H10N1 by M.R. Cornelius

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Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: April 12th, 2011
Pages: 340
Genre: Post-apocalyptic
Source: From the author in exchange for an honest review.

H10 N1H10 N1 by M.R. Cornelius
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A deadly influenza virus rages out of control. There is no easy-fix vaccine. No eleventh-hour containment. Only death. With no workforce, power plants have been shut down, police and fire departments have collapsed, crops lie unpicked in the fields.

When Dr. Taeya Sanchez finds herself unceremoniously dismissed from an emergency medical facility in New York, she decides to steal the hospital’s armored van for a midnight escape. Unfortunately, Rick DeAngelo, a driver for the hospital, has already stocked the van for his own getaway.

Thrown into an unfriendly alliance, these two must pick their way across the dangerous wasteland of America in search of a safe haven. And as the miles roll by, they discover that the living should be feared much more than the festering corpses out there.


This was a fun romp into the post-apocalyptic genre. It wasn’t too serious, it wasn’t too deep, but it sure was a lot of fun. Sometimes novels in this genre try to make a point or make you face a moral dilemma and I didn’t feel that happened here. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t. This book was exactly what I needed to read at the particular time that I read it. I wanted something suspenseful that I could get lost in and that’s what I got. Parts of it were fairly scary, and I felt pretty realistic. These things could easily have happened and there is a possibility they could happen in the future.

It’s easy too imagine a disease outbreak or another country using it as a biological weapon against us and that’s exactly what happened. People were dying all over the place and dropping like flies and the hospitals simply could not keep up. All hell broke loose and suddenly the main characters are racing across the country trying to find a place to live where they can be safe and start over. That’s a whole lot easier said than done in this kind of environment where people are looting, killing, and fighting for their lives.

I will say that the second half of the book was more fulfilling than the first. It had more depth and also a more structured plot. I enjoyed the characters, but I really felt that they truly came into who they were more after the halfway point. I don’t want to give up any spoilers, but I really did like the second half of this book a lot and I probably would have rated this book five stars if I felt as strongly about the first half, but I didn’t. The main reason is because I had an issue with the book’s pacing. If the first half would have been tightened up a little more and didn’t meander as much as it did, then the book would have flowed much better.

Honestly though, it was a really fun read. I don’t feel that it covered any areas that any other post-apocalyptic novel hasn’t covered in the past, but the characters were unique and really stood out to me. They all felt like individuals. Also, some of the places that were used as settings in the book were really cool. For a debut effort, I think this author has a lot of potential. And as an editor, aside from the pacing issues, I felt the book was really remarkably well done for a self-published novel.

To order a copy of H10N1 from Amazon.com, click here: H10N1. It is currently free, but I don’t know how long that will last. It is normally 3.99.

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  1. Ooh this sounds neat! I love post-apocalyptic books. I hadn’t heard of this one before ither. I often find that the last half is much better on a lot of books I’ve been reading lately. Especially when it’s the start of a series. Great review Kara!

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