Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me Authors Read in 2012

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is new-to-me authors I read in 2012. Another fairly easy topic. Going into this post, I am not sure I will be able to come up with ten, but we’ll see as I go along. I love topics like these because it helps me to learn more about myself as I search my read lists and book reviews looking for authors I read for the first time this year. Let’s see what I came up with. 🙂

1. Francis Hardinge

I read A Face Like Glass and pretty much fell in love with this author’s writing and creativity. I’ve been trying to read more middle-grade and I think I might need to focus on the rest of her books in 2013. Apparently this one was her most ambitious (I agree), so we can only go up from here. This book was all sorts of fantastical and weird. I still like to compare it to Alice in Wonderland because I think it helps put the scope of this author’s imagination into perspective. It was awesome!

A Face Like Glass on Amazon

2. Karina Halle

I started the Experiment in Terror series this year and so far I have gotten up to book four. I have yet to read  Lying Season due to tome constraints, but so far everything I have read has blown me away. The books just continue to get better as you read on with the series. My favorite so far is book three, Dead Sky Morning. I was so utterly creeped out by that book that I cannot imagine them getting any scarier. But we’ll see. I was also lucky enough to work on The Devil’s Metal, and hope I am able to continue working with this author in the future. She’s awesome!

Dead Sky Morning on Amazon

3. Libba Bray

Yes, that’s right! Libba Bray was new to me in 2012. I read The Diviners as my first Libba Bray book, and I loved it. I love the way she writes because this is one author that excels at storytelling. She’s an all-around great author but she can weave a story like no other. I was completely spellbound by that book and I hope to be able to read more of her work in 2013. The Diviners was creepy, magical, and well-researched. I truly felt like I was in the 20s. Well done. I have Going Bovine on my list to read next, but I also own Beauty Queens, so who knows what it will be?

The Diviners on Amazon

4. Sarah Rees Brennan

I was never interested in reading the Demon’s Lexicon Trilogy so I had not gotten a chance to read this author yet. But the blurb on Unspoken really intrigued me and so I requested it for review. Well, I am so glad I did because this book is probably going to end up on my end-of-year favorites list when I finally get that posted. It was everything I was always looking for in a YA paranormal but could never find: strong heroine, fantastic writing, a love triangle that WORKS, and a setting to die for. I can’t wait for book two and I can only hope I am lucky enough to get an arc of that too!

Unspoken on Amazon

5. Courtney Summers

I remember when it seemed like everyone on the internet was pining for This is Not a Test. I didn’t get it, but that’s only because I had never read any of this author’s work before. Now that I have–and loved it–I think I will most surely be pining for her next book when I hear about it. This is Not a Test was a fantastic zombie novel that was more about the relationships than the actual world falling apart around the characters, and it was refreshing. It brought something new to the oversaturated post-apocalyptic genre. I can’s wait to read the rest of her work. Hopefully I can fit some of that in in 2013.

This Is Not a Test on Amazon

6. Zoë Marriot

This particular author has several books published in the UK, but only one published in the US. While I could spend the bucks to get them shipped over here (and I might), I really wish they would just go ahead and publish them over here because her writing and world-building are fantastic. Shadows on the Moon is probably going to go on my end-of year favorites list, and I am thrilled to put it there. It’s not very often that an author like this comes along for me. And she writes Asian settings brilliantly. I fell in love with her characters and I can’t wait to read her next book.

Shadows on the Moon on Amazon

And that’s really it! There were a few other authors that sort of fit the topic but not completely. To me, new-to-me means new to ME but not everybody else. Debut authors don’t count because they only have one book, and I read A LOT more debut authors this year than I thought I did. And then there were a couple of other authors who fit but I didn’t really care for the book all that much and I didn’t want to include them. So I think I will go with this list and be satisfied with it! 
Are any of these authors on your list? How did you approach this topic? Leave me a comment and I will come visit your Top Ten Tuesday. Until next week, happy reading!

48 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me Authors Read in 2012

  1. I read Beauty Queens by Libba Bray last year, I really want to read more of her books now. I follow Karina Halle on Goodreads and I’ve been meaning to read her books, so I’m glad she was a fave for you this year.

  2. I like the way you’ve complied your list – I only had a few that I read more than one book for, so I just chose others that I really liked, and Courtney Summers was on my list too! I loved the way she wrote This is Not a Test and can’t wait to read more of her work.

    And I need to read Libba Bray!

  3. KM

    Oooo Libba Bray! I still haven’t read THE DIVINERS yet, although it’s been sitting on my shelf awhile and it sounds awesome. Great list! I’m really looking forward to reading that Zoe Marriot book too! 🙂

  4. Ooh Courtney Summers was new to me this year, and I thank the heavens (or whatever) for her. I haven’t read any of the other authors on the list but I will definitely be keeping them in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  5. 1, 2, : Still need to try.

    3: I first read Libba Bray in 2008…and didn’t like her. A Great and Terrible Beauty was the bad kind of slow. I read Beauty Queens last year, and it was freaking hilarious. The Diviners was totally different yet again. I plan to retry her first series, because now I know how talented she is, so maybe I missed something, you know?

    4: Oops. I meant to read Unspoken this year.

    5: Totes on my list.

    6: Ahhhh, Zoe Marriott should have been on my list. Oops!

    I took your same approach with the topic, but I’ve read so much that ten was not a challenge. Way more debuts than new to me authors, though!

    • You never know. Your tastes may have changed and you might enjoy it now. I know mine have changed a lot.

      Read Unspoken or I’ll cut you! And yeah, you read a book a day for a year. I think you have me beat!

  6. Amy

    I didn’t do a top ten, but Libba Bray, Karina Halle, and Zoe Marriott were also new to me. I loved The Diviners and Shadows on the Moon, and am reading The Devils Metal now. (Almost done and it’s awesome!!!) Great list!

  7. I just finished The Diviners and it was FANTASTIC but Libba Bray isn’t new to me. 🙂 I loved her Gemma Doyle Trilogy from a few years back. I keep meaning to read Karina Halle’s Experiment in Terror series but have yet to. Glad to see it on this list though!
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  8. I haven’t read The Diviners, though everyone I know who did loved it. Courtney Summers is totally one of my favorite authors, I hope you follow through and read the rest of her books — especially Some Girls Are, because, damn.

    Meagan @ Happy Owl Books

  9. Libba Bray is on my list as well, and I just started reading her Gemma Doyle series last week. 😀 LOVE that trilogy so far!
    I’ve only read the first book in the Experiment in Terror series, but I loved it–I loved that nothing had an easy explanation and that things are just soooo spooky. That lighthouse! AH!

  10. Oooo, I love Karina Halle and her EIT series. But I had so many authors this year I didn’t put her on the list. I think I am going to have do another list of all the authors I discovered this year. I seriously almost made mine a top twenty!

  11. Courtney Summers was new to me this year as well, but I’ve loved and enjoyed Bray and Brennan’s past works, so I’m SO glad you discovered them this year! 🙂

  12. I loved This Is Not a Test, Unspoken, and The Diviners too. 🙂 A Face Like Glass looks absolutely wonderful and I’ve only seen raving reviews, & also you MUST read the rest of Courtney Summers books. I’m not sure if you’re that into gritty contemporary (maybe you are, I’m not quite sure) but all of Courtney Summers’ books are worth the read. As is Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty, although I know many who will disagree with me. What can I say? I love everything that lady writes, haha. 😉
    Amazing list, Kara!

    • I definitely will read the rest of Courtney Summers’ books. I’m not really into gritty contemporary, but I’m willing to try new things.

      I really need to read this Gemma Doyle series. It’s so polarizing and I am wondering why!

  13. I can’t believe I haven’t read even one of the authors you mentioned o.O At least The Diviners & Unspoken are on my reading list! I went ahead and added Shadows on the Moon & A Face like Glass to that list 😉 Thanks so much for spotlighting all of these!!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  14. Sam

    Courtney Summers and Sarah Rees Brennan were new authors for me this year too! I’m so glad I finally got to try their writing, especially with Sarah’s Unspoken. I loved that book to pieces and can’t stop thinking about it. 🙂 Great list, Kara!

  15. I haven’t heard of quite a few authors on your list. But Courtney Summers is on my list too. And I loved her zombie novel – it was the first I’d read. Totally agree it was about the relationships and the world.

    And I really must read something by Zoe Marriot as I’ve heard she’s a wonderful writer. I hope they do decide to publish more in the U.S.

    • Yay! Courtney Summers made a lot of lists this year! This is Not a Test was a fantastic read.

      Definitely read Zoe Marriott. I think you would really like her writing. Shadows on the Moon was special. They need to market her more or she won’t sell! Damn publishers. LOL.

  16. Libba Bray and Courtney Summers were new-to-me authors for me, this year, too, and they definitely deserve to be on my favorite new-to-me authors list! The Diviners was so chilling and creepy and just plain brilliant, and This is Not a Test was… oh goodness This is Not a Test was just complete and utter perfection. I love it and always will. I SO can’t wait to read Summers’ other novels. And I’ve heard both amazing and bad things about Unspoken. The fact that you loved it so much is definitely a plus, but I know that Steph really didn’t like it and considering we agree like 90% of the time according to GR, I don’t know what to think.

    • Yes, they are awesome, Blythe! I definitely am looking forward to reading their other work. I know Steph didn’t like Unspoken, but Kat did, so you should still try it anyway! Ha!

  17. Yes! Karina Halle, Courtney Summers, and Libba Bray are some new authors for me, too — and ones who I hope to check out again! Well, I’ve read everything Karina has written, but I still have to much more to read of Courtney and Libba. I can’t wait! 🙂

  18. So much awesomeness! Ditto on Courtney Summers dude I love her face! That book rocked my world! I also <3 Karina Halle! And The Diviners!!! *Glares at Unspoken*

  19. I don’t think I read a singe book on your list. *frantically goes to GR to double check* I have a few on my TBR list, but now I really need to bump them up. I have been meaning to read Karina Halle’s books as well as This is not a test. Sigh. I think we really saw some good authors come out of this year, even with all the author madness that seemed to spread like wild fire.

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