KC and the Sunshine Chats (2): A Day in the Life of a Book Blogger

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Around the book blog world, there are a lot of awesome discussion post groups, like Book Girls Don’t Cry, They Vent or Reviewer’s Roundtable. The ironically named KC and the Sunshine Chats was born out of a wish to be part of the fun. However, we wanted to mix things up and instead of posting individual discussion posts, we’ll chat back and forth in one post, alternating which blog the post will appear on. We don’t have a set schedule for these, but will probably post one or two a month.

We do know the name is silly, but this is Kara and Christina and we are silly. 🙂

For our second chat, we are discussing a day in the life of a book blogger. Or in this case, a day in the life of Kara and Christina.

KM: I presented an idea to Christina this week (since it’s my turn for the topic) that I thought was interesting and something that maybe would help other bloggers and blog readers understand what book bloggers do all day. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like my family and friends don’t get it. They think I sit on my ass all day and do nothing. They may not say it out loud, but I rarely feel like they appreciate or understand. I must be on Twitter all day having fun and doing nothing constructive. Not to mention, I’m also editing, reading, cleaning the house, etc. etc. I don’t know what Christina’s experiences are exactly because we have different lifestyles ( I work at home, for one), but I thought we could kind of put our daily schedules out there and go from that and see if anyone else can relate. So maybe we should start with the morning? How does yours go, Christina?

CF: Ha, well, my morning generally starts with me being pissed off at my cell phone alarm for going off so fucking early, and setting it back a few times, until my cat starts walking all over me to get me up. If I do manage to wake up a bit earlier, I usually treat myself to a chapter of my current read, and, even if I don’t, I often read a chapter of my iPod touch book (from the Kindle app) while I brush my teeth. Then I head to work, which is approximately five minutes away, so no audios for the drive or anything. How about you?

KM: Well, as you know, I work at home. But the first thing I do when I get up is check my email. Like before I even get out of bed and brush my teeth. I have issues. But if I don’t check email and Twitter, I obsess over it until I do. So I just do it now because I’m a freak. And then I make coffee. Then I spend my morning going through my email and responding to publishers, blog commenters, Goodreads, commenting on blogs, yada yada until my coffee is gone (2 giant cups), usually. It’s at this point I decide what I’m going to accomplish that day. Sidenote: I don’t listen to audio books but if I ever calm the fuck down, I’m going to try. I just don’t do well with concentrating on something by ear.

CF: Oh! I sometimes check my email first thing too, if I’ve carried my iPod upstairs with me. If there are no blog comment notifications, I weep. Not really, but…you know. I alternate between getting my commenting done slowly throughout the day and binge commenting. Ideally, I like to respond to comments on my blog as they come in, but sometimes I’m behind…like now.

KM: Always behind. I feel like I am NEVER caught up. Review books, blog posts, blog commenting, I never feel like it’s good enough. I love binge commenting. That’s usually how I do it. I sit down for a couple hours and just go crazy. Oh yes, and I forgot about my daily walk to the mailbox because it is on the other side of the complex and we are at the back. That takes about 20 minutes. No lie. So, anything else to get out about your morning? Or should we jump to afternoon now? O_o

CF: True, all of those things never end. There will always be more books to read, reviews to write, posts to visit, which is a good thing, if occasionally overwhelming. Ha, I have a daily walk to the mailbox, which is on the other side of the complex, but it’s a small complex, so only five minutes. Still, it sucks when there’s no mail. Afternoon on weekdays, I’m at work. I can maintain a Twitter presence and do some commenting, but that’s mostly it. I’m lucky to get to do that. Weekend afternoons are like weekday evenings, so we can go into that later.

KM: I hate when there’s no mail and I have walked all that way!! I don’t know how you manage a blog full time by yourself and work a full time job. I have a co-blogger now and I am not always editing, and I still almost pull my hair out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the good kind of pull-your-hair-out, but still… So. Afternoon. This is when I am either editing (if I have a manuscript to work on) or writing blog posts if I don’t. I try to schedule out posts for the blog a week in advance, so I always type up my book hauls on Thursday for Saturday, and I do memes as far in advance as I can. I try to write book reviews within a few days of finishing. Right now it is Monday and I have the blog scheduled up until NEXT Monday. If I am typing up a post before the day it is due, I am so stressed out so I try to do anything I can to keep that from happening. What about you? How do you schedule your blog and what are your afternoons during the week and weekend like?

CF: I don’t know how I do it. Not being a particularly social person helps, and I’m a quick writer and fairly speedy reader. Otherwise, I don’t know how I’d get shit done. When I’m not at work, I balance reading, watching of shows, errands, social life, and anything else that must be done. There’s no set formula. I try to do blog commenting and non-review post writing while I watch television shows, so I always get behind when I watch a kdrama, since I can’t read subtitles and other things. Haha. Pretty much the only posts ever scheduled more than a day in advance are reviews. I do my memes usually the day before, though I sometimes film my book haul vlogs on Friday if I look nice. *preens* Reviews I write immediately upon finishing the book in question: no exceptions (except for that time I accidentally deleted one).

KM: Haha! Well you are organized and do what works for you! That’s wonderful! I do the same thing and comment on blogs during TV time, but lately since I have been watching Veronica Mars for the first time, I’ve lost a lot of time. OOPS. When I am editing a manuscript, it’s even worse. Because most of the time I would be using to work on the blog, I am working on the manuscript. Which is why I love when authors don’t give me a deadline. But most do, so I just do the best that I can. I usually lose a lot of hair in my brush during that time and I get a migraine, like now. Ugh. And for the record, all of this stuff carries on into the evening too. For me, the only time I usually have to read is at the end of the day, when all my work is done. I try to finish by 6 P.M. so I can spend the rest of the evening reading, but that doesn’t always work. Do you have set reading times or do you just fit it in when you can?

CF: This is where you get a view into my crazy. Reading is my primary activity whenever I’m home, unless I have company. For every hundred pages of my book, I earn an episode of whatever television show I’ve been watching (currently Felicity – Ben’s still not hot, Kara), during which time I can comment and blog. After that, more reading. Of course, I have more than one book going at all times, so it’s a bit more complex, but that’s the simple version.

KM: LOL!! YES HE IS!! I love your system. All of your systems. And you aren’t that crazy. Because I do the same. I just don’t have hardly any free time that isn’t planned out for something else. But when I do, I’m reading. In the bathtub, I’m reading. Doing dishes, I’m reading. In the car while Dan is driving, I’m reading. I do try to jam it in there when I can but my MAIN reading time is at night. We need to talk about your book picking system in a topic soon. 😀 So…is there anything else you want to mention? Or should we open it up for comments?

CF: I just need to know one more thing: How do you read while doing dishes?!?!?!?

KM: Hahahaha! I use one hand. I usually only do this when I have my Kindle. I empty and load with one hand and read with the other. And I believe that is what you call true dedication. 😀 

Okay, readers! Share with us all your reading habits and blog scheduling methods. How does your day work for you? Also, we are opening up the comments for suggestions on future topics you would like us to cover. So if you have an idea, suggest it. It can be anything, really. We are open to ideas.

48 responses to “KC and the Sunshine Chats (2): A Day in the Life of a Book Blogger

  1. Everyone in my life thinks I simply sit on my ass all day and do nothing. But sitting in front of a computer for most of the day does NOT mean I’m doing nothing. Now, I know I have a very unique circumstance in which I don’t work and I don’t have kids – so I have a LOT of free time to get my shit together.

    From the moment I wake up to the time I fall asleep, my mind is going, either with the book I’m reading, working on the blog, or the book I’m currently writing. I check my email/GR/Twitter as soon as I wake up, without getting out of bed, and barely even opening my eyes. Then, I eat and while I’m eating I try to visit the blogs I follow religiously (like you guys.) Then I’m either writing blog posts, reading, or writing my book. I sprinkle in housework and other crap during the day, as well, but mostly I’m writing. I currently have three WIPs, one of which is a really intense high/epic fantasy so it takes a lot of energy to even think about.

    If I could just train myself to concentrate better, I would golden. But right now I can’t really concentrate on anything for longer than an hour. Then I start to get restless and weird and have to mix it up, which is why I’m pretty far behind on my reading.

    But anyway, for those of us who are bloggers and people who work from home (and I consider writing with the intent to publish working from home) it can seem to outsiders that we do nothing with our time. But really – we never stop.

    • Agreed with the unique circumstance. I feel like a heathen because I work at home and have no kids sometimes. Like I’m a lazy fuck or something. But maybe that’s just my insecurity. I work my ass off most days.

      I am the same way though. My mind never stops racing. I think I’ve found another brain twin. You and I might not always like the same books, but we are neurotic about the same things and have similar mental functions–and husbands, it seems. 😀 I wish I had the imagination to have three books going at once. I can’t even develop ONE solid idea.

      Again, agreed about the concentration. It’s been an issue for me the past year. I think it’s due to my anxiety. I get restless and cannot focus on any one thing for too long before I have to switch.

      We totally never stop.

    • I too have issues with concentration, which is why I read multiple books at one time and switch back and forth. I can’t just sit and read through a book anymore. After a couple of chapters, I start looking around for stimulation, even if I’m loving the book. I used to be able to focus, but it’s hard for me now.

      And my brain NEVER shuts up. Sometimes I wish it would take a break.

  2. Sam

    I think I can relate to a lot of that! Emails first thing in the morning sounds about right. I have this annoying need to refresh my inbox every five minutes. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up. O_O I don’t really have much of a schedule when it comes to writing blog posts and commenting etc. I’m studying at the moment and working part time, so I suppose it’s whenever I have a free moment. Reading is always at night for me though. I try to squeeze it in whenever I can during the day, but even that becomes impossible sometimes. And the no post thing? Super annoying! I live for the sound of books coming through my letterbox. (Thankfully I don’t have to leave the house! A 20 minute walk sounds like hell to me.)

    Love this new feature, by the way! I don’t have any topic suggestions, but I look forward to your next post. 🙂

    • Yup!! I check my email before my eyes are even fully open. I cannot risk that a publisher or a client may have emailed me and I slept through it.

      I understand about not having a schedule when you have that much on your plate. You have to prioritize and blogging takes a backseat when you have school things to do. For me, I set aside time each day to do blog stuff. Whether it’s create a new post or commenting, I HAVE to do it this way or I go nuts. I need structure or I get NOTHING done. LOL.

      OMG. There is nothing I hate more than taking that 20 minute trip to the mailbox and there being nothing there, which is why I generally only check it every other day. I could drive, but I like to go in the afternoon and right now we only have one car and Dan has it.

      THANK YOU! The next one will be on Christina’s blog! We are alternating.

    • Ha, if I have my iPod upstairs with me, which I try to, I check my email before I get up too. I’m really good at checking them, but not so good about responding.

      OMG, yes, without structure, I accomplish nothing, which is why I have so many crazy rules about reading and when I can watch TV and how to choose my reads.

  3. Love this idea.

    So my habits:
    Wake up, Shower
    Eat breakfast while checking emails/commenting (sometimes this is why my comment are not very clever)
    Drink tea (this is important)
    Go to work (listen to audiobook in car)
    Read for 15 minutes because I am early
    Read for entire lunch break while eating
    Leave work (listen to audiobook)
    Walk dog, cook dinner
    Eat/Check emails get up to date with what I’ve missed at work
    Evening – TV, reading, writing original stuff, writing blogs, it just all depends on where I am blogwise.

    I also tend to try to write bursts of reviews on Sunday morning/afternoon because I’ve discovered that’s normally my in the zone time.

    • Okay:

      I shower at night most of the time.
      I rarely eat breakfast. Sometimes a banana.
      Replace that with coffee. If I drink tea, it’s usually at night. All the time when I’m sick.
      I don’t do audiobooks. My brain won’t focus on those for some reason.
      I USED to read on my lunch breaks when I worked a job out of the home.
      I try to walk the dog every day. Right now it’s really hot and she doesn’t do well in extreme heat.
      LOL, me cook? That happens a couple times a month, if that.
      And yup! Evening is when I read or watch my shows. Most of my blog writing I do in the afternoon.

      I try to do as much blog work as I can during the week because weekends is the only time Dan has off and we can do stuff. Of course, that doesn’t always work out that way.

    • I live in an apartment complex so I have to walk the dog (3 times a day actually) and I’m gluten intolerant so cooking is a must. I’m glad I can do audiobooks because they allow me to steal reading time in time that’s otherwise wasted. I’m not sure I would read enough books otherwise for a blog between job, dog, feeding myself & occasionally leaving the apartment.

    • Gah! I hate cooking. At most I cook up some pasta or something, which takes like fifteen minutes. Kara, didn’t you post a fancy cooking picture like yesterday?

      Oh, I read my kindle book when I’m waiting for my computer to start up/shutdown at work. I had updates yesterday and I was like BALLS, but then remembered I could read Adorkable. Winning!

    • I live in an apartment complex as well, but luckily my husband takes her for those I-gotta-poop walks. 😉

      I did post cooking pictures yesterday. But I won’t cook again for another month. 😀

  4. I totally agree that everyone in my life doesn’t realize how much it takes to do what we do and keep up the content and social aspect of everything. I always wake up, get my kids up and then sit at the table with my computer and comment on blogs while they have breakfast and watch their morning cartoons. Then I ship my daughter off to school and come home and put in the laundry and read while my son putses around and plays with his toys. When my daughter gets out at noon I pick her up and we normally visit a park or something quick and then come home for lunch and then I pop a movie on for them and I read. Then the evening I can’t read at all, dance classes and playdates and ugh, I hate having a social life. Then when the kids go to bed at 7 I read until about 9 or 10. I always have my phone on me so I can maintain a twitter presence because I would feel naked without it. Well, gotta get my kid off to school!

    • Yes!! LOL! Your schedule is very different than mine and even more unruly, but I think we both feel the same way. We work our asses off and we want recognition, dammit!

  5. Amy

    This post rocks!! I wish I was even half as organized as Christina is. I have like 6 reviews to write right now. Of course before I started taking notes I would write them right away, now I’m like “I have my notes, I’ll write it later” Lol! One thing that I have started doing though which is super helpful, is when I start a book I set up the the post with the cover, synopsis, links and all that. It makes it so much faster when I actually do get to the review.

    I haven’t been on twitter much which has been good for reading and getting stuff done, but I feel kind of lost without talking to all of you on twitter. I am hoping to be back on more in a little bit. I am just taking a little break from the internet. I’m still around, but not as much. I was getting a bit overwhelmed.

    • I get the metadata out of the way as well when I don’t feel like typing up the review right then. Christina is insanely organized. I never let myself get more than 3 reviews behind before I force myself to write. That’s how I handle it, anyway.

      I am the same when I take Twitter breaks. I feel like I have no idea WTF is going on and I don’t like being out of the loop.

    • Ha! Whatever. I’m ‘organized’ because I can’t be organized enough to actually take notes and shit. That’s way beyond me. I just know that if I let myself skip one, I would spiral into never writing any reviews. The day I don’t write my review as soon as I finish is the day A Reader of Fictions closes up shop.

  6. You ladies are so dedicated. 🙂

    I like to check Twitter/email when I first wake up – habit from having an iPhone, I’m just trained to do it, I guess. I try to set aside time at night to read, too. During the day when I’m not doing job search stuff/writing/cleaning/working out, I’m usually online for two-three hours to write blog posts, socialize on Twitter, check emails, and such. Some days I try to be on much less to give myself a break, and some days – if I’m behind on blog posts – it’s a lot longer to get it all done.

  7. I work third shift so my day goes something like this:

    Wake up.
    Watch Price is Right
    Do homework until about noon while catching up on blogs. (Graduation is soon so this will change! YAY!)
    Work while listening to a book on my iPod.
    Dinner while watching netflix and doing more homework.
    Work while typing up reviews or reading and we see what part of the day the bosses aren’t here.
    Home for more reading and tv and more blogging.

    Of course in there I have twitter open all day to pester people (HI KARA) and gmail open because well, it’s gmail and it has gchat. Also my blog isn’t that popular and because of that it’s pretty easy to keep up with comments.

    • HI, ASHLEY! I always have my gmail open too. I am obsessive with clearing out my inbox right away. This blog isn’t that popular either but with daily posts now, it gets stressful keeping up.

      Yay for graduation! Congratulations!

    • My friend doesn’t archive anything and I’m like YOU HAVE 20,000 EMAILS HOW?! Of course I’m the person who wants to clean for other people soooo. Also, Christina, I love and adore you, but how do you not have internet on your phone?

      Although to be fair, i never thought I would have it and now that I do I’m..addicted. *looks around*

  8. I check Twitter as soon as I am lucid – right after my first cup of coffee. Then I check my blog. Then I read and write some reviews unless I have to work. In the evening I check blogs around and go to sleep…I mean I go reading before sleep. I thought I was mad. I think I am – and my family certainly thinks so. But now I know I am in good company, what a relief!!!

    • LOL! I almost wish I could wait until I was lucid. I’ve woken up so many times to drama on Twitter and gotten involved before my brain figures out I should have stayed out of it.

      We are all mad, aren’t we? 😉

  9. I love this chat-form discussion 🙂 I’m a translator, also working from home with a kid and no hubby so it’s pretty much survival of the fittest, fighting to get anything done 🙂
    And yes to the morning routine, Kara. Three big cups, emails and stuff before I can properly function!

    • Glad you like the form on the discussion. We wanted to try to do something a little bit different. 🙂

      Sadly, I despise the taste of coffee, so I have to get up on my own steam. 🙁

    • I have two big cups. Anymore than that and I would blow through the roof and be admitted to a hospital for blood sugar overload. I get so shaky when I haven’t eaten anything and too much coffee just makes it worse.

      Glad you liked the post!

  10. My habits have changed so much over the last few weeks, but this is what I do now:

    Wake up at 6:30am
    Brush my teeth was my face
    Check twitter/email
    Reply to blog comments
    Brainstorm discusion post
    Schedule post
    Make breakfast (it’s about 8am now)
    Watch Scooby Doo with my babygirl while we eat said breakfast
    Clean house
    Play dress up/princess/ninja turtle/power rangers
    Make lunch (it’s about 12:30 now)
    Tell babygirl to take a nap
    Clean up toys
    tell babygirl to get back in bed for her nap
    read 3-6 chapters of whatever my current book is
    Go outside with baby girl to play: kickball/tag/hide and seek/ driving/ chalk/bubble adventures
    Come in to cook dinner (it’s about 5:30 now)
    Go back outside and play some more
    Give babygirl a bath
    Eat dinner
    Put babygirl to sleep
    Stay up until 12-2am to read or blog

    I use to do all this AND work a full time job 5 days a week. But now I alternate this with running errands, grocery shopping, babysitting my little cousins etc. But of course my family thinks all I do is sit in front of my computer all day or with a book in my hand. If you asked them they would probably say I need to get out more, or get a new job or something along those lines.

    • Ha, my first alarm goes off at 6:30 usually, but then I snooze it up til 7. Yes, I know that’s a terrible life choice, but I can’t help it.

      HOLY. SHIT. How? HOW? You get so little sleep. I would die. I need AT LEAST six hours a night, and that’s pushing it.

    • Agreed with Christina. How the hell do you function every day on 4 and a half hours of sleep? I’m running on that now and I am practically dying my eyes hurt so bad.

      And I’m sure your daughter is lovely but this helps me to realize that not having kids was the right decision for me. 😉

      Family always thinks we just sit on our asses and read. If only I could turn this gig into more cash.

    • mwahaha I don’t stay up every night till 2, most nights I get in the bed at 12 or so; depending on what I’m reading and if it’s awesome. But even on 4 hours of sleep I can still function ok, I thinks it’s because when I do sleep I sleep like the dead…nothing can wake me up, it’s kind of scary.

      And yep she is lovely but “kids suck” lol, but it’s worth it most days and I’m 24 so luckily I still have the energy to take her on.

  11. Morning Routine: Bathroom, Check phone, turn on/wake up Ipad, TV flipped on and then check emails both inbox and Junk(most isn’t really Junk). Check FB and Twitter, and start my day with breakfast and life take on from there.

    Being a blogger, reader, writer and student . . . I don’t have a everyday set in motion for blogging. On someday I blog and other days I read but now that I have a new blog and made it clear to myself that I would blog at least twice a week if not more. So far I have done many currently reading and reviews but I’m trying to do more . . .

    Now book reviewing and book reading are two different things, I read the book then i give myself at least two to three days to sit on what I have read before diving in to review it. But with my new blog, somehow and I don’t know why the formats changes on me so I have to go back and fix it or attempt to because I want it to look a certain way. I’m also trying to do cover reveals and other wonderful blogger aspect but I’m not there yet but I will be.

    • It seems like everyone checks their emails first thing in the morning. So glad it isn’t just me that needs to take that technology hit right away.

      Definitely. But don’t push yourself because it will become not fun if you find yourself doing it all the time when you really don’t want to.

      I try to sit on my reviews for a couple of days and that is what I normally do too. I have to be careful though because if I wait too long then I will forget details.

  12. Bahaha love you ladies! My routine definitely mirrors more Kara’s that C’s because well, she brushes her teeth while she reads and that to me sounds like a disaster set to happen. >.< But dude I totally have to check my phone before I even get out of bed! Though to be fair it only shows me the last 10 notifications so I guess you’re a bit more psychotic, Kara, but we already knew that.

    But I also work from home so my work gets done mostly starting at 11am-12pm, before that I usually read because I find I get less distracted. I’m 1h behind Eastern Time so my kid leaves for daycare at 8 or 8:30, and from then until 11 the internet is SO QUIET! So I know that I won’t be checking my phone for updates every 10 mins figuring I have 10 new emails I simply HAVE to read RIGHT AWAY because you know, it burns my inbox if I leave it there for 5 minutes! So I get to read with my coffee and it’s so peaceful! 😀 But that also means I sometimes have to work in the evening to make up for the hours of the morning but totally worth it! Plus I work while audibooking so really I have a truly hard life! I also do most of my commenting in the afternoon/evening (like right now it’s 10:30pm 😉

    “For every hundred pages of my book, I earn an episode of whatever television show I’ve been watching” Duuude I totally do this!!! I even have been doing it since college. I would treat myself to 1 show for every 2 hours of studying. We’re nerds and we rock it!

    Oh wait, Kara reads and DOES DISHES? This changes everything!

    • I read and did dishes yesterday! I only use my Kindle for this though because I am afraid to get goop on my books. With the Kindle it’s wipe and go. LOL.

      The 100 pages thing is a really great idea and I should try it as well. I might have to tweak it so I can include my editing work, but I need something to keep me motivated. I will have to try this out!

    • OMG, really, Giselle?!!?!?! I thought I was the only person this weird and OCD. Holla! I started doing that in college too. I would earn fun things by studying, because otherwise I would procrastinate to the very last second.

  13. OK, honestly Kara, I just got stuck when you said you have to walk 20 minutes to get to your mailbox! I cannot imagine such a thing. Where the hell do you live??? (OK, calming down now.) You will be jealous when I tell you I have an old fashioned mail slot that goes directly into my coat closet near the front door. I complain because I have to bend way over like a pretzel to retrieve the mail. LOL!! When I get bookish packages, the mailman just leaves them on the doorstep. I’m going to write a story about a girl who has to brave walking 20 minutes through various hazardous dangers to get her mail each day…

    • It might be more like 15, but yeah. I live in a very large apartment complex and the mailboxes are all the way up in the front and I live at the back. I wish I had a mail slot! But I think they do it this way on purpose to make it easier for the mail person. UPS and Fed Ex comes right to my door though. 🙂

  14. Ahhhh, I love this post and hearing other people’s schedules and routines.

    Mine is this:

    Wake up
    Check phone while shower warms up.
    Listen to audiobook and shower.
    Make coffee.
    Check emails, make sure my blog post went up, schedule tweets on hootsuite for the day.
    Drive 15 minutes to work – listen to audiobook on the way.
    Chit chat with coworkers.
    Check emails and twitter on phone.
    My work responsibilities are different every day – some days I am out of office doing presentations at schools, other days I am answering the phones/doing paperwork, etc. I occasionally listen to audiobooks in my office — I have my own office with a door, a desk and computer.
    I go home for lunch, so drive both ways and listen to audio.
    Eat, check the mail, go to the post office with packages.
    Drive back to work with audio.
    Depending on the day, I am out at either 5 or teach class 6-9. On the days I teach until 9, I accomplish nothing after work.
    When I am out at 5, I come home, look up drama on twitter and stare off into space for like an hour. After doing that, I then change and jump on our treadmill to run for a mile, lol. After the mile, I do 30ish minutes on the stationary bike and read my kindle book.
    Then I shower again.
    Then I usually make dinner – while listening to an audiobook.
    After dinner, I settle in with a book and read until Tony gets home.
    Sometimes we watch The Office. Sometimes he reads until bed as well.
    Then I fall asleep at 10:15ish.

    OH and the weekends are when I get all of my reviews written.
    I also try to steal a few moments each day to read blogs/comments.

    But like you said, feels like there’s never enough time to get everything done.

    • WOW, April. You are freaking organized. I don’t know how all the bloggers that work a 9-5(like you) do it honestly. I work part time and even I don’t have enough time. Though now that I know your schedule completely, I can bother you at opportune times!

  15. This was a really coolpost! Being such a noob,I feel better that my days at home look pretty much like you guys’ does! I wake up to check my emails and updates and if I’m up early enough I might read a few chapters of whatever book(s) I’m reading! Then make myself some tea & start writing, reviewing, commenting, setting up posts and whatnot. Then I usually get back to reading later in the afternoon…though lately stuff keeps coming up >.< I’m ALWAYS behind on something too like you ladies, if it’s not commenting and whatever then it’s reading o.O

    I WISH I was as organized as Christina, reading while doing dishes = mad skills, no matter how you do it!! Thanks for sharing your routine girls, it’s true that no one from my ‘real’ life gets how much work goes into blogging. They see you on Twitter or Facebook sharing updates and then they think all you do is facebook or whatever LOL

    • You aren’t that much of a noob anymore! I wish I had time to read in the morning, but I usually don’t. I feel better if I get all my work out of the way first. I guess we will be forever behind.

      LOL! Thank you for the compliment on my skills. I can only do that with my Kindle though. Yup. Bloggers have it bad. Everyone thinks we are always wasting time on the internet. 🙁

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