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I’ve started this feature on Great Imaginations to showcase books you may not have heard of. These are books I have added to my TBR list and intend to read at some point. They are books that interest me greatly and may or may not already be released. These are books I want to build interest for. And of course, I am hoping that you add them to your reading list too.
Up first is Three Views of Crystal Water by Katherine Govier. I just recently finished a book by Katherine Govier a couple of days ago and it was seriously one of the best things I have ever read. I will be buying a copy of The Printmaker’s Daughter for my permanent library. She’s a very nice lady, and she’s also an extremely talented writer. This book has been out for awhile but I just found out about it. Here is the cover and synopsis:
Three Views of Crystal Water
Summary: A literary saga, spanning two generations and two cultures, Canadian and Japanese, reminiscent in writing style and appeal to the work of Isabel Allende. Suddenly finding herself motherless at the age of six, Vera is left in the care of her grandfather, who spends long periods away at sea, leaving her alone back in Vancouver. When she reaches her teens, Vera is taken by her grandfather’s mistress to a small island in Japan. After years of loneliness, she finds a place where she can feel comfortable. The women of the island take her in and she learns to dive for pearls. Immersed in her surroundings, she meets a mysterious stranger, a man who is trained as a ceremonial sword polisher, who brings her into touch with the outside world. Every day, they listen to the mounting rhetoric on the radio and must live with the knowledge of the havoc that the Japanese are wreaking in China. Then the worst happens. Vera is forced to return to Canada by a father whom she has long thought is dead. World War Two breaks out. The idyll is over. But Vera never forgets her island life, the sword polisher, or her true identity. Determined to regain the passion and joy that she once knew, she must return to Japan, to the one place that she truly belonged.

Next up is one I just heard about yesterday when the cover was unveiled. It’s Breathe by Melanie McCullough. This one isn’t out yet. But it will be on November 11th. I don’t really have a lot to say about it because I don’t know much about it yet, but the cover is gorgeous and it sounds like an amazing story. Here is the cover and synopsis:
Summary: Life’s hard. People make it harder. They tether you to them. Make it difficult to breathe, and damn-near impossible to leave… 

Seventeen year-old Abby Rhoades knows this all too well. Born to a mother who could never love her and who vacillates between a sloppy drunk and a suicidal maniac, Abby’s never had it easy. But Abby can swim. And Abby has a plan–win the state championship, earn a free ride to Penn State, and leave her small town and suffocating mother behind.

But then the body of Tom Ford, her mother’s latest boyfriend and a man Abby adored, washes up along the shore of the Susquehanna River. His injuries suggest murder and suspicion quickly falls on Abby then on her best friend Garrett Scott, both of whom saw Tom the night he died.

They both know what happened that night, but neither one is talking. There’s too much at stake and the truth could tear them apart.

Last, but not least, is The Unconquered by Scott Wallace. Stop right here if you aren’t interested in non-fiction. I don’t read a lot of non-fiction myself, but every now and then a book comes along that really piques my interest. This would be one of those books. It’s about a trip into the Amazon Rainforest to find one of the last uncontacted indigenous tribes. And I was like, what? Must read! This one just came out on October 18th of this year. And I will get my hands on it soon. Here is the cover and synopsis:
The Unconquered
Summary: In this gripping first-person account of adventure and survival, The Unconquered tells the extraordinary story of a journey into the deepest recesses of the Amazon to track one of the planet’s last uncontacted indigenous tribes. Author Scott Wallace follows a 34-man team into a land both wondrous and horrifying, where untrammeled nature holds sway in a land of permanent twilight. Danger lurks at every step as the expedition moves ever closer to a possible encounter with the mysterious flecheiros—the “People of the Arrow”—a seldom-glimpsed tribe of deft archers known to defend their lands with showers of deadly arrows before melting back into the forest shadows. 

Laced with anthropological insight and offering a fresh perspective on the Amazon’s own convulsed history, The Unconquered boasts a Conradian cast of unforgettable characters—all driven by a passion to preserve the wild, but also wracked by fear, suspicion, and the desperate need to make it home alive. Wallace takes the reader into the very depths of the Amazon in this page-turning tale of adventure, revealing this critical battleground as it has rarely been seen before.

Piece by piece, Wallace uncovers clues as to who the Arrow People might be, how they have managed to endure as one of the last unconquered tribes, and why so much about them must remain shrouded in mystery if they – and the rainforest on which all of depend– are to survive. Evoking an era of exploration and derring-do that has all but vanished from the Earth, The Unconquered will change the way you see the world and your place in it.

So, what do you think of my picks? Did you add any of them? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. That “Breathe” one caught my attention. I’m glad it’s nothing like my trilogy! Gulp. 🙂 And “Three Views of Crystal Water” cover is gorgeous. That’s about as far as I go with books – reading the covers. 🙂 But thanks for putting these thoughts in my head. One day I will really read one!

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