Google Reader is Going Away in 3 weeks!!

Posted June 15, 2013 by Kara in Blog News, Kara / 8 Comments


And as a faithful and kick-ass reader of Great Imaginations, Lyn and I don’t want to lose you! There are many other ways you can subscribe in our sidebar, but you can try Bloglovin’ too! I personally use it and love it to follow my favorite blogs!  The link to follow Great Imaginations is below (and in our sidebar):

This is your friendly reminder to re-follow us! If you already have, disregard this message!

8 responses to “Google Reader is Going Away in 3 weeks!!

    • I can’t say for sure. But as to my knowledge, this does not include GFC. That being said, considering most people read their GFC subscribed blogs through Google Reader ANYWAY, I would still suggest subscribing in other ways. And also announce this to your followers. 🙂

  1. You just reminded me. I need a post like this. The other day, I actually tried changing my layout a bit, but the GFC gadget had disappeared. I don’t know if that’s a function of this, or it’s been that way a while or what, but that scared me. And also: I’ve imported my GFC feeds into Feedly, so looking forward to reading your future posts :).

    • GFC should be sticking around since I’ve heard nothing about it going away for Blogger users yet.

      Yay for Feedly! And Old Reader. And Bloglovin’. We have a lot of options!

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