A Halloween Interview with Jeff Bennington

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Jeff Bennington is one of the authors featured on Great Imaginations this month and he is also giving away some of his work in the Halloween Horror Kindle Giveaway. I asked Jeff some Halloween-themed questions to help everyone get in the mood for what is my favorite holiday.

1. What is you favorite scary movie? 

The Ring, The Grudge, and Paranormal Activity. I think these movies are representative of my writing style/content. This is definitely reflected in my forthcoming release, Twisted Vengeance.

2. What is your favorite thing about Halloween? 

Well, honestly I’m not a HUGE Halloween fan. But I love taking my kids trick-or-treating and helping them figure out what they want to be for the night.

3. What is your favorite scary book? 

Whispers by Dean Koontz, The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. 

4. When you were a kid and dressed up for Halloween, what was your favorite costume and why? If you still dress up, you can put that too. 

My favorite memory is when I dressed up like Paul Stanley from KISS in 1979 along with three of my friends that dressed up like the rest of the band. Yeah, we did the makeup, but we also had the plastic outfits too. Today, I throw on a welding jacket, tool pouch and hard hat. Construction workers are so in!

5. What is your biggest fear and why? 

I hate creepy places….alone…in the dark…in basements and crawl spaces.

6. Do you have a true spooky story to tell? Do it! 

I do! I have three true stories actually and they are all in my recently published collection of short stories (will be published by 10-7-2011). This is one of them…. 

In 2006 I took a job with a company that manufactures integrated circuits (micro chips). My responsibilities require me to go into the basement of the FAB (fabrication room) on a nightly basis. I still do this to this very day.

After working in this particular department for about a year I began to feel like someone was watching me while I did my regular route in the lower level. I felt this on several occasions and it was always in the same area, a remote corner of the basement. Sometimes I’d see a shadow zip past the corner of my eye and when I’d look to see who had walked up behind me, no one would be there. This troubled me for the longest time. The feeling was strange. I knew someone was there. I could feel a frightening, cold, electrical sensation, like eyes were crawling all over me. The feeling sent shivers down my spine.
This continued for years while I did my job, biting my tongue.
But a few months back, I was chatting with one of my co-workers about spiritual matters and he asked me if I had ever had a supernatural experience. I told him about my experience with the ghost from Nashville, Indiana. When I finished telling him about Earl and the cabin (see Ghost Story From 2010), he asked if I had experienced anything odd at work.
I was stunned.
I had been wondering if I was paranoid or if I was going crazy. When he asked me, I told him that I wasn’t sure and then asked if he had experienced anything. He said yes, and proceeded to tell me that he feels like there is something or someone in the basement, watching him, standing near him in the same remote corner that I’ve experienced the entity.
Upon hearing my co-workers story, I revealed what I had been through. We went to the basement to confirm our experiences and sure enough, we were talking about the same place and the exact same sensations.
After I revealed this to my coworker, I had another experience, but I’ll reveal that in a moment.
A month or two later, a female coworker from a different shift approached me. She was new to our area and was assigned to the basement. We had never talked before but she knew I worked in the basement at night and asked if I had witnessed anything unusual. Like always, I asked her why and listened to her story before revealing what I knew.
She told me that from her first day, she felt something down there. Then as time went on, she began to get a sense of who it was. She told me that she believes that the entity is a spirit who had died during the construction of the facility or who had recently died and had worked there in the past. Her experience has been much richer than mine. She claims to have seen a full body apparition and believes that he dresses like a construction worker, and that he is not malevolent, but feels a need to watch over the basement.
•  •  •
And now I’ll tell you about my other encounter with this ghost.
I was having an especially strong feeling one night that I was being watched as I traversed the basement. When I approached the area where I usually experience those creepy feelings I bent down to make an adjustment to a valve that’s near floor level. I made the adjustment, but when I lifted my head, I could see a set of work boots and jeans as clear as day standing directly in front of me and I was the only employee present. As I lifted my eyes, I could see what appeared to be a full set of legs, then the apparition suddenly disappeared.
As you can imagine, this totally freaked me out. I ran around the corner and headed toward the exit. When I continued to feel the entity’s presence, I turned and rebuked whatever it was and went upstairs.
I didn’t sense anything for a couple weeks after that, but he, if it really is a he, has returned since then. I have also heard from a third employee on a different shift report that he has experienced similar disturbances in the area in question among others.

7. If you had to believe in a mythological/paranormal creature, which one would it be, and why? Ex. Vampires, werewolves, Lochness monster, etc. 

I’d say, Nessie, the Lochness Monster is more likely than the others, although I wouldn’t doubt that there have been some form of genetic mutations that have combined men with animals like wolves etc. Lately, there have been quite a few strange creatures discovered, but not published in the mainstream media. Makes ya wonder!

8. What is your favorite thing to do during the fall/Halloween season? 

My favorite thing to do in any season is hang out with my family, write, and read in that order. Cool walks in the fall, splashing through leaves, bonfires, and watching the sun rise are nice too I suppose.

My favorite thing about doing these interviews has been hearing everyone’s scary stories. I really liked Jeff’s because it was sort of similar to what happened to me. I’ll tell mine at another time, but it happened at a former place of work so I can totally relate! I love true ghost stories.
To learn more about Jeff Bennington and his books, visit his website here:
There are also links to purchase his books located right on the website’s homepage.

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