Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2013

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic: Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2013.

The year is half way over, fellow book lovers!
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What could be more appropriate for the end of June than talking about our favorite books that we have read so far for 2013? This week, both bookish babes will share our top ten books we have read up to this point!
Lyn’s List
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1. Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick
2. Year of Shadows by Claire Legrand
3. If You Find Me by Emily Murdock
4. And All the Stars by Andrea K. Höst
5. Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
6. A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge
7. The Humming Room by Ellen Potter
8. Gated by Amy Christine Parker
9. The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson
10. Loki’s Wolves by K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr
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Okay, so first of all, Lyn has a bad-ass list up there. The Humming Room was one of my favorites of LAST YEAR and A Face Like Glass is definitely on my list THIS year. So is If You Find Me. But overwhelmingly, this has been a pretty disappointing reading year for me thus far. Because of that, some of the wind has been let out of my sails. But I am hoping and praying (as much as I can for someone who doesn’t pray) that the second half of the year is better. PLEASE BE BETTER. 
At any rate, I have read some great books, so let’s get to my top ten! Oh, and the links go to my blog reviews.
1. The Dead by Charlie Higson
2. If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch
3. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
4. A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge
5. The Fire Horse Girl by Kay Honeyman
6. Swimming at Night  by Lucy Clarke
7. In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters
8. The Miseducation of Cameron Post  by Emily M. Danforth
9. The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa
10. Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
Leave us a link below for your top ten best books of 2013!

26 responses to “Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2013

  1. Aww man, Siege and Storm twice on this list! And almost everyone else’s list too. I need to make some time to read that one. Scarlet was awesome as well 😀 Nice lists!

  2. Amy

    You both have awesome lists!! Loki’s Wolves and The Eternity Cure are both ones I loved too!! (I still have to write my freaking review for The Eternity Cure *sigh*) I really like The Name of the Star too. I still haven’t read the sequel yet though.

  3. Awww, pretty Asian girl is pretty.

    I am not rocking at your list. I’ve only read Siege and Storm and The Humming Room. But they were both good reads. So. MUST READ MOAR.

    • Ack. Didn’t see that you’d both done this. FAIL.

      Kara’s comments:

      Ha! Five of them! That’s better. Lol.

      In the Shadow of Blackbirds was ALMOST on my list. Scarlet too. But I think I got more feels from some of the others. Though, I might have read Scarlet at the end of last year come to think of it. *scratches head*

    • Pretty Asian Girl is the infamous Thuy Trang AKA the Yellow Ranger. I girl-crush her like crazy.

      Christina, someday we’re going to find a book we love together! You and I are on the opposite end of book taste (but I still love you for it!!)

  4. Love that Siege & Storm was on both of your lists. 🙂 In the Shadow of Blackbirds WAS fantastic and I still want to try out Swimming at Night after your rave review. Great picks!!

  5. YESSSS SIEGE AND STORM. (And I guess If You Find Me? I’ve heard a lot of great things about that one–and now it’s on both of your lists? Hmmm). Lyn, I see that you loved Loki’s Wolves–Norse mythology, I remember. Are you going to read the Lost Son by Tessa Gratton soon? I haven’t actually heard of the other books you read–well, except for Name of the Star, which I own and is lying around here somewhere…. but perhaps I shall pick that up soon.

    Kara!! Scarlet was really exciting and the Eternity Cure. Omg. That ending. Julie Kagawa. ARGHHHHH. (Also: lol at how different the two are. Between Scarlet and the Eternity Cure. I love how vast your taste is. I haven’t heard of the others as much–only In the Shadow of Blackbirds and the Miseducation of Cameron Post, which both seemed to get rave reviews all around…. more TBR?

    I love that between the two of you, I am now vacillating between examining four books more closely and reading what’s currently in my review pile. *sigh*

    • I want to read “The Lost Sun’. Reviews have me worried, but more than likely, I will pick it up. I have ten books set up for my Viking Challenge.

      I feel the same why when I go to people’s blogs. My wish list grows in leaps and bounds, thanks to all of the book lovers.

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