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Today on the blog we have a guest post from Brooke Moss, author of many contemporary romance novels, and we are also featuring an excerpt from her new novel, Baby & Bump. We don’t normally post about contemporary romance on this blog, but Brooke Moss is one of the sweetest people I know. She’s a huge supporter of bloggers, readers’ rights, and I’ve known her since I pretty much began blogging back in 2011. I wanted to help her out in getting her latest promoted as I did enjoy The “What If” Guy very much.  

Thank you to Brooke for asking us to be a part of her blog tour!

Title: Baby and Bump
Author: Brooke Moss
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 298
Release Date: July 2nd, 2013

Book Description: At thirty years old, caterer Lexie Baump has a lot on her plate. With a business to run, she doesn’t have time for any added distractions. But one momentary indiscretion adds a little hiccup to Lexie’s plans. She’s pregnant. With no relationship prospects.

But if Lexie thought fighting morning sickness while running a catering business was hard, enter Dr. Fletcher Haybee. Their connection is instant, and their love of vintage rock tee shirts and Elvis music is enough to bond them for life. There are just two minor problems.

One: he’s dating her oversexed best friend. Two: he’s also her obstetrician.

With events to cater, awkward OB appointments to endure, and her ever-growing baby bump making it impossible to close her jeans, Lexie has to find a way to curb her undeniable attraction toward Fletcher and focus on her new role as a working mother. But it certainly isn’t easy when its clear Fletcher himself feels the same magnetic pull toward Lexie.

Can Lexie leave the gorgeous Fletcher for her best friend to chew up and spit out, or will she cave to her feelings and find love in the stirrups? Life is about to get messy, and we’re not just talking about crumbs in the car seat…

Guest Post by Brooke Moss
             Hi, Kara, and thanks for hosting me on Great Imaginations. I’m here to tell all of your fabulous readers about my latest book, Baby & Bump. It’s a romantic comedy about a single woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant…then falls for her obstetrician.
            Wait, say what?
            Yeah. I’m sure you’re all wondering where in the heck I came up with this plotline. And the fact of the matter is, it all started from a Facebook post. I have a girlfriend who was pregnant and lamenting about how uncomfortable it was when her obstetrician’s partner—who also happened to be a single hottie, examined her.
            Yeah. Awkward.
            This FB thread blossomed in my mind, taking on a life of its own, and rapidly turned into a hilarious cast of characters, all with life conundrums and quirks of their own. Writing this story was a laugh-out-loud experience, and I’m really hoping that translates to my readers. It was especially fun to share the story of a woman who finds love while pregnant. Because of all the times in life to find love…
            I guess that’s why I write contemporary romance. Because love is messy, love has weird timing, and love is never, ever convenient. I like to write about real people—like you or me—finding their soul mate in the strangest of places, and in the most peculiar of ways.
            For instance: while in the stirrups at an OB appointment.
            Here’s an excerpt of Baby & Bump to give everyone a taste of what I’m talking about:
“I… I… uh…”
My brain had shut off. I was sitting there, naked from the waist down, covered in a glorified quicker picker upper, staring at the best-looking man I’d ever seen.
            “She’s fine.” Candace snickered.
            The lovely doctor’s eyes brightened. “Candace? What’s up? Is this your sister?”
            “Cousin. She just found out she’s pregnant.” Candace nudged me. “Say hello, Lex.”
            “Hello, Lex. Er, Dr. Haybee.” I blinked a few times and focused on the tee shirt underneath his worn denim button down.
Holy hell, it was a vintage Aerosmith tee shirt! If there had been water in the examination room, he could have walked on it.
            “Call me Fletcher.” His accent made my toes, clad only in blue and white striped socks with dancing hippos on the heels (what was I thinking?) curl deliciously. “Any cousin of Candace and Brian’s is a friend of mine.”
            I ignored Candace’s knowing grin as I tried to put on my game face. Well, as much of a game face as I could have without any pants on. “You… you don’t look like a doctor.”
            “Thank you. I take that as a compliment.” He grinned and the corners of his eyes crinkled. I swear to God a ray of sunshine busted through the roof, illuminating him.
            “He’s the best OB in town,” Candace announced proudly. “Remember when I had preeclampsia with Ellie’s pregnancy and had bed rest?”
            I peeled my eyes away from Fletcher. “Uh huh.”
            “Fletcher did all of the appointments in my last trimester at our house.” She beamed. “How many doctors do house calls these days?”
            Glancing back at Fletcher, who was nodding humbly, I replied, “Not many.”
            He laughed, and the deep, rumbling sound made the hair on the back of my neck stand at attention. “That’s just one of the perks of being friends with your obstetrician.”
            I was staring at him. I couldn’t help it. How did I miss this guy through all three of Candace’s pregnancies? Why hadn’t she dragged me to this office sooner?
Say when I wasn’t pregnant and my face wasn’t the same shade of grey as a gas station bathroom?
Again, thanks for having me here on Great Imaginations. I hope that Fletcher and Lexie’s journey in Baby & Bump prove that you can find love anywhere, and at any time. Yes, even when you’re already knocked up and sitting on an examination table covered in paper. Thanks for having me, Kara!
P.S. I’m giving away an e-Copy of Baby & Bump to one of your awesome readers. To do so, I’m posing a question: where is the most random place you’ve ever met someone you wound up dating/marrying? Answer this in the comments, and on July 9th, we’ll pick a random winner! Thanks for playing along, guys!
About the Author:
Brooke Moss

“I write because if I don’t…my head will explode, and ruin the drapes.” ♥ Brooke writes complex, character-driven stories about kismet, reunited lovers, first love, and the kind of romance that we should all have the chance at finding. She prefers her stories laced with some humor just for fun, and enough drama to keep her readers flipping the pages, and begging for more. Brooke is also an avid Autism Awareness advocate, and a passionate foster/adoptive mother, who loves to share her experiences with anyone who will listen. Find Brooke elsewhere on the web at

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11 responses to “Baby and Bump Blog Tour: Guest Post, Excerpt, and Giveaway

  1. I met my husband through friends so that no very weird. I hadn’t dated much before him and the others I did were friends. I know lame I don’t have a fun story to tell.. This looks like a good read.

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  2. I’m definitely not married, and I actually don’t have a lot of weird dating stories, so it’d just be a Starbucks, I suppose. Yay, conventional me lol. I do like the sound of this premise – I can already imagine both the humor and mortification that would ensue – and the cover is quite gorgeous and eye-catching. Interesting title to feature as I had never heard of the book until now.

  3. Most of the guys I dated I met through work or school. The work thing is usually not a good idea but I never learned my lesson, did it too many times.

  4. Amy

    I started dating an electrician who was doing some work at the place I worked. It was snowing super bad because a storm had come in, my car wouldn’t have made it home in it (okay, maybe it would have lol) and he gave me a ride home and picked me up to bring me to work the next day. We started dating shortly after. It didn’t work out with us, but that’s probably the weirdest story I have. Nothing that entertaining.

  5. I married my first love. I guess the weirdest experience we had before starting our relationship was that we had to take part in a class roleplay for an assignment. The theme was Weddings from Around the World. I was somehow put into the same team as this quiet mysterious but cute guy. And he was slated to be the groom. Us girls had to pick lots to see who would be the concubine-to-be. Yeah.. I had to be that concubine-to-be. Weird how that seemed to be a premonition. 6 years later we were married and it’s been 10 years since we first met as college classmates.

  6. My fiance and I met online. He struck up a conversation with me as i was intrigued because it was not like when other guts sent me messages. He actually wanted to get to know me before we mentioned physical stuff. Then, in the middle of winter, he walked to me house to walk to Tim Hortons for our first official date. It was sweet.
    We have dated for 2 1/2 years. We also have a son together 🙂

  7. It’s maybe not a weird place (a restaurant) but kind of a funny story attached to it. 🙂 This happened five years ago: I was in this restaurant alone, drinking wine (yeah, I know…) and I noticed that the waiter was awfully cute. I was the only customer and eventually I started chatting to the cute waiter (I normally never do that, but I was a bit drunk this time, he hee…) and somehow at the end of the evening the whole staff of the restaurant, also the owner, were hanging out and chatting with me. Then it was time to close, and the owner, a middle aged man, told me there was no way I could walk home alone this late. So he ordered the cute waiter to walk me home! 😀 And he walked me home, we stayed on a bench outside my house chatting a bit and then went each to our homes. That was the cutest way I started dating someone! It didn’t last very long but it was nice and I still think of that boy fondly. 🙂

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