Guest Post & Giveaway with Bridger Author, Megan Curd

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Today I have with me, Megan Curd, author of Bridger. I’ve asked her some questions about her writing process and some questions about her life and interests. I thought that would be interesting for the readers, as they are questions I always want the authors of books I like to answer. And then at the end of the post there is a giveaway for an e-copy of Bridger.
Me: Megan, what is your writing process like? Time of day? Where do you write? That type of thing.
Megan: My writing process is very organic. I write when I “feel” it…some days I write for hours, and other days I don’t write at all. I’m also very seat-of-my-pants in my writing, so there are definitely no outlines. The characters tell me where to go, and they surprise me quite often! Music definitely aids in my writing. My manuscripts all have playlists. If I’m feeling a block, I’ll turn on some music. Within a few songs it usually clears up, and I get a brain burst. 🙂 As for where I write, I write at home, but I love to get out. My favorite place to go is Acoustic Cafe, which is a little local cafe nearby. If I don’t go there, I’ll walk my son around the mall, then sit in the food court and write when he falls asleep. Getting out of the house helps me clear my head and focus more on the manuscript.
Me: Where did you get the ideas for your characters and setting in Bridger?
Megan: My characters kind of come to me, but I will many times infuse a personality trait of someone I know, just because I can know exactly how that person would react. BRIDGER is very much personality driven by my friends, but my upcoming novel, FORBIDDEN, is less driven by personal friends and more of the characters’ own personalities emerged. Setting wise, BRIDGER is half-based in my hometown of Fairborn, Ohio. I wrote it there because I knew it. I like writing about places I’ve been so I can write them more clearly. I want to write a story with the setting in Grand Marais, Minnesota, and I have an idea, but I need to finish BRIDGER’S sequel before I get into that.
Me: Did you go to college? What did you major in?
Megan: Yes, at first I had a scholarship to play basketball at a division II in New York, but I transferred (a few times) and ended up at Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN. I majored in Intercultural Studies with a minor in bible. I love working cross-culturally, and I’d love to end up in South America (preferably Ecuador) and work with young people.
Me: At what age did you figure out you wanted to be a writer? Is there anything else you want to do besides write?
Megan: I really didn’t know that I wanted to be a writer. My friend told me I shoud try writing a book, and it sounded like a better idea than studying for college finals (I’m a massive procrastinator), so I tried it! It was a blast. Now, there’s nothing I enjoy more than creating stories for others to lose themselves in. Other than write, like I mentioned before, I’d love to work in a cross-cultural setting with young people.
Me: What classics are your favorites, if any? What other books are your favorites? Are there any authors that influence your writing?
Megan: I love TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. The writing and storytelling just connected me with the characters. As for other books, JK Rowling’s HARRY POTTER series very much inspired me. Rowling is an incredible writer. Her foreshadowing is just phenomenal, her ability to make you care about her characters, good and bad, is enviable. I hope I can be half as good as her as my writing career progresses.
Me: Favorite band? What do you do when you aren’t writing? What’s the best book you have read lately?
Megan: Favorite band changes, but consistent favorites are The Black Keys, Muse, Bon Iver, and Iron & Wine. When I’m not writing, I’m with my son primarily, but I love snowboarding. I missed last season being pregnant, so when the snow comes this year, I’ll definitely take advantage of it! The best book I’ve read lately is THE LIGHT OF ASTERIA by Elizabeth Isaacs. She just creates a very “seeable” world…everything she writes you can taste, touch, smell, feel. She’s a very vivid writer, and I enjoy that.
Me: Finally, talk about your book. Obviously. What was difficult about writing it? Easy? Can you talk about your next project?
Megan: Writing BRIDGER was very easy; it just flew out of me. It was the revisions that killed me! 🙂 Making sure it was the best possible was pain staking, but very worth it. I’m so glad I have great critique partners and honest friends who told me, ” Hey this doesn’t work,” or “This is great!” It’s great to be able to know when something works and doesn’t work, and when it’s your writing, obviously everything is wonderful. Having that objective opinion is invaluable. My next project, FORBIDDEN, will be out in November. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Check out the trailer, and tweet me if you’d like a bookmark for either book.
Me: I can’t wait until they read FORBIDDEN either Megan, I think it’s great! Here’s the trailer for her next book!

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  1. That’s funny that you never really thought of being a writer until you actually tried it. You hear all the time about writers that wanted to write since they were kids, but rarely ever about “fall-into-it” writers.

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