Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People You Want To Meet

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is bookish people you want to meet.

This is a tough topic for me to write about because there are so MANY bookish people that I want to meet. Narrowing that list down to ten is going to be impossible. I think I am just going to do a mishmash of authors and bloggers. FYI, as usual, this list is in random order. If you are number ten, don’t think that means I want to meet you tenth. 🙂

Top Ten Bookish People I Want to Meet

1. I’m going to cheat with this first one because the blog I am choosing has two people that run it. Two people who I am very fond of and proud to call my friends. That blog would be Cuddlebuggery and the people that run it are Kat Kennedy and Stephanie Sinclair. They both are top reviewers on Goodreads, and two of the nicest most brilliant people you will ever meet. When it comes to their book reviews and book likes, yes they are hard to please, but I appreciate that because when I read one of the books they have recommended, I know I am 99.999% going to love it. 

Also, that blog has some of the funniest, snarkiest, and most entertaining posts of any book blog out there. If you haven’t visited the site or aren’t aware of it, well now you are. And I’m sure they will turn you into a repeat 

2. The next bookish person I’d love to meet is Karina Halle. She writes the Experiment in Terror series and she has a new book called The Devil’s Metal coming out shortly. You can add it to your Goodreads TBR pile here. Karina is a good friend of mine and I love working with her. Unfortunately she lives on the other side of the country or I probably would have met her already. But whatever, she’s awesome and exceptionally talented. Her website can be found here:

3. Time for another blogger to make the list. This time I am going to choose Mandee at VeganYANerds. She’s seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met. Her book reviews are amazing and I think I like watching her book haul vlogs more than anyone else’s. She’s just so articulate and I think her taste in books is really different. She has brought my attention to a lot of books that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. Her cat is adorable as well. I just think she would be really awesome to chat books with. That blog has become one of my favorite book blogs to follow, and though they don’t post as often as some others, every post is quality and worth reading.

4. I don’t think a blogger/bookish list on my site would be complete without adding Wendy Darling from The Midnight Garden. I’ve been a fan of Wendy’s book reviews on Goodreads for a very long time. And I don’t think that everyone is aware that she runs a book blog too! Wendy has been through a lot this year, but through it all has remained devoted to the blogging community. I look up to her because she is an amazing person who has been nothing but nice to me. She’s sweet, intelligent, and her knowledge about publishing and books is something to be appreciated. Follow her on Goodreads, Twitter, and read her blog and she can teach you an awful lot. There is a reason why she is known as one of the top reviewers. 

5. Next on the list is Christina at A Reader of Fictions. Christina and I love to chat books. We don’t always agree (a lot of times we do), but more often than not she makes me see things from a different perspective that I would not necessarily have noticed. We talk nearly every day and I think she writes some killer book reviews that I think should be getting a whole lot more attention than they are. That’s part of the reason why I am showcasing her here. You should visit her blog and follow her on Twitter. She’s a librarian as well, and that only makes her more knowledgeable. She is super sweet, intelligent, and I think if there was an award to give for blogger closest to my personality, she would win it (though that is not actually something to aim for). 😉 She doesn’t have a button, so…

6. How could I complete a bookish list without adding Giselle from Xpresso Reads? She just won a Bloggy Award for nicest blogger, and I definitely think she deserved it though she’s awfully mean to me sometimes.;) I love having conversations with her on Twitter. I visit her blog a lot (though I lurk more than comment) because she always has easy to follow and read posts about the latest in book releases. When I am looking for the books that are going to be released that week, this is the blog I go to. Not only is it a great blog for that, but she has some killer giveaways and book reviews as well. She posts daily, sometimes more than once, and I don’t know how in the hell she does it. We love poking fun at each other and chatting books. Lately we seem to be disagreeing more than agreeing, but there is no denying that her opinion is one I respect and trust.

7. There is no one I look up to more than Ashley at The Bookish Brunette. We run two VERY different blogs, but that’s okay. We respect each other’s opinions and I wish every relationship in the book blogging community could be similar. I love her personality and how outgoing she is. It is clear to me how passionate she is about books and reading. When she writes a discussion post, you know it is a topic she is very serious about. She has some informative posts about how to properly request a book review that every author should read. There is no other blog out there with a voice as distinct as hers. The same goes for her Twitter account. If you aren’t following Ashley, you are missing out. I think she would be complete fun to hang out with. 

8. Blythe at Finding Bliss in Books is one of my favorite people in the world. There is no one more passionate in her book reviews than Blythe. Because of this, she gets A LOT of trolls on her book reviews on Goodreads. The thing is, I just love the way she sends them packing. She also runs a kick-ass book blog and I just adore chatting books with her on Twitter. She has great taste, she’s hilarious, and she’s a Big Brother fan. And that’s all you need to know. I think if we met in person, we would have a TON to talk about. She also needs to get a blog button so I don’t hurt her.

9. I only have two spots left, and I hate that I have to leave anyone out, but I absolutely could NOT leave out Jenni at Alluring Reads because she is truly one of the nicest people I know. She films killer vlogs and makes me laugh a lot due to her wonderful sense of humor. I’ve watched her blog grow over the year and she has done it faster than about anyone I know. She leaves great blog comments and has a lovely presence on Twitter. Whenever I have a question, she is one of the people I go to because I know she will never blow me off. She’s just awesome that way. 

10. The last spot on the list is going to M.R. Merrick. I only have one other author on the list, but I couldn’t leave him out because he is such a dynamic personality. First of all, I LOVE working with him, but I also love when we chat, either on Twitter or at my chat parties. He’s an extremely talented author that I see having a long-lasting and rewarding career. He’s also just a bad-ass. He’s funny, smart, and really freaking entertaining. Do you need to laugh more often? Follow him on Twitter and it’s almost guaranteed. Find him on the web here.

Obviously I follow a lot more blogs and authors than that. I picked those ten because I feel I know them the best and I really wanted to write more than just a sentence. The thing is, I could probably write an endless list. There are about twenty people I wanted to add from Goodreads but I don’t have blog links for them which makes me have a sad. But I was able to add more of my favorites in a paragraph with blog links below.

I also want to meet Jessie at Ageless Pages Reviews, Katie at BlookGirl, Nemo at The Moonlight Library, Amanda at The Book Slayer, Mickey at I’m a Book Shark, Archer at Devil’s Advocate, Ashleigh Paige at The YA Kitten, Flannery at The Readventurer, Anna at Literary Exploration, Megan at Book Brats, Loretta at Between the Pages, Amy at Book Loving Mom, Lea at LC’s Adventures in Libraryland, April at Good Books and Good Wine, Keertana at Ivy Book Bindings, Joy at Joyous Reads, Karina at Nocturnal Book Reviews, Kristilyn at Reading in Winter, Andrea at The Bookish Babe, Cassi at The Galavanting Girl Books, Taylor at Thoughts Of An Endless Dreamer, Pixie at The Bookaholic, and of course my occasional guest reviewer, Heartless Lyn. 

I feel like I missed so many people. And if I did, I hope you forgive me. I love you all. Leave me a link to your TTT and I will try to come visit.

40 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People You Want To Meet

    • OH GOD. I hated this week’s with a burning passion. There was NO way I was going to be able to just pick ten. And I hate posts like these that make it seem like a favoritism thing. I refuse to do that. So I cheated. But IDGAF. LOL. I’m coming to see yours.

  1. No stress Kara. I know it was hard to pin down 10 people this week. I had the same problem. Heck I think I doubled up on a few of mine. Plus I put all my favorite authors together in one. lol Thanks for the mention though. :o)

    • You are all equals in my eyes. It’s why I only put two authors on the list. And they are authors I consider friends. Real people that I talk to every day are more important than authors I will probably never meet. You guys are the ones that make this all worthwhile.

  2. Aw this is such a great post Kara! I want to meet YOU! I think we could be hilarious together. It’s really nice to hear that you enjoy the vlogs, I always feel like they are ridiculous and annoying before I upload them, so it means a lot to hear (err.. read) what you said!! <3<3<3 YOU!

  3. Awwww! I love you, girl!! <3 Mwah! I’m so, so happy to have gotten the great opportunity to get to know you over the past six months, and I am so proud to call you a friend, though that’s an understatement. Again, love you!

    • I know. I think I met you during some CRAP drama and it turned into a really great friendship. There is a silver lining in everything. I am TOTALLY proud to call you a friend. I have so many strong and brave women in my life now. I never had that until I started blogging. <3

  4. Aww I heart your face! And I’m only mean to those I love, you dirty pirate hooker!!! And every single person you named here I want to meet to! And it reminded me that I have Karina Halle’s book coming up for review soon-ish! If I don’t like it, though, I’m not telling you *hides*

    • Bahahahaha! I love that! Which book of hers are you reviewing? The newest one or the next one in the EIT series? I think you’ll like them, honestly. And it’s fine if you don’t too. She and I are just buddies. Though I did edit her most recent. Muahahaha. <3 you!

  5. Awwwwww, I am SO touched! *hugs and squeezes*

    Hopefully I will have a new design and a button and everything within a month or so. *crosses fingers*

    We don’t always agree. That’s true, but I enjoy your reviews even when I don’t agree with you. 🙂 Your comments totally made my day! Thanks for that.

    *tries not to get teary at the office*

    Also, I LIKE our personality, inconvenient though it may be for daily life.

    As for meeting me…I’ll be in Florida next week. JUST SAYING.

    • Hugs back! I’m glad they made your day! I like our personality too. I’m just not sure everyone else does! Bahahahaha!

      You are totally right. I live reading your reviews even when I don’t agree.

      And where in Florida? It’s kind of a big state. 😛

    • I did not! Thanks for the link. I haven’t exactly been able to do a lot of blog visiting the last couple of days. I’ve had my head in a manuscript. But I will visit yours since you sent me the link.

      As for Ormond Beach? That’s about a 2 and a half hour drive for me. 🙁 But if you ever come closer…LOL.

  6. I’ve read the first experiment in terror novel–i really enjoyed it! the rest of the series is in my “if i ever get through my TBR pile on my kindle, or get it to a manageable level” list. 😀 I love the top free 100 kindle books list a bit too much…

  7. Such awesome bloggers on your list! I absolutely adore Mandee! ALSO..I’ve hung out with April from Good books and Good Wine a LOT (urmm she even came to my wedding!) and she is AWESOME so that’s a very solid choice! 🙂

    Glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

    My list!

    — Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner & Broke and Bookish

    • That’s so cool, Jamie! I love April. She reads so many awesome MG novels I would not have known about! Her unique blogging voice keeps me coming back. Thanks for stumbling here!

  8. Amy

    I love so many of the same blogs that you mentioned. (And I am so flattered that you included me!!! I would love to meet you too!!) There are so many awesome bloggers and authors I would love to meet. Awesome list!!

    • Thanks, Courtney. I am great friends with the girls at Cuddlebuggery and I love them to death. DEATH, I TELL YOU. I hope you found a new blog to follow! They are all great!

  9. KM

    SO many good bloggers on this list! I <3 Wendy so much, but I feel like I’d almost be starstruck if I saw her in person, you know? I’d be all, “You’re THE Wendy Darling – forget Peter Pan!” lol

    And Steph and Kat would be funny, I think. At least, they always are on Goodreads and their blog. 🙂

  10. I want to meet you too! Bloggers are such a blast to meet up with, especially if you read most of the same stuff. We are all crazy people who can talk about books until we’re blue in the face. I love this list–there were a few people I hadn’t heard of. Off to check them out:)

    • Absolutely! I hope you find some new bloggers to follow here. I think I love the Readventurer because you DON’T always read the same books as I do. And I find myself discovering new books all the time!

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