Great Imaginations Presents ‘Blind Date With a Book’ Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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Time to put away all of your “I hate Valentine’s Day” banners and pictures! Banish your complaints concerning this horrible holiday of Hallmark cards and crappy chocolates! This year, we’re going to make you fall in love with V-Day all over again! How, you ask? Here at Great Imaginations, we’re going to set up two lucky readers on a blind date with a book! 

Because roses and candy are way overrated.

How does this work?

First, read the dating profiles of our certified books (each book passed our background check – we care about the safety of our readers!).  Each Mystery Book has listed what they like to do for fun and some of their favorite things. The books have also included a brief description of what they look for in a reader as well to help increase the odds of a love connection between you and your blind date.

Two winners will be chosen for this giveaway.  To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below, and include a comment on which book you will choose for your blind date. 

All books are upcoming 2013 releases.  Once our books are available, we will send them straight to your door! 

Dating Profiles:

Name: Mystery Book #1 

For Fun: Cross-country traveling

Favorite Things: Summer days, pyromania, road trips

Seeking reader who loves romance and self-discovery

Name: Mystery Book #2 

For Fun: Space Travel, Assassination, Grieving

Favorite Things: The Promised Land, Botany, Rebellion

Seeking: A reader who finds romantic sci-fi fascinating! 

Name: Mystery Book #3 

For Fun: Surviving the Apocalypse, City Living

Favorite Things: Healthy partners, Non-polluted drinking water, action and adventure

Seeking: A reader who is looking for adventure while surviving the dystopian landscape while taking strolls downtown in New York City.

Name: Mystery Book #4 

For Fun: Séances, Spiritualism, college life

Favorite Things: England, Fringe Science, Murder

Seeking: A reading partner who loves supernatural romance and can forgive a book with a secret past.

Name: Mystery Book #5 

For Fun: Animals, Family Traditions

Favorite Things: Middle school, baby animals

Seeking: Hello! I am looking for someone who loves mythical creatures and middle school adventures!

Name: Mystery Book #6 

For Fun: Government conspiracies, Telepathy

Favorite Things: Twins, The Future, Danger

Seeking: A person who will love to share in my futuristic and thrilling adventures!

Name: Mystery Book #7 

For Fun: Boating, Communicating with spirits

Favorite Things: Maine, lighthouses, souls

Seeking: A reader who is wishing for a spooky and haunting partner to cuddle beside!

Name: Mystery Book #8 

For Fun: Communication with the dead, Tracking missing people

Favorite Things: Avoiding the Mob,

Seeking: An adventurous spirit who loves the paranormal side of life!

Name: Mystery Book #9 

For Fun: Murder, Road Trips

Favorite Things: Mythology, God-hunting

Seeking: A true-hearted warrior who is ready for a wild journey into an alternate reality.

Name: Mystery Book #10 

For Fun: Marine Biology, Genetics

Favorite Things: Sea Life, Racing for your life

Seeking: A reader who will root for the underdog and share an undersea date for two

You can choose from a paperback or ebook of your choice. If a hardcover is all that’s available, then I will order the hardcover.

This giveaway is International. If you are in the US, the book will be shipping from Amazon. If you are international, the book will be shipping from The Book Depository. 

Contest will end on February 18th, 2013 at midnight. 

One email address per household. One Twitter account per entrant. Winner has 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. I will be checking and disqualifying any entries that are trying to cheat and game the system.

Alluring Reads

 Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Thank you, Atlantic County Library, for the blind book date ideas!

Also thank you to Giselle at Xpresso Design for the lovely giveaway banner and button!

88 responses to “Great Imaginations Presents ‘Blind Date With a Book’ Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

  1. Omg this is such a cool idea! Love it! I’d totally pick surviving the Apocalypse one–duh! lol. And who did the awesome book boyfriend faces? LOL

  2. Awesome idea! So many choices, but I suppose I must go with book one – I love anything involving road trips, but I don’t think I’ve read any road trip books other than Paper Towns by John Green.

  3. Amy

    This is so fun!! There are a few that sound like fabulous blind dates, but I think I am going to go with blind date #1 😉

  4. This is genius.
    I’m so loving the idea and the cover-art xD
    Going for book 9 because who doesn’t love mythology? Also that guy is cutest of them all. (If I win) You should def provide a printout of your illustration.

  5. #9! I laughed at loud at the drawing and who doesn’t like mythology? Brilliant idea, saw a couple of libraries doing this in the US as well!

  6. Love this idea so much! I saw some pictures on tumblr of libraries doing a similar activity. Wish they had it at mine!

    Totally going with number 1. It sounds so good…and I’m pretty sure I know which book it is. 🙂

  7. I love how you guys turned this into a giveaway. You’re both so clever! And someone is very artistically talented as well. I love the faces. I have my guesses about what a few of these are — and that’s really half the fun.
    Though I’d pick one of the ones I’m not sure about, like #2 or #6 – the surprise is the best part!
    Good luck to everyone!

  8. Hehe, I love that you’re doing this as a giveaway! I’ve seen this around lately at libraries, and thought it was such a fantastic idea. I’d pick #7 because it sounds a little creepy…and nothing says blind date to me like being creeped out. 😛

  9. I know you have heard this before….BUT what a fan-freaking-tastic idea and soo darn cute! I would pick book #7…or #8….or maybe #9?? Darn this awesome mystery game! 🙂

  10. Book boyfriend number one reminds me of someone…guess I’ll go with him because I don’t want adventure…Its Romance Day right?

  11. What a fantastic idea! Lovin’ the pictures!

    Today I think I’ll go with #4. I’m quite intrigued with that one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. For sure going with #2. I’m pretty positive I know what it is and It’s one I’ve been wanting! If I was to go with a SUPER blind book though, I’d have to say…#3. This is such a fabulous idea for a giveaway Kara! I like it! 😀

  13. This is SUCH a cute idea for a giveaway! It’s so hard, but I think I’d have to go on a blind date with #10. I’ve been dreaming of an underwater date since the little mermaid. 🙂

  14. Mysery book Number 2. Assasination, and sci-fi fantasy. I’ already intrigued.
    I really hope that you do the book reveals for each of the blind dates after the contest is over. Even if I don’t win, I’d love to know which one I picked.

  15. I’d choose #1 or #4 ! This kind of giveaway is awesome ! I love the concept <3 !
    Thanks for thinking about your international readers 😀

  16. Isa

    I love the way this giveaway is presented. I had a hard time choosing my date, all those irresistible faces make it difficult to choose. #7 would be the product if two particular anime characters had a kid. xD I would choose either Mystery Book #1 or Mystery Book #9. Thank you! 😀

  17. This is such a cool and fun concept for a giveaway, very creative!
    I’m racking my brain trying to decipher each book. Based on the descriptions
    and somewhat on my guesses I would pick 2, 3, 6, 8 or 9. I know, I have to
    narrow it down some more…working on it:)

  18. Okay, this is perhaps one of the most interesting ways to do a giveaway. Love it.

    I’m so torn between numbers 6 and 3 because they both sound like good books.

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