafeteria because of a puddle of water this one time, and everyone who was in there pointed and laughed (thankfully it was the morning, but it was late enough there were plenty of people). Even worse, I couldn’t get up because the ground was still wet and someone had to help me up. UGH. A couple days later I fell in the cafeteria AGAIN but only like two people saw because I was on the side.

    Claudia was always my favorite too, though I think I only saw the movie of TBSC.

    Korean culture! I love their culture so much, except for the rather antiquated gender roles.

    Kara, your dog is not your secret pride. Lol. We all know that already. I didn’t know Lyn had a kitty, though! KITTY.

    • Okay, well we are not going to a seafood restaurant for your birthday! 😛

      You leave my country music alone, Christina!

      That’s one of the MANY reasons I love Memoirs of a Geisha so much. 🙂

      I didn’t even know there WAS a TBSC movie.

    • I wish I loved fish, since I love visiting the coast. But I gag at the smell.

      Aww!! Isn’t it something else how it felt like such a big deal back then, but now, it is one of your most vivid memories? Thanks for sharing your own story.

      I hear that Korea is trying to overcome their gender issues.

      I’ll have to share my kitty pictures. I might not have him much longer.

      And I agree – country sucks big time.

  3. Amy

    This post is fabulous!! I loved getting to know you girls better.

    I too love sushi!! My favorite are spicy tuna rolls, but it has to be chunks of tuna, not ground up.

    Lyn, I think your eggs and book cover things were fun. I would love to see more of your art! I would also love to hear Kara sing. I used to play piano and clarinet too.

    I love that both of you consider your cat or dog your pride and joy. Animals are family!!

    This was really fun to read!! Thanks for doing this girls!!

    Ahhh The Babysitters Club and Nacey Drew!! Total win!!

    I love Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and Kings of Leon!

    • Amy

      What the heck!! It totally chopped off the last part of my comment. Now I don’t even remember.

      I know I said that I love that both of you chose your pet as your pride and joy. Animals really are family.

      Also, thank you for doing this post girls!! It was really fun to read.

    • No, it’s all there!

      I love ALL kinds of sushi. There has never been a roll I haven’t liked.

      I can’t say I really sing anymore. Just don’t have the time or place to do it here. 🙂

      Animals ARE family.

    • I have a secret girl-crush on Selena.

      I can luckily say that I am mediocre on art, but I know that if I put in some time, I will get better. I just need the time and the work space and the supplies. I think my mother is going to purchase some professional watercolors for my collection for Christmas.

      I can’t wait to get my Baby Sitters Club books out and read them. I also read some Goosebumps, but that was my sister’s series.

  4. Liver. *shudders*

    I love how so many of my favorite bloggers first started out on Goodreads. I needs to get more active there.

    And now you have me in the mood for Alton’s brownies.
    Kara, I want to hear you sing. And play piano and clarinet.
    Y’all are talented.

    I see the Norse mythology love coming through with job decisions…

    Nancy Drew!! Ramona! I actually just read my first Babysitters Club novel last… March? for my children’s literature class. But my professor made us read it in conjunction with Massie by Lisi Harrison, so it didn’t get discussed much. I remember liking Claudia though :).

    *adds Night film to TBR*
    *tries to goad Lyn into writing and pubbing her novel*

    *Note to self: So any time you run into a book with Norse or Sweedish or Finnish culture, pass onto Lyn, and any time you run into a book with Asian influences, pass onto Kara.

    MERMAID. Why? o.O

    Kara, I’m so with you on Hush, Hush and Twilight and the like. My blog still retains some evidence of that…

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    • Yes! Goodreads is amazing. I have so many good friends there.

      I used to sing but I don’t really get the chance to do it much anymore!

      I wonder if I would still enjoy the books as an adult. Interesting thought.

      Please read Night Film ASAP.

      I think my blog might have evidence of that too, but I think I kept it on Goodreads.

    • I’ll have to share it here on the blog eventually – Kara insists.
      Alton Brownies are just so damn good. I don’t make them all of the time, because I’ll eat the whole batch.

      I wish I could publish my book one day. At first, it was fear of no one liking it, but now I know that if I like it, then so be it! I might just share it with close friends.

      I find mermaids awesome. I don’t have to wear a bra, I get to swim all day, and my hair would be freaking kick-ass!!

  5. This is so fun! I wish I had seen your original post and asked some questions! But you got some good ones in there and the answers are awesome. I may or may not remind you of and tease you about your embarrassing stories in the future. (I totally will.)

    I knew you had an Asian fixation, Kara. (I rhymed!) I do too — Memoirs of a Geisha touched off a huge interest in Japanese culture for me. Now, whenever I see a Japanese themed book, I think of you.

    I also have to agree that Layn is talented at art. I’ve seen some of her work on FB and it is lovely and it makes me jealous that I possess none.

    <3 you too and I bet this was as fun for you to write as it was for me to read.

    • Oh, Jessie! We might have to do it again some time! I wish you had seen the first post!

      I have my moments. I suspect that this Christmas will be the yera of art supply needs. I hope to keep working on it and really get to a level where I am happy with myself.

  6. There are some really good questions here!

    I’m so glad you ladies did this, and that we’re copying you over on FBiB. It’s such a fun idea; I adore you both even more having read your answers.

  7. Sushi and Tex Mex are pretty much my two favorite foods. OBVIOUSLY THIS WAS MEANT TO BE ♥ haha, I love this post. You guys like j-pop :’) Kara wants to live in Japan :’) This is just beautiful. 😀

  8. Well at least you won’t both be fighting over Kat, right?

    You both answered the time travel question so easily! It would be impossible for me to pick. ALL THE PLACES.

    Haha, I have sooo many books that I was probably too easy on, back in the day. Including Hush, Hush. It’s one of those books where I acknowledge the ridiculous romance, the love interest WHO IS A MURDERER, but I still enjoy anyway. My brain is just not normal.

    A big fat YES to Veronica Mars, and I love how many animated shows Lyn enjoys! I’m going to have to jot some of those down.

  9. Ouch with your mom comparing you to Mallory! My favorite was Stacey so since she and Claudia were best friends, I kind of feel like we are too. People asked such great questions-thanks for being game to answer them all!

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