TGIF at Greads #3

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This Friday’s Question:

Gateway Books: Which particular books opened you up to a new genre? 

Alright. I’m just going to go ahead and get right down to business today, because to be honest, I don’t feel like blogging, but I feel obligated to participate in this meme every Friday because it is my favorite one and I always love answering the question. This week though was tough for me. Gateway books. I always talk about young adult. Well, not always, but more often than I talk about other genres. So this week I am going to step away from that and talk to you about my other favorite genre. Cultural fiction.
And that is probably the easiest question I have ever had to answer. My gateway book for cultural fiction was Memoirs of a Geisha. 
It’s simple. It’s one of my favorite books, if not my favorite book, and it opened up a whole world of learning for me. I now am obsessed with reading fiction set in foreign countries. I have a preference for Asian fiction, but I will read it all if the blurb interests me. I have read Memoirs twice,  and I will probably read it 15 more times in my life at least. If you  have not read it yet, I strongly suggest you do. I don’t know if Arthur Golden will ever write anything again, but as long as I have his masterpiece to get me through the cold winter nights, then I am happy as a pig in shit. 
Some of the things that are great about Memoirs of a Geisha? The characters were absolutely fantastic. And I don’t think I have ever been as wrapped up in a story or a culture the way I was with this book. The traditions were absolutely mind-boggling and the setting? Wow. The oppressive feeling that just carries throughout this book absolutely blew me away. I was so angry with Hatsumomo, but at the same time, it was hard not to feel for these women. It was a tough life. At times it was extremely glamorous and rewarding, but most of the time? Not so much. Sayuri’s story is one that should be read by all. I don’t understand how anyone can read this book and not be bowled over by everything it represents. 
Do you have any gateway books?

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  1. I just started participating in this meme today because of the interesting topic. I have so many gateway books, yet I haven’t read Memoirs of a Geisha. I do love foreign settings, but don’t read too many set in the orient/Asia. But I heard this book was amazing. And I loved the film.

    I haven’t had any time to really discover new books outside of YA since I started blogging. But I’m sure the same is true of you.

    Happy Friday!

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