Top Ten Tuesday: Kick Ass Heroines I Love

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Kick-Ass Heroines I Love which I will admit is another tough topic for me. I tend to get into stories, settings, and writing more than I do characters. There are very few characters who resonate with me and so it was a really tough job for me to come up with ten. I was also dreading putting this post together because this was not a subject I was looking forward to. I thought about skipping this one, but this is really a meme I want to consistently participate in so I thought I would do the best I can. But just know that this post is by no means a reflection on my blog as a whole (just in case you are first time visiting). It’s going to be boring this week, I think. And this post will lack passion. But here we go anyway. As always, no particular order on these choices. 

Top Ten Kick-Ass Heroines

1. Darla from Ashfall and Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin

Why: Because she is strong, fearless, and flawed. But above all, she is memorable. I have a tough time remembering characters, and I will admit I didn’t exactly warm all that much to Darla in Ashfall. But in Ashen Winter, I became a huge fan of hers. She is pretty much the reason that Alex is still alive. Feel free to disagree with me, but Alex is pretty much a $*@^ up.

2. Saba from Blood Red Road and Rebel Heart by Moira Young

Why: Saba is not perfect. In fact, she makes quite a few mistakes. But she owns them. She knows when she has screwed up. She’s a fighter. She fights for her friends and family even when they are treating her like crap. But Saba is flawed. She’s a bit selfish, but part of the reason I love her so much is because she truly feels like a real person. She constantly has an inner battle going on and her voice is utterly realistic to me. 

3. Kami from Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Why: I am mostly a fan of Kami’s humor and personality. I like her no nonsense attitude and her ability to call bullshit when she sees it. She’s never afraid to speak her mind, and as a YA heroine she is an unusual one. Not a Mary Sue, not pining over a boy to unspeakable levels, and definitely not needing to be rescued by a man, she is one that stands out way more than almost any other protagonist I have read lately. Kami fits the title of bad-ass to completion. 

4. Suzume from Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott

Why: To answer this one, I am just going to take a quote from the review I wrote earlier this year. “She was flawed like we all are, for one. She was beautiful, determined, and highly intelligent. She was maddening at times and I wanted to choke her for the bad decisions she was making. The thing is though, even though they were terrible decisions, I can understand her motivation and why she was making them. Her life was tragic. Some very bad things happened to her and her family, and she would not rest until she was able to get revenge on the person that did this to them–even if she had to sacrifice true love to do it.”

5. Katniss from The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Why: Ummm…Duh? Do I really need to explain this one? Katniss’ kick-assness is epic. And yes, I know that is not a word. I will admit that Katniss has the potential to get a little whiny and she’s a little too much of a martyr for me, but she’s still pretty much the most awesome heroine out there besides my next one. 

6. Hermoine from the Harry Potter Series

Why: Again, this is pretty self-explanatory. I’m not gonna go off on a rant about how awesome Hermione is or how I am sure she will be on almost every list this week, but I will say how much I admire her for being intelligent, nerdy (this is a good thing), and a bad-ass all at the same time. She is the heroine that makes me feel proud to be a female. And I wish all female characters were as special as her. But they aren’t. Because no one writes like JK Rowling. 

7. Trella from Inside Out and Outside In by Maria V. Snyder

Why: I’ll admit I haven’t read Outside In yet, but it’s coming up in my tbr pile and I can’t wait to get to it. But that is beside the point. I only needed to read book one of this duology to know how much I love Trella. She’s tough, she’s a fighter, and she is never afraid to fight for what is right. She’s a strong heroine but she’s also introverted and perhaps that is why I related to her character so much. Of all dystopian heroines, I think I would react to my world ending a lot like Trella did. I can’t wait to meet up with her again shortly. 

8. Chiyo/Sayuri from Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Why: Often a book that causes debate amongst my peers and I, for me, Memoirs of a Geisha is a book that truly changed my life. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the main one is because of the protagonist Sayuri. I fell for her plight completely and I have never been drawn into a book quite like I was drawn into this one. I truly felt as if I was standing next to Sayuri as she fought back against the society she was expected to conform to. I watched her grow, make decisions (good and bad), and finally change her life for the better. Her story and character resonated with me in a way that no other has since. 

9. Mac from the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

Why: It’s hard not to like Mac. Not every reader does, but for me, I liked Mac because I was a fan of her personality, but mostly because she is fearless and unwilling to quit fighting no matter what situation she faces. Mac goes through a hell of a lot in this series, so much in fact, that most people would break down and probably end up on a funny farm. But not Mac. Never Mac. Because she is possible one of the most determined-to-succeed characters I have ever come across in fiction.

10. Yelena from the Study Series by Maria V. Snyder

Why: Another Snyder series? Are you surprised? Yelena is sneaky and she spends a lot of time in this book plotting. I love it. She is determined, passionate, and strong. She’s courageous and I love how she interacts with the world around her. But mostly, I love how she loves. Her friends, her family, and Valek. Her heart is huge and no matter what she goes through, there is always there for the ones she cares for. 

Phew!! I am finished! Feel free to leave me a comment on this painful, PAINFUL blog post with links to your Top Ten Tuesday and I will try to come comment. Thank you for visiting and happy reading! Oh, and Happy Halloween tomorrow!

16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Kick Ass Heroines I Love

  1. Sam

    This isn’t a boring post at all! I think I would struggle to put together a list of ten too, but I do agree with many of your choices. Kami and Hermione would definitely be my top choices. πŸ™‚

  2. Darla is on my list too. And I totally said that she was the ONLY reason he was still alive. My post doesn’t go up til noon, but I think I used the exact same phrasing. *fistbump* He is TOTALLY a fuck up. lol.

    Saba is on my list as well, but then we deviate.

    Still need to read Unspoken…

    I almost put Suzume on the list, but I couldn’t remember whether there was fighting or not and I went pretty literal on the kickass thing, not that you have to. She’s definitely intense, and I wouldn’t want to fight her. lol.

    To date, I feel like the scary reads list is the only one that hasn’t had Memoirs of a Geisha on it. *snorts*

    Why have I not read all of the Maria V. Snyder books yet?

    • I saw your post. That is AMAZING! Great minds think alike!

      I did not go literal on the kick-ass thing. I also chose some that I felt were mentally kick-ass. Strong women FTW!

      Shut your piehole about Memoirs. πŸ˜‰ *shakes fist*

      I don’t know, but if you don’t read them soon I will question your sanity.

  3. I’m thinking Katniss and Hermione are going to make just about every list. They made mine too! I also had a harder time with this topic.

    Anyway, check out my TTT

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

    • It WAS a tough topic for me. I don’t usually warm up to the girl characters that easily. But Katniss and Hermione were EASY picks.

      Thanks for stopping by, Holly!

  4. Yay Mac! I really enjoy the Fever series…I just need to find the time to read my copy of Faefever! I got hooked when I got the first book for free on my iPhone (back before Apple ran all the independent publishers out of business).

    • They did? I did not know that. I STILL don’t have in iPhone, though I think that will be changing this year. Mac is awesome! Finish that series! It is soooo good.

  5. YES! I love all of these picks, Kara! Especially Saba, MAC, Yelena, Hermione, Kami and Darla. Darla totally made Ashfall for me, so her smaller role in Ashen Winter was vastly disappointing. Still, I hope she jumps back in Book 3 – I can’t get enough of that girl! πŸ˜‰

    • Darla will be ALL OVER book three I am predicting. I know her being gone was a disappointment, but I think her survival skills and the way she got through that situation totally added to her overall bad-assness! That is NOT a word. Haha.

      Thanks for the compliments, Keertana!

  6. Ooh great list I loved a lot of thees! Darla is badass! And I freaking love Mac! I have to read Inside Out that book has been on my shelves for 3 years unread O_O

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