Stacking the Shelves #4

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Welcome to Stacking the Shelves #4!! Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga at Tynga’s Reviews.
This week I went to Barnes and Noble and met one of my fellow twitter friends. I had no intentions of buying anything, but as everyone already knows, when I go to Barnes and Noble (or any bookstore), I vomit lack of willpower all over the place. So I bought 9 books. Some of them are books I have been wanting to read for awhile, and because of the enormous size of my tbr stack, will probably take me a few MORE years to get to. Sigh. Anyway, so don’t expect to see reviews of these anytime soon, but you never know. I tend to pick my reads randomly because I can never choose. I am a fan of for this purpose. The books I bought, you ask? See the photo below. 


The Dead (The Enemy #2) by Charlie Higson
The Russian Concubine by Kate Furnivall
World War Z by Max Brooks
State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
The Year of the Gadfly by Jennifer Miller
Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
No Safety in Numbers by Dayna Lorentz
The Cranes Dance by Meg Howrey

For Review:

I got no books for review this week, but I’m glad. I’m fairly close to getting caught up and then it remains to be seen whether or not I will be requesting more review books in the future. I don’t really like the pressure. I’d rather read what I want and utilize my library. I will still participate in blog tours, of course, but I don’t know if I will use NetGalley that much more. Meh. It’s a cool service but sometimes knowing you have all these review books to read makes reading less fun. 

Leave me a comment and I will visit your posts! I was hoping to do a vlog this week but I’m really just not in the mood. At all. πŸ™‚ 


38 responses to “Stacking the Shelves #4

  1. I just read a review on Every Other Day that makes me want to read it! And The Dead! Eep. I’m 50% in Feed so if I can get through that anytime this century I will get to The Enemy lol. I don’t not like it it’s just very long and I don’t have a lot of time for my me-books. Great week, muffin!

    • I know how not having time for me books is. I am still working my way through my huge NetGalley stack. But…I’m almost there. I think I only have about 10 left and that’s down from over 20. I’ll wait patiently for you to get to The Enemy.

  2. Eeep, No Safety in Numbers!! That looks like such a great book!
    State of Wonder was a good read; most people seemed to like it even more than I did, as it wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea.
    Happy reading!

    • Thanks for commenting! I hope it’s a great book too. I have heard mixed things about State of Wonder but I’ve always want to read one of her books and THIS was the one that sounded most interesting to me. If I like it, I’ll move on to her other books. πŸ™‚

  3. Kim

    Great haul! I’ve been meaning to read the first book in The Enemey series (: World War Z also sounds cool. You can never read too many zombie books πŸ˜€ lol. Hope you enjoy your new reads!

    – Kim
    My Haul

  4. Amy

    I read Every Other Day and I liked it. I didn’t love it, but it was definitely enjoyable. No Safety in Numbers looks really good too. I have been not requesting many books lately either. I have so many of my own that I really want to read and don’t have any time. I still have months worth of review books though. NetGalley is great, but so bad a tthe same time. It’s so tempting to want to read all of the great books. Great haul chick!!

    • Yes, Amy, that’s my problem. It’s so easy to just click that button without thinking about it and before you know it you have 25 books to get through and oh, the stress. OMG the stress. LOL!! So I am trying to be more careful.

  5. I’ve been curious about Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder and Bel Canto but haven’t gotten around to checking out either of them. I haven’t gone to Barnes and Noble in ages because I can’t walk out of there without spending a ton of money. Happy reading!

    My STS

  6. Out of that stack, I’ve only read Every Other Day, but I did enjoy it! I’m ashamed to say that I’ve yet to read anything by Ann Patchett, even though she lives in my state and owns a bookstore here. *hangs head*

    You already know from visiting my blog this morning that I have no willpower, so I can’t fault you for that. πŸ˜‰ I hope you enjoy reading these when you get the chance. Let’s hear it for our ever-growing TBR piles!

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh so many books! Wow these sound great πŸ™‚ I haven’t heard of any of these but Every Other Day seems to be a good one judging the other comments! Hope you enjoy all those wonderful reads!!!!! Awesome post!!!!!!

    Following your blog πŸ™‚

  8. I hear ya, Kara! NG is way too addicting and w/summer coming it’s getting harder keeping up w/ reading w/ so many outdoor activities going on. Have a great week! Oh, and love how you had no control at B&N.

  9. I don’t think I’ve heard of any of these books before. :S
    I live under a rock. :/
    No Safety In Numbers seems like a really interesting book and I’m going to check it out soon. πŸ™‚
    I hope you enjoy all your goods, Kara !
    Happy reading !

  10. Ahhh! You got a FABULOUS haul this week. πŸ˜€ I haven’t heard much about the majority of these, but they sound fantastic. Every Other Day was a really enjoyable read–better than most paranormals I’ve come across. I hope these are all as awesome as they sound!

    My Stacking the Shelves

  11. The Russian Concubine looks really good! I’m gonna have to check that one out πŸ™‚

    I know exactly what you mean about review books. I feel sooo much pressure to read and review them on time, and usually, there’s a book that I bought that I would rather read instead. It _does_ make reading a bit less fun and a bit more like work, which blows. Once I’m through my review pile, I will be much more discriminatory about books I accept/request.

    At any rate, I hope you (eventually) enjoy all your lovelies πŸ™‚

    My book haul:

  12. Good choices! I’ve only read Every Other Day, but it’s great. There’s not nearly enough YA without romance (although I know I sometimes complain when there isn’t romance…I just can’t make up my mind). Anyway, powerful heroine + no moping over boys = hell yeah!

    I want to read pretty much all of the other ones. I have the same problem with my tbr pile. I think I own like 700 books that I have yet to read…but WHEN?

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